Best Apps for Kids for a Fun-filled Mobile Experience

What are the best apps for kids that I can install on my Android device?

This has been a recurring question of most parents these days. Technology has definitely ruled over that children at the early age of 2 already know how to operate a mobile device.

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Kids spend plenty of hours engaged in watching cartoons, early-learning videos, and even toy reviews. Out of those hours that they consume idly at these devices, how can parents make sure that their children are having the most out of their time?

There are hundreds of children apps available on the Google Playstore. As a parent, you wouldn’t want meager apps installed on your kid’s device. Instead, you’d want something that will teach them the basics.

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Best Apps for Toddlers

Featured - Best Apps for Kids
Tame your kid’s energy by letting them play children-friendly apps on your Android device.

Do you have little humans in your house that is starting to learn how to talk, walk, and climb on surfaces that they aren’t allowed to and would magically stay still when you put a nursery rhyme via YouTube? Toddlers can often time be hard to handle. You can’t blame the parents when they try to look for a temporary distraction for their little ones.

We would often times take refuge on technology especially when there are no nannies or babysitters around. But aside from the never-ending “Johny, Johny? Yes, Papa?”, there are many children apps available that could preoccupy these energetic little angels.

We have collated these 5 best Android apps for toddlers that can aid in learning while enjoying at the same time. Show them colorful pictures while introducing the alphabet or let them identify different animals just by learning the sounds that they make.

Best Apps for Kids 2
Colorful and educational apps for kids available in Google Playstore.

Best Apps to Teach Your Kids

Best Apps for Kids 3
Be sure to guide your kids while they play.

There are many ways to teach your children. And if you can’t separate them with their mobile phones, why not use the phone to teach them instead?

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. Teach your kids the fun way by downloading children apps that can motivate them to discover educational things.

Kids learn better when they see colorful pictures and hear lively songs. Make their time worthwhile while incorporating fun with educational apps. These top 10 Android apps for kids learning will come handy.

These apps might not be able to replace a good teacher but it can definitely make learning an easy thing to grasp.

Best Apps for Kids 4
Tech to Teach Your Toddlers

Best Apps For Your Growing Kids

Trigger your kid’s creativity and problem-solving skills while still having fun.

As your kids grow older, they would be looking for more challenging things to do with their mobile devices. It would be best to introduce them to children apps that will rouse their logic, creativity, and imagination.

While there are almost every app for kids imaginable on the Playstore, these top 9 Android apps for kids that gives a new direction to their life can absolutely help your kids develop the creative side of their brain.

Best Apps for Kids 7
Apps for kids that gives new direction to their life

Say you are having a rough day and you want to have a little space to cool off but your kids won’t leave you alone. Keeping them preoccupied for a while isn’t bad. As a parent, we need to have a little time for ourselves too.

While we recommend that having a hands-on relationship with your kids is the best, having these best Android games for kids to gain a little “Me” time installed on your Android devices can help you have a little breathing space.

This list features 10 apps that can be played by toddlers, kids, and even pre-teens. You can set your worries aside because everything on this list doesn’t have any inappropriate contents, just pure fun. You only have to pick the best app for your kids’ age group.

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Best Apps for Kids 6
These apps will engage your kids while you have some quality time.

Best Apps For Kids’ Brain Activity

Best Apps for Kids 8
Puzzles enhance problem-solving skills, strategy, and creativity.

Most of the time, we want our kids to stay away from mobile phones thinking that having too much of it may harm them. Part of it is true because there are tons of mindless, idle games that are one tap away from infesting your children’s brain.

If you’re having a hard time detaching your young adolescents from their devices, at least make sure that the app they are engaged on is educational.

We have tested 5 best Android mind games for kids to keep their young brains active that is not only suitable for the youngsters but for the adults as well. These are children apps that could definitely make their brains up and running.

This article features a lot of puzzle apps. Puzzles are one of the best mind activities that anybody can invest their time on. This could enhance problem-solving skills, strategy, and creativity.

Best Apps for Kids 9
Keep your children’s young brain active.

Keeping Your Kids Protected

Best Apps for Kids10
Always ensure that your kids are protected against malicious website contents.

Owning an Android device means that you can virtually do anything that you please. With the intelligent features that come with these little pieces of technology, you can gain access to anything that is available on the world wide web.

This makes your kids susceptible to malicious contents. See to it that your kids do not fall victim to ill-intentioned websites by installing apps that can restrict functionality and reports online activities. Check out these 8 Android parental control apps to make sure that your youngsters are browsing safely.

Fun-filled and Educational Mobile Experience

If it’s quite impossible to get your kids disconnected from Android phones and tablets, take advantage of it by ensuring that it is filled with educational apps that are both entertaining and fun.

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  1. When we were kids we used to play outdoor games like cricket, football and hockey but now a days kids are playing all these game but in a digital platform. You have listed an amazing apps which makes kids happy and give the opportunity to have fun by sitting inside the home. Really a good article. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Ohhh yes Swati. How can we forget those. Glad to hear this from you. Do you allow your kids to play these games?

      1. I found this games interesting so if my kids would found the same of course i will allow them.

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