Best Apps for Lawyers in 2022

10 Best Apps for Lawyers in 2022: On-the-go Apps For Boosted Productivity

In recent times the law profession is on-demand and a large number of lawyers are in need to work remotely from their smartphones, laptops, tabs, or even PCs. Whether they do client visits, go to court hearings, or elsewhere, work must not get interrupted. And even not being in an actual office, lawyers still must carry on with usual work like communicating with clients, doing legal research, and many more. 

Good thing…

There are top-rated apps for lawyers that can carry out a hassle-free legal practice –– despite having to work remotely. What’s good about these apps is that they are used for daily activities like collaborating with clients and colleagues, timekeeping, searching for information, and also for the management of their hectic schedules. 

If you’re a lawyer and struggling to get work organized, then read along!

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10 Best Apps for Lawyers in 2022 

Productivity is something many of us struggle with. If you’re a lawyer, these apps will help you with that and more. Despite the piles of work, an organized system is what we crave, right? 

For all the engaging activities of a lawyer, I have listed the apps that can help you improve productivity. So, without further ado, let’s start, shall we?

1. Off The Record – Best App to Find Lawyers

off the record
Off the record.

Off The Record is one of the best apps for lawyers that helps one get an immediate legal help by simply uploading a photo of your case. Once you are done uploading the details, competing lawyers will evaluate them and communicate their fees to you. 

This is one of the best legal apps which helps you view the profiles of the lawyers who have made offers and check the reviews of the clients as well and then pick a lawyer planner that you think would be best for your case. This app also helps an attorney more with its client work, clerical, timekeeping, and more.


  • Upload the ticket from your phone
  • Get offers from the best lawyers with this best legal app
  • Lawyers from every American state
  • Experienced  highly rated traffic attorneys from each city
  • You can download and access the app at no price
  •  Matches you with the traffic attorney most likely to win your case
  •  Lawyers charge a low flat fee with no hidden costs.

2. Rocket Lawyer – Best apps for lawyers for legal documentation 

 Rocket Lawyer
Rocket Lawyer

This is one of the best apps for lawyers that assists people in solving insurance issues, healthcare, disaster recovery, etc. The rocket lawyer app has been developed to function as either a web or an app.

What’s more? This app helps you in resolving your issues easily with the help from expert lawyers. Lawyers on this app are very quick to respond whenever you need an instantaneous solution.


  • Sign-in, scan, and secure documents
  • Legal help for new businesses
  • Share documents safely with lawyers
  • Make legal documents for Business, Real Estate, and  Personal documents like LLC Operating Agreement, and Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Default templates are available for documents.
  • Has On-Call feature to get legal answers fast
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3. Legal Dictionary – Best app for lawyers

Legal Dictionary
Legal Dictionary

The legal dictionary is considered one of the best legal apps for lawyers. This allows the lawyers to make their study of law trouble-free and understandable. 

Easily type in the word in the search bar and quickly get the relevant answers. If you’re not familiar with legal jargon then this app can save you some stress. Moreso, this app stores and saves the information for future purposes as well. The main highlight of this is the access to


  • Approximate 15,000 legal definitions available
  • In-depth explanations of legal terms and principles
  • 13,500+ pronunciations of legal terms
  • An extensive guide on US law and constitution
  • Allows you to Add unlimited bookmarks
  • You can view your recent searches
  • See search suggestions as you type and perform advanced searches, including “Starts with,”  “Ends with,”  “Contains,” and “Wildcard.”
  • With supported devices, you can share definitions via social networks, email, and text.

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4. Evernote – The best note-taking app for lawyers

Evernote logo

Evernote is the best app for taking notes, sharing, and editing documents. That’s why it’s perfectly suited for lawyers and people who are dealing with legal issues alike.

What’s great about Evernote is that it syncs your documents that lets you access them anytime and anywhere, regardless of the device. 

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  • Capture ideas and allows you to take notes on the go
  • Keep a journal to keep your thoughts organized
  • Multiple device usage
  • Apps for law students and professional lawyers
  • Supports file attachments such as .pdf, images, docs, and more.
  • Manage your to-do list with Tasks such as setting due dates and reminders, so you never miss a deadline.
  • Keep track of lecture notes, exams, and assignments so you don’t miss important details.
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5. Dropbox – Best mobile apps for lawyers

Dropbox logo

Dropbox is a productivity app for everyone including lawyers and people who seek legal help. This cloud hosting software lets you scan IDs, documents, bills, certificates, etc, and upload them directly to the cloud with the ability to share them with anyone on the go. You can also update the notes and documents you already have uploaded in the app. Dropbox is a great way to keep notes and important legal documents safely.


