10 Best Apps for Nexus 6 to Amp Up Your Google Phon

After setting up my accounts and playing around with the settings, I look for the right apps on the Google Play Store whenever I buy a new Android smartphone. First, I get the apps that I liked using on my old Android phone and then I install the apps that will improve my new phone’s experience.

I don’t feel that the phone is truly mine before I install the right apps. I believe that you can never get comfortable with the phone if it doesn’t have the right apps installed. If you’re looking to make your new Nexus 6 more personal, then continue reading to find out the best apps for Nexus 6 that you can download right now.

Note that the list below represents my personal opinion and what I feel Nexus 6 users should have on their phones. There might be various other apps for Nexus 6 for you to make your phone more personal and it all depends on your preferences. That being said, if you’re totally new to Android or to the Nexus 6, then this list should be a great start.

1. MX Player – Free and $5.99

mx player

The Ultimate Video Player

1.A Free Version

My favorite video player that I’ve probably used on all my Android devices is MX Player. This is one of the most widely used video players for Android as it supports all major formats and also brings in various additional features. I personally haven’t tested the default video player on the Nexus 6, but I’m sure that you’ll love MX Player even more.


  • Subtitle gestures
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Kids lock
  • Multi-core decoding

Notable Feature:

You can add subtitles to your movies and videos. You can learn more about adding subtitles on MX Player in my earlier post.

Download on Google Play

1.B Paid Version

There’s also an ad-free pro version of MX Player available.

Download on Google Play

2. SwiftKey Keyboard – Free with In-App Purchases

swiftkey keyboard

Perfect typing

Keyboard is essential on all Android smartphones, especially if the screen is small. Even though the Nexus 6 has a huge screen, you can still take your typing experience to the next level by installing a third party keyboard.

One of the best and most popular keyboard apps is SwiftKey Keyboard and you should definitely give it a try if you write a lot of emails and messages on your phone.


  • Next-word prediction feature
  • A smarter autocorrect feature
  • The keyboard is also highly customizable as it features various themes and layouts

Notable Feature:

The keyboard supports over 800 different emoticons.

Download on Google Play

3. Light Flow – Free and $2.49

light flow

Change your LED lights

3.A Free Version

One of the best apps for Nexus 6 is Light Flow. Light Flow is a great app if you want to play around with the notification LED of your phone.


  • Change LED duration
  • Change LED flash rate
  • Chang colors

Notable Feature:

The app has a backup and restore function in order to backup and restore your light settings when installing different ROMs.

Download on Google Play

3.B Paid Version

There’s also a paid full version of Light Flow available that supports over 600 notifications.

Download on Google Play

4. µTorrent – Free and $2.99


Download Torrents on Android

4.A Free Version

µTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorrent clients on PC and it lets you download torrents on Android like you do on your PC. As the Nexus 6 features a large screen for viewing media, you’ll enjoy downloading media using the µTorrent app.


  • WiFi only mode
  • No download speed or size limits
  • Clean design.

Notable Feature:

Built-in music and video player.

Download on Google Play

4.B Paid Version

There’s also a pro version of µTorrent available that is ad-free.

Download on Google Play

5. Root Browser – Free with In-App Purchases

root browser

The Ultimate File Manager

A good file managing app is necessary on all Android devices and Root Browser is one of the best file managing apps that you can get for your Nexus 6. As the name suggests, the app supports root functionality so if your phone is rooted, you’ll be able to play around with system files as well.


  • Supports various features including batch functions
  • Changing file permissions
  • Executing script files
  • Bookmarking folders.

Notable Feature:

The feature that makes this file manager different from others is its root functionality as you can modify system files and folders.

Download on Google Play

6. HoverChat – Free and $3.99


A New SMS App

6.A Free Version

HoverChat is one of the most widely used SMS replacement apps available on Android and it’s a great addition for the Nexus 6. If you find it frustrating to leave whatever you’re doing on your Android phone and go to the messaging app in order to reply to a text message, then HoverChat is the perfect app. It lets you multitask as you don’t even have to leave the current screen for reading or replying to a message.


  • Multiple floating windows
  • Collapse mode
  • Anti-NSA mode for encrypting your messages and efficient use of battery

Notable Feature:

Transparency and maximize modes.

Download on Google Play

6.B Paid Version

The paid version mainly removes ads.

Download on Google Play

7. PicsArt Photo Studio – Free with In-App Purchases

picsart photo studio

Edit Photos Like A Pro

One of my favorite photo editing apps on Android is PicsArt Photo Studio and you’ll love it if you like editing photos on your Nexus 6. Even if you’re not good at editing photos and just need an app that will help you edit your pictures, you should still check out PicsArt Photo Studio.


  • Really easy to use
  • Crop tool
  • Clone tool
  • Enhancement tool

Notable Feature:

The app brings a drawing suite and a collage maker.

Download on Google Play

8. Shazam – Free


Identify Music

8.A Free Version

Shazam is another great app that you can download from the Google Play Store. If you like listening to music on your phone, then you’ll love this app. The app lets you identify song details in just a couple of seconds. So, if you’re listening to something on the radio or you hear something on the TV, you can easily find out the details using Shazam.


  • Supports real time lyrics
  • Lets you preview tracks
  • Buy tracks on Google Play or Amazon.

Notable Feature:

You can also share the song details on social media.

Download on Google Play

8.B Paid Version

This version removes all ads and gives you full access to all the music recognition you want.

Download on Google Play

9. Equalizer – Free and $1.99


Improve Your Audio

9.A Free Version

Another great app for music listeners is Equalizer. If you want to improve the sound quality on your Nexus 6, then you should try out Equalizer.


  • The app features 11 presets
  • Audio sampler
  • 5 Band equalizer controller and bass booster

Notable Feature:

Equalizer widget with downloadable skins.

Download on Google Play

9.B Paid Version

The unlock key of the Equalizer app lets you save, edit, rename and delete presets. You can also backup and restore presets from an SD card.
Download on Google Play

10. Camera ZOOM FX – Free and $2.99

camera zoom fx

Capture Awesome Snaps

10.A Free Version

Camera ZOOM FX is one of the most popular camera apps available on Android. If you enjoy taking pictures on your Nexus 6, then I’m sure you’ll love this app.


  • Photo filters
  • Frames
  • Time lapse
  • Touch to focus and white balance

Notable Feature:

Free downloadable packs available such as shutter animations and frames.

Download on Google Play

10.B Paid Version

There’s also a premium version of Camera ZOOM FX available. It brings more photo filters and frames along with burst mode, timer mode, photo collage, voice activation, color splash, tilt shift, silent camera, best photo mode and stable indicator.

Download on Google Play


The Nexus 6 is currently one of the hottest Android smartphones available and the phone is awesome as it is. That being said, you can make your phone personal after installing your favorite apps from the Google Play Store. The apps listed above should help you make the most out of your Nexus 6.

There are millions of apps available on the Google Play Store and the list above shows what I think are 10 great apps that every Nexus 6 user should install. If you have any questions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below and let us know about your favorite apps for Nexus 6.

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