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10 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Users

It has been a while since the great Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was released and the smartphone is still going strong. If you happen to own one of the best devices Android has to offer, you might be interested in the 10 best apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to spice up the slightly aging smartphone. Don’t get me wrong, it is still one of the best smartphones out there but it is outperformed by mid-range smartphones these days.

The 10 best apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 won’t completely change how you use your device but, they will surely help in renewing the utility and features. I’ve selected a lot of different apps here and I’m sure that you like most of them, some are new some are old but all of them will work great with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Due to the diverse nature of the apps, they are not in any particular order so I highly recommend that you check them all out and then select the ones you like.

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1. Google Drive

google drive icon

Google Drive is one of the essential apps for Android, not because it can store your data in the cloud but, because of its slew of web-based tools. Want to type in an assignment on the go? Or maybe make a quick presentation on the way to work?

You can achieve this all with Google Drive with ease. However, there is a slight downside to this; you’ll have to install individual apps for all the functions to work properly. For example, if you want to write a word document, you’ll have to download Google Docs.

The same goes if you want to make a spreadsheet, you’ll need to download Google Sheets. But once you are done with all the downloading, you’ll have complete access to a whole lot of features that are available for free.

Free Version

2. VLC for Android

vlc for android icon

VLC player has been around for a long while, and it has proved its worth as a free video player. I’m a huge fan of VLC player on PC and was quite pleased when it was released on Android as well. After staying in beta for a long while, the player is ready to be used by normal Android users.

It is a powerful and completely free player that allows you to watch almost any kind of video on your smartphone. The large-screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 deserves to be used as a portable media display and VLC for Android makes sure that you can run anything on it. This app deserves to be on the best video players for Android list.

Free Version

3. MindBoard Pro for S-Pen

mindboard pro for s pen icon

If you are a creative person and are getting great ideas at the most inappropriate times, then this app is for you. I happen to get the best ideas just when I’m about to go to sleep and by the time I wake up they simply vanish.

With this app by your side, you’ll be able to map your mind easily on your smartphone. The app supports freehand for mind mapping and is completely compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 stylus. You’ll not only be able to write down your ideas and plans on this app but also make little notes that can expand with more information.

Free Version

4. Solo Launcher

solo launcher icon

Not many people are big fans of TouchWiz UI, the custom Android skin Samsung insists on putting their every phone. Thankfully, you are using Android and not some fruity closed OS, so you can easily install a custom third-party launcher. While there are many amazing launchers out there, we even made the best custom launchers for Android list; Solo Launcher keeps it simple.

I think that most Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users are looking for a serious launcher that gets the job done without any fluff. Solo Launcher keeps things simple by opting for a material design. It also cleans cache to boost the speed of your device. You can also customize your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with different themes and wallpapers, all available for free.

Free Version

5. Maps – Navigation & Transit

maps navigation transit icon

There is a huge screen on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and it would be a shame not to use it as a navigation device. Even when docked in your car, the big screen allows you to check out the map with relative ease.

Google Maps is an iconic and industry-leading map app that allows you to use navigational features without a hassle. Simply tap on your destination or talk to your phone about it and you’ll be on your way with great voice navigation features.

You can even plug in your hands-free and use it on the bike. It’s no wonder that Google Maps is on the best navigation apps for Android list as well.

Free Version

6. SwiftKey Keyboard

swiftkeykeyboard icon

Don’t get me wrong; Samsung makes a very serviceable keyboard but, it lacks certain features. By installing a third-party board like SwiftKey, you’ll be able to utilize that big screen for a lot more than watching videos. This is by far the best Android keyboard out there, and I’ve been personally using it for 3 years now. It is fast, reliable, and it never crashes on you.

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The best part? If you are bilingual you can easily switch between multiple languages by swiping the space key. Speaking of swiping, you can use gestures to type out words which is significantly faster than typing one alphabet at a time.

Free Version

7. Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

wunderlist icon

Are you regularly forgetting things that you should remember? Or are you as disorganized as I am? Well, you’re in luck, this app will make everything wonderful. The app will help you capture your ideas, things to do as well as tasks to perform with ease.

Whether you are planning a grand vacation or simply jotting down the grocery list, this app will have your back no matter what. With Wunderlist, you’ll be able to create all the list you need and easily access them from multiple devices. The best part is you will be able to share it with friends and family, and they can even collaborate with you on the lists.

Free Version

8. 1Weather

1weather icon

If you want the best weather app on Android these days, then you should check out this great looking app. 1Weather is an amazing looking app that allows you to track and view weather forecasts as well as your local conditions right on your smartphone. You can even get real-time updates, no matter where you are or where you’re going.

The app gives you information about temperature, Doppler radar, precipitation forecast and a lot more. I like the design of the app because it is minimalistic but gives you a ton of information right on the screen. Better yet, you can use the supplied widget to make your life a lot easier.

Free Version

9. SketchBook

sketchbook icon

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a great way to unleash the full potential of your creativity. Thanks to the integrated stylus, you’ll be able to use some great apps that other users sometimes cannot use. SketchBook is one such app. This drawing app has full S Pen support and allows you to draw complicated drawings on your smartphone.

From paintings to precise drawings, you’ll be able to conjure up a lot of stuff on this app. I like how the app uses the pressure sensitivity of the S Pen to help you draw more accurately. While this won’t reach the levels of accuracy an actual drawing pen offers, it does come close.

Free Version

10. Chrome Browser

chrome browser icon

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available for Android, and it shines on Galaxy Note smartphones. The browser supports all the features that are standard of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. You can easily use this browser in the multi-window mode as well as make it a mini window to hover over another app.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 works perfectly with this browser, and you’ll face extreme speeds using it. Google and Samsung have clearly collaborated in making this browser the best one to use on the smartphone. If you are used to using the stock Samsung browser, this is miles ahead of it in terms of functionality as well as utility.

Free Version


This ends the 10 best apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 list. These are some of the best apps that I have personally used on a galaxy note smartphone and they work perfectly well.

If you have any more apps that should be on the list feel free to tell me about them in the comments below. I’ll be waiting to hear your suggestions and opinions.

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