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5 Best Apple iPhone Launchers for Android: Easy and Lightweight

As we have discussed the best lightweight Android launcher, now we have come up the best Apple iPhone launcher for Android. There are times when we want to transform our Android smartphone to look similar to the iOS interface.

The fluidity of the iOS interface is quite impressive. However, there are users who are not convinced. It because of the lack of freedom for customization options. Well, there is a win-win situation for Android users. There are Apple iPhone launchers that can transform your Android smartphone to have identical iOS elements.

Remember that these Apple iPhone launchers for Android will only resemble the interface of iOS. But it does not improve the overall performance of the Android phone. You have to try out the following Apple iPhone launcher. There are launchers that do not behave smoothly as the iOS interface. Thus, you would need to try a different Apple iPhone launcher.

Are you ready to try the best Apple iPhone launchers for your Android smartphone? The following launchers are the best among the hundreds of launchers.

1. One Launcher

One Launcher Best Apple iPhone Launcher for Android
A handy iPhone launcher with precise expertise.

The One Launcher is by far the best apple iPhone launcher for Android smartphones. This user-friendly launcher outstands other similar applications.

One Launcher Key Features:

  • Simple and lightweight design
  • Clean and spacious home screen
  • Home screen customization
  • Multiple home screen theme options
  • Smart widgets

It has a simple and lightweight design yet with an HD quality. The developers of One Launcher made an outstanding decision not to include other details that can slow down the loading time or refresh rate and the overall function of the application.

Just like an iPhone, it has a clean and spacious home screen. It scatters the application icons across the home screen. Moreover, it groups the applications on its similar category for a similar experience.

The easy to use One Launcher that is perfect for your Android smartphone.

You can also customize your home screen with multiple themes that will give your Android smartphone a fresh and colorful look.  Moreover, it offers the unread count and gesture support. Furthermore, its smart widgets allow you to access the weather, date and time, and the latest news in just a quick gesture.

Android users rated One Launcher with 4.3 stars. It makes the users experience the iOS ecosystem. However, you have to allow permission if you install the app in Android Marshmallow or later versions.

These are only some of the features up-to-date, more exciting features are coming on the way. Download the One Launcher app at Google Play to have a new look on your Android phone.

Google Play

 2. iLauncher OS 12 – Phone X

iLauncher OS 12 Phone X Best Apple iPhone Launcher for Android
An Android launcher that offers a better home screen replacement with ease and comfort.

The launcher OS 12 brings a better iOS interface on your Android smartphone. It can smartly arrange everything on your phone based on its functionality. It has great customization options that create accurate transition gestures and effects.

iLauncher OS 12 Key Features:

  • Phone X Themes & Icon Pack Center
  • 3D Animation Effects
  • 3D Touch OS 12
  • iNoty Notification Bar
  • iNoty Phone 8 Launcher
  • Phone X 3D Themes & Live Wallpaper
  • Launcher for OS 12 themes
  • Includes Macbook Launcher Applications

There are over 10,000 themes with 2D and 3D icon packs for your customization options. Its interface looks amazing with its 3D themes, live wallpaper, and animation effects. Its 3D animation engine powers its iLauncher & Lock screen and widgets that will give you a magical transition experience.

Make your Android smartphone look like iPhone X.

If you want to design your own theme, it is available at Launcher for OS 12 themes. You can change the UI of your launcher and design your own icon packs and wallpapers.

There are tips when you use the iLauncher OS 12:

  • To gain access on the screen previews, pinch the screen.
  • To create a folder, long press the icon, drag and drop it to another icon.
  • You can uninstall applications by simply dragging and dropping the icons over the remove button at the top of the screen.

Users have rated iLauncher OS 12 with 4.4 stars because of its modest feature. It is proudly developed by SystemLauncher Inc. The application is free to use, you can download it from Google Play Store.

Google Play

3. Control Panel – Smart Toggle

Control Panel Smart Toggle Best Apple iPhone Launcher for Android
The Android Launcher that gives you an incredible experience with the Control Center interface.