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  • Allows you to preview over 175 different file types with no special software required
  • Upload large files on the cloud and share them just by sharing the link from anywhere to anyone
  • Scan photos, receipts, documents, etc and store them in the cloud
  • Using this Dropbox app you can search for legal files
  • Sync folders to your PC or Mac
  • Access files even when offline with this one of the best apps for law firms
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6. Google Drive – Best Calendar and Backup App for Lawyers

Google Drive logo
Google Drive

When touching on the subject of productivity, Google Drive always comes to mind. This file storage app is one of the most used among professionals. It makes the procedure of creating text, images, videos, and links easy and simple. You can easily upload important documents that are needed for your trial. For a busy lawyer like yourself, apps like this one are what you must have on your device.

As a product of Google, you can be assured of trusted service and a quality experience. This application for lawyers works flawlessly on all smart devices too. There’s no doubt why it made it on our best app for lawyers list. 


  • Safely store and access your files from anywhere

  • Using this Google drive you can search for legal files

  • Receive notification via mail upon any change in the files

  • View your content on the go while offline

  • Send files directly via email

  • Manages users and file sharing to help meet data compliance needs
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7. Skype – Best Mobile Apps for Lawyers


When you have a legal issue going on, it is of vital importance to consult your attorney before every move. Of course, there will be times when you can’t physically face your attorney, and here’s where Skype comes to the rescue.

You can use Skype for detailed video discussions with your lawyer at your convenience. It is loaded with a lot of features you can use that will help you reach a conclusion with your lawyer.


  • Connect with attorneys or clients through video calls, audio calls, chat, and SMS
  • Allows sharing of the screen for better discussion
  • Share files, docs, images, and more
  • Express yourself with special texts
  • Read and reply to your phone’s SMS messages on Skype on your PC or Mac
  • You can also call mobile and landlines at low rates
  • Skype is available on phones, tablets, PCs, and Macs.
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8. Microsoft OneDrive – Best storage app for Lawyers

Microsoft OneDrive logo
Microsoft OneDrive

If you’re working remotely and using your mobile phone, you’ll need a cloud data storage service that lets you access your data from anywhere. For utmost convenience, Microsoft OneDrive fits the best. It inherently integrates with the Microsoft Office suite that you can use for your other needs, making this an all-in-one app for lawyers.


  • You can browse all your OneDrive files and files that are shared with you
  • OneDrive automatically uploads photos and videos to your account
  • Allows sharing your files and documents
  • Allows you to move, delete, and rename files, and create a new folder
  • Open your OneDrive files in other apps including Office apps
  • Quick access to documents you’ve recently opened
  • Easily search for your files and folders.

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9. Feedly – Social share apps for Lawyers

Feedly logo

Feedly is one of the best apps for lawyers that is best used for research, marketing, competitor analysis, and more. The good thing about Feedly is it lets you filter out what’s not important and streamline your activities for the day.

Content in the app can easily be accessed in real-time. The app allows you to organize your files and monitor your social shares so you’ll never miss out on a case or a trending topic.

Furthermore, you can sort your content into streams, collect articles with tags, and share them easily across social media and separate accounts.


  • Faster access to lots of different sources of news and information 
  • Feedly helps you discover great feeds that you can organize and read in one place.
  • Millions of professionals and passionate learners use Feedly.
  • You can follow the blogs, magazines, and other sources that are related to law
  • Feedly connects to more than 40 million feeds.
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10. Slack – Communicative apps for lawyers

Slack logo

The nature of a lawyer’s work is to collaborate with people at all times. And Slack is a great app for lawyers to communicate with clients and their staff.

By setting up an RSS feed that monitors precedents for new citations, you can create an opportunity for it to be discussed with case stakeholders and colleagues in a special Slack room, streamlining your costly legal research process. 


  • Enables you to communicate with your client and attorneys
  • Share and edit documents and collaborate with the right people
  • You can integrate the tools like Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Twitter, Zendesk, and more
  • Search for a central knowledge base that automatically indexes and archives your team’s past conversations and files easily
  • Customize your notifications so you stay focused on what matters.
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Best Apps for Lawyers in 2022 — Final Thoughts

Smartphones, PCs, and tablets are an integral part of our daily life and we use them regularly. So, it is essential to use them to meet our goals. This list of best apps for lawyers will help you not only in your legal endeavors but also in several other day-to-day functions.

Download one of the top apps for lawyers that are productive and help you to gain various kinds of legal help. Each of these apps contains different degrees of features so make sure that you download the one that best fits your needs. 


Do we have free applications for lawyers?

Yes, we have many apps like Rocket lawyer and legal dictionary which are specially designed for lawyers and law students.

Is your data safe to store in Microsoft OneDrive?

Yes, your legal documents are safe to store in OneDrive. The app is encrypted so your files are safe and secure. Also, it has an encrypted network connection so shared files are protected.

Which application is best to make video calls with lawyers?

Skype is best to make video calls with lawyers. When you have a legal issue going on, it is of vital importance to consult your attorney before every move. You can use Skype for detailed video discussions with your lawyer at your convenience.


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