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6 Best App Hider for Android in 2023

Are you trying to find the best app that can assist you in hiding the apps that you use on your Android phone?

We searched for the best apps on the PlayStore and made a list of them below. Using these apps, you would not worry about your friends and family snooping around your phone. Apps that you prefer to remain private and for yourself only are quick and simple to hide.

This article delves further into several foundational concepts. But, before we get to the top app hiders, let’s look closely at why you need one.

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Why Do You Need an App Hider?


You can have apps that you don’t want others to see, such as a dating or money app. With the use of an app hider, you can keep these apps hidden from prying eyes.

Organizing Your Phone: 

Choosing the ideal app can be difficult if you have a lot of apps on your phone. Using an app hider can help you quickly organize your apps and locate what you need.

Decluttering Your Home Screen: 

An app hider can assist you in organizing the apps on your home screen by allowing you to hide apps that you don’t use frequently.

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The Best 6 App Hider

We recommend a few of the best application to hide your photos, videos in your Android devices that you should definitely try in the year 2023.

  1. App Hider
  2. Notepad Vault
  3. Hyde App Hider – Hide Apps
  4. Dialer Lock
  5. Clock Vault
  6. HideU: Calculator Lock

1. App Hider- Hide Apps Hide Photos Multiple Accounts

App Hider is an app a user can use to hide applications from their home system. The process of hiding your apps is easy and simple with this. All you have to do is input the app that you prefer to hide, then launch the app in the App Hider to see if it is working. After that, you only have to uninstall the original copy of the app from your home screen and you are done.

It can also hide your private pictures and videos separately from your default gallery. The app offers a gallery where you can place these media files without having to worry about who is going to see them.

app hider calculator by swiftstudio 1
Calculator Mask and the Home Screen of the App

The best part about this app is that the icon for the app does not show what it does. It is masked as a working calculator, so people that are snooping around your phone will not have a clue that you actually have an app hider. You can even choose from various icons of calculators to suit your phone’s theme.

download app hider on google play

2. Notepad Vault – App Hider

Just like the App Hider, the Notepad Vault also offers its users the chance to hide the applications they want to keep. The only difference in this app is that the cover is a notepad instead of a calculator. This app can also clone your original apps, meaning you get to use each application with two separate accounts.

app hider notepad 2

You can also keep your private media files hidden from others. And no need for worrying about your safety and security while using this app. This is because the Notepad Vault requires users a password before they can access hidden apps and files.

download app hider on google play

3. Hyde App Hider — Hide Apps 

You can lock down your phone so that only the content you want other users to see is accessible. The most straightforward approach is to use your phone’s, Hyde App. With this app, hiding apps merely takes two clicks. Chats on Messenger can also be concealed, but not only apps.

You might also set a pattern lock for the private apps on your phone. You can hide your photos and videos from outsiders in addition to your apps with the Hyde App.

download app hider on google play

4. Dialer Lock-App Hider

The greatest and the best hider app for Android users is Dialer Lock. Although this program offers a notification bar where you can seek information tips, it simply displays the normal calculator icon. This app’s display name is dialer lock when you look at your recent apps.

Any program can be hidden with Dialer Lock. Hide apps to protect your privacy. You can access hidden apps through Dialer Lock or the phone’s interface. Dialer Lock also has a hidden picture feature, which imports your photos into the gallery but prevents others from seeing them. Hider’s collection contains protected images that you can view.

app hider

The features of this app are; that it hides all installed applications without rooting. It has password security and it asks for the password to open the security lock. This is an easy way of hiding the apps that are used on mobile phones. The hidden app can be utilized in the dialer lock as well as the phone’s main interface.

Open the app as a regular calculator; if you don’t know the password, you won’t be able to use the Dialer Lock. You can hide notifications, providing notifications in three modes: all, only a number, and none.

It helps in using hide recently used apps. The dialer lock contains a gallery Module to Hide Photos/Images that protect your private photos/images from prying eyes. It allows you to add a shortcut to the hidden camera to capture private images and display or hide videos.

google play button

5. Clock Vault — Hide Photos and Videos

Clock Vault merely displays the icon of a clock, instead, it is an app hider. This is a great protection privacy app to keep your information within a secret lock so that others cannot get access to that information.

It has more features, such as hiding photos and videos and creating a strong app lock protector to unlock the app using from others. You could get a break-in alert system when anyone tries to get access through your device without your acknowledgment.

6. HideU: Calculator

HideU: Calculator merely displays the icon for a typical calculator. Instead of an app, the calculator will be its display name, and you can look at your photos and videos behind that calculator. 

Even when looking at recently used apps, the name of the programme would be Calculator Vault. Using this tool, you can hide any application. Hiding apps is another way to protect your privacy. Using the Calculator Vault, you may also access programs that are concealed.

You can hide your private photos and videos using the Calculator Vault. You can access the app interface’s gallery by choosing the gallery icon and using the Gallery Module.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hider app?

Here are a few of the best app hiders apps for your Android Phone:
1. App Hider
2. Notepad Vault
3. Hyde App Hider — Hide Apps
4. Dialer Lock 
5. Clock Vault — Hide Photos and, Videos
6. HideU: Calculator

Are app hiders safe to use?

The majority of app hiders can be utilized risk-free. However, you need to do your research and only download app hiders from trustworthy websites.

Are App Hiders available for free?

That depends on the application you are going to download.
Just like any other kind of app, there are applications that are available for free. However, there are also some app hiders you need to pay for. Still, you do not have to worry about that with the applications we have included in our list since all of them are available for free. Although, most of the apps offer some in-app purchases.

Can I access hidden apps with an app hider?

Yes, you can typically access hidden apps using an app hider. Most app hiders have an area called hidden apps where you can find the apps you’ve hidden.

Final Thoughts on App Hider

App hiders are a useful tool for people who want to increase the privacy and organization of their phone or tablet. Whether you want to clear up your home screen or want to keep specific apps hidden from others, this app can help you accomplish your goals. Do your homework, and only download app hiders from trustworthy websites.

So, to help you with this, we curated this list containing some of the best app hiders.

Did our list help you find the best app hider for your Android device? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below.

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