9 Best Apps For Nexus 9 to Deck Out Your 9-Inch Tablet

The Nexus 9 is one of the most popular Android tablets currently available and this is a great device if you want to experience Android Lollipop on the big screen. While the tablet already brings some cool features, I believe you can get the most out of the device if you install the right apps on it.

I’m sure there are certain apps that are perfect for tablets like the Nexus 9. If you want your Nexus 9 to be loaded with the right apps, continue reading to find out about the best apps for Nexus 9.

Note that this list represents my personal opinion on what I feel are the best apps that Nexus 9 users would enjoy. Some of you might find other apps on the Google Play Store that you like more. However, if you just got the Nexus 9 and are not sure on what to install, the list below should be a good start.

1. Evernote – Free With In-App Purchases


Evernote is one of the most popular note taking apps available on the Google Play Store and if you like taking notes on your Nexus 9, then this is the perfect app. The app is ideal if you like taking brief notes during your class or when doing research.

Through in app purchases, you can use Evernote premium and get features like offline notes and PIN lock for the Evernote app. You’ll also be able to use high-resolution images and large files on the Premium version.

In-app Purchases: $1.00 – $49.99 per item


  • Fast searching in PDF files and notes
  • Make to-do lists
  • Use handwritten notes

Notable Feature:

One of the best features of Evernote is that it lets you access your notes from any device. You can sync your data across different devices.

Download on Google Play

2. Flipboard – Free


Flipboard is another cool app that can use install on your Nexus 9. The app is sort of like a personal magazine where you can follow the news and watch photos and videos. You can subscribe to your favorite news sources and can then enjoy a personalized magazine set up according to your preferences.

The app features publications such as People magazine, The New York Times and Vanity Fair. Aside from that, the app also lets you connect with your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter in order to check out the posts from others.


  • Easily manage and organize your magazines
  • 24 different localized editions
  • Flipboard widget

Notable Feature:

You can create your own magazine and collect different videos, photos and stories.

Download on Google Play

3. HD Widgets – $0.99

hd widgets

If you’re looking to make the homescreen of your Nexus 9 more beautiful, then HD Widgets is the perfect app. HD Widgets is a customizable widget app that lets you customize your widgets according to your preferences.

If you’re tired of the same old clock and weather widgets available on the Google Play Store, then you should definitely check out HD Widgets.


  • Over 50 different switches
  • Widgets for clock, weather, location, forecast, date and switches
  • Lock screen widgets are also available

Notable Feature:

You can get additional downloadable theme packs from the Google Play Store for more widgets.

Download on Google Play

4. MX Player – Free and $5.99

mx player

4.A Free Version

If you like to watch lots of movies and videos on your Nexus 9, then MX Player is a must have app. I’ve been using MX Player for a long time and I can say that it’s the best video player for me.

Even if the stock video player on the Nexus 9 is great, I think you’ll like MX Player even more as it brings loads of features.


  • Multi-core decoding
  • Lock for kids
  • Hardware acceleration

Notable Feature:

You can manually add subtitles on MX Player and I’ve already written a guide on it.

Download on Google Play

4.B Paid Version

You can also get an ad-free pro version of MX Player.

Download on Google Play

5. µTorrent – Free and $2.99


5.A Free Version

If you regularly download torrents on your PC, then µTorrent is the ideal app for your Nexus 9. The Nexus 9 is already like a mini PC and how awesome would it be to download torrents directly on the device?

The µTorrent Android app lets you download torrents directly on your Android device and I’ve been using the app for several months without any major issues.


  • A WiFi only mode available
  • Download torrents and magnet links
  • No size or download speed limit

Notable Feature:

µTorrent features an integrated media player for listening to music and watching videos.

Download on Google Play

5.B Paid Version

The pro version of µTorrent is ad-free.

Download on Google Play

6. Root Browser – Free with In-App Purchases

root browser

A file manager is necessary on almost all Android devices and you can get the best file managers from the Google Play Store. While there are various types of file managers available, Root Browser is a special file manager that lets you use root enabled functions, such as changing permissions of system files.

Even if you haven’t rooted your Nexus 9, Root Browser is still a great file manager.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 per item


  • Root Browser supports bookmarking folders
  • Execute system files
  • Change permissions of system files

Notable Feature:

The best thing about this particular file manager is that it lets you play around with your system files as it supports root functionality.

Download on Google Play

7. Polaris Office + PDF – Free With In-App Purchases

polaris office

Polaris Office is one of the most popular office apps available for Android and it lets you create and edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets directly on your Android device.

Aside from that, the app also lets you view PDF files. If you want to edit your files directly without using your PC, then Polaris Office is the perfect app.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 – $39.99 per item


  • Download and edit office files from other cloud storage services
  • Share PDF files, documents, spreadsheets and presentations on social media and attach them in emails
  • Support for Google Chromecast

Notable Feature:

The app gives users 2 GB of free cloud storage.

Download on Google Play

8. PicsArt Photo Studio – Free with In-App Purchases

picsart photo studio

My favorite photo editing app on Android is PicsArt Photo Studio and if you’re looking for a fun app to edit photos on your Nexus 9, then you should definitely install this app.

Downloaded by millions of Android users, PicsArt Photo Studio is easy to use and brings advanced editing tools.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 – $5.99 per item


  • Collage maker
  • Drawing tool
  • Hundreds of effects and masks

Notable Feature:

The app features a huge photo gallery for co-editing.

Download on Google Play

9. IMDb Movies & TV – Free


IMDb is one of the most popular websites for information on movies, TV shows and celebrities. The IMDb Android app lets you browse images, watch trailers and find showtimes directly on your Android device.


  • Rate TV shows and movies
  • Look for TV listings, upcoming movies and news
  • Watch trailers
  • Read reviews of TV shows and movies

Notable Feature:

You can enable notifications for your favorite titles in order to get notifications for showtimes, news, photos and trailers.

Download on Google Play


The Nexus 9 is an excellent Android tablet that is brilliant as it is. However, you can always install third-party apps in order to get the most out of your Android device. If you just got your Nexus 9 and you’re not sure on which apps to install, then you should definitely try out the apps from the list above as they’re the best apps for Nexus 9 in my opinion.

Make sure that you follow all the instructions properly and feel free to shoot your queries in the comments area below. Also, let us know about your favorite app for the Nexus 9.

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