3 Must Have Apps for Major League Baseball Watchers

Baseball has a ton of fans who also happen to be highly passionate. This app list consists of apps for Major League Baseball watchers, for those avid fans who just cannot live without the game they love. I’ll be honest, I’m not invested in baseball that much and the only knowledge of the game I have comes from some amazing video games. However, I do have some friends who are epic fans of the game and have helped in assembling this list. Most of the information you read in this article is based on what the fans had to say and not me.

There are a lot of things apps for Major League Baseball watchers need to nail down to become prominent. Unlike other genres of apps, there are a ton of apps for MLB on the Google Play Store. Some of them are even published by Major League Baseball Advanced Media division themselves, making them the official products. I have tested around 10 apps and frankly, some of them were extremely alike. For example, I tested 3 scoring apps for MLB and all three of them had minor interface changes and the exact same features list. I do get that you can’t change a lot in a score app but you can spice things up with unique features.

Note: The must have apps for Major League Baseball watchers were tested on a Sony Xperia Z smartphone. The apps worked fine and no problems were faced during the testing. Almost all of the apps need an active internet connection to provide the full experience.

1. MLB.com At Bat

I don’t know why they have a .com in the name, perhaps they take the info straight from that page or something. Apart from that odd name, the app is one of the best ones on the market right now. It is made by the Major League Baseball Advanced Media, which makes it the official Android app for MLB lovers on Android.

The app allows you to stay connected to the game you love anywhere and at any time. This is the perfect app to sneak a peek and know everything that is going on in the game.

Are you stuck on a boring date? Or perhaps business is keeping you away from a TV? Get this app to know the scores and know all the details. If you are a big fan of the game then maybe you can shell around $3 a month to gain access to the premium features.

You will then be able to watch footage from any game and access full-game video archives and even highlights. It is without a doubt the best app for any MLB fan out there. The good thing is that the MLB.TV premium subscribers will receive the premium features absolutely free and almost every MLB fan has that already

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2. MLB.com Ballpark

This is another app made by the MLB Advanced Media and is designed amazingly. It is quite clear that the developers spared no expense in making this app a stellar experience as well. If you are a regular visitor of ballparks and like to catch the game live, this is a must have app for you.

I usually don’t endorse companion apps for live events but this one provides so much more that it’s virtually impossible to ignore it. Apart from ticketing information, you will be able to upload and share pictures from your visits. Viewing team statistics and even catching video highlights from the games you have attended is very easy. I really like the ballpark and player entrance music feature, it really livens up the app.

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3. Baseball Scores MLB Schedule

This one right here is a simple score app that will keep you updated about any game you like. However, unlike other score apps out there it knows the importance of a game. The app provides you with game statuses and live updates about the scores. There are robust options in terms of customizing the information you get, filters include teams, conference and divisions.

The app also provides important information about airing times which many of the other portals fail to mention. What if you don’t have an internet connection? Well, you certainly won’t be getting any live updates but you will still have full access to the schedules. This also means you can setup alarms within the app to alert you about the game. The alarms are not as elaborate as the best alarm clock apps for Android but will do the job well.

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So there you have it, these are a few must have apps for Major League Baseball watchers. These apps will augment your love for the sport you love dearly and will provide quality information and entertainment on the go. With these apps on your smartphone, you will stay connected to baseball, no matter where you are. Checking scores at a rehearsal dinner was never this easy, just be careful while checking, your significant other might not be thrilled.

So what team do you support? I personally like the name L.A Dodgers for some reason. Do tell me which team is the best in the comments below.

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