The Control Panel – Smart Toggle give their users an opportunity to enjoy their Android phones with a Control Center. You can access the system settings quickly by only clicking the icon, and you can open your favorite apps through the control center.

The best control panel toggle for your Android smartphone.

Control Panel – Smart Toggle Key Features:

  • Quick Settings
  • Smart Toggle
  • Control Panel
  • System Information
  • Wi-Fi Player Music

However, do not get your expectations too high in this launcher. The interface of Control Panel-Smart Toggle as the control center of iPhone. But, if you still want to try the application, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

Google Play

4. OS 10 Launcher

iOS launcher
The perfect launcher to match an iOS vogue to your Android smartphone.

What brings most of the Android users to a clone of Apple iPhone interface without any cost is the OS 10 Launcher. This Apple iPhone launcher is the best option for those Android users who are looking for the intricate details of iPhone.

OS 10 Launcher Features:

  • Personalized
  • Quick Touch
  • Hide App
  • OS Search
  • OS Booster
  • OS Market
Stylish, smart, personalized launcher for your Android smartphone.

You can personalize your launcher by choosing the icon, wallpaper or theme that you want. OS Search is the same with the Spotlight search of iPhone. Meanwhile, the OS Booster provides an optimum experience by cleaning the memory.

The application is amazingly developed by Tap Phone, and rated by its users with 4.2 stars. Enjoy your Android smartphone, make it look like an iPhone 6s or 7! You can get it in Google Play.

Google Play

5. X Launcher Pro

The developers aims to give you an unprecedented experience with your Android smartphone.

The nice thing about X Launcher Pro is it does not have any ads. The developer removed the annoying ads to avoid unwanted interference when using the launcher. Your Android smartphone will definitely look like the iOS 11 style theme. Imagine, your phone will look like iPhone X, without any ads!

X Launcher Pro Key Features:                                       

  • No Ads
  • Latest Wallpaper and Icon
  • Powerful App Manager
  • Apple Style Folder
  • OS11 Style Control Center
  • Various Themes
  • 3D Effects
  • Hide Apps
  • Weather and Time
  • App Unread Notification
Give your Android smartphone a stylish look similar with the lastest OS 11.

The X Launcher Pro offers several wallpaper and icon sets that give you a comprehensive experience with iOS style. Moreover, your privacy is one of their priority. You can hide apps from the home screen.

This Android launcher is well-developed by Launcher Developer, its users are delighted with the launcher that they rated it with 4.7 stars. You can download the X Launcher Pro from the Google Play Store. Your Android phone will surely be interesting.

Google Play


What is an Android Launcher?

The Launcher is built for the Android user interface that allows its user to customize their home screen, make phone calls, launch mobile apps, and other tasks on their Android devices. There are a couple of Launchers available in Google Play. See the best lightweight Android Launcher.

Does iOS products support launchers?

1. Definitely not, iOS does not allow their devices to have custom launchers. The Apple iPhone does not offer the same freedom of customization as Android. If you want to experience more customization options, Joy of Android highly recommends switching to an Android handset.
If you are a new Android user, you can know more about your smartphone here.

What is the fastest launcher for Android smartphones?

There are moments that we want to replace the default launchers of our Android phones. We want to experience the freedom of customization, luckily these third-party launchers offer free customization that suits the needs of their users.
We do not want you to browse through a hundred of launchers, Joy of Android recommends you GO Launcher. This Android launcher has become richer and smarter with their features. You can freely customize the GO launchers with multiple themes and wallpapers available in Google Play, here are the best and FREE launcher themes.


Android offers several customizable options. There are hundreds of Android launchers that can shake up your phone. If you want to experience, you can use the mentioned best Apple iPhone launcher for your Android device.

With an Apple iPhone launcher, your Android device will have a transition effect, icons, and wallpapers similarly with an iPhone. These launchers give each user a different experience, let us experience some of these Apple iPhone launchers, shall we? Feel free to share your experience with any of these launchers in the comment section below!

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