Best Apps to Find an Apartment

5 Awesome Android Apps to Find an Apartment

Finding a new apartment is pretty easy, defining a new apartment that fits your budget is very hard. Unless you are extremely rich, you’re going to struggle finding the perfect place for yourself and this is where the best apps to find an apartment on Android come into play. While I’m not going to say that these apps will definitely lend you an apartment, but they are a step in the right direction.

There are many things to consider when moving to a new apartment, the location, the map of the apartment, the rooms and most importantly the price. This is doubly hard when you have a full family to move to a new apartment. Finding the right place where your kids don’t fight over their personal space is very important for the domestic peace. Thankfully, just like always Android comes to the rescue with the best apps to find an apartment. Personally I didn’t actually visit any of the apartments listed on these apps but from what I hear they do deliver. I tested out the availability of the apartments and the user interface experience the apps provide and they are amazing.

Note: the best apps to find an apartment were tested on a Sony Xperia Z smartphone. You’ll need an active Internet connection almost all the time when using these apps. Apps performed fine and there were no technical issues faced during the testing.

1. Trulia Rent Apartments

Trulia Rent Apartments and Homes App icon

Trulia is one of those apps that have a really convenient interface and are automatically easier to navigate. When you are going to go through multiple apartments in an app, it is important that the interface doesn’t get in your way. I really had a great time browsing the apartments available for renting, some of the apartments displayed in this app were really pretty. However, I have to say that residents of the United States, Canada and Europe will benefit more from this app because it is not very popular around the world. One neat feature I love about this app is the crime heat map, this basically shows the recent crime data so you know whether the new area is going to be safe or not. Another good feature is the commute availability feature that tells you whether you’d have an easy time using the daily commute or not. And lastly the affordability option allows you to see average prices in the areas you are looking to find an apartment. This comes in handy in a relatively expensive city like San Francisco or New York.

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2. HotPads Apartments & Rentals

HotPads Apartments and Rentals App icon

This app is for the US residents only; so if you are looking to find an apartment in the United States, this is perhaps one of the best apps around. Whether you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive apartment in a price in your neighborhood or simply want a larger apartment for your whole family just a neighborhood over, HotPads has all the hard apartments listed. One of the best features of this app is the Search Alerts, all you need to do is simply input your budget or price range and the app will alert you as soon as a new listing pops up that matches your requirements. With advanced filters you’ll have no trouble finding specific apartment buildings. For example, if you are looking for a senior housing building you can easily find it by selecting the proper filters. Overall my experience with the app has been very positive, even though there are not many listings up right now but the app is new on the market and it will surely grow more in the coming time.

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3. Trovit Real Estate

Trovit Real Estate App icon

Trovit is the best app to find an apartment around, especially when you’re looking for buying instead of renting. The app allows you to filter through search results and find the property that suits you the most. From selecting the city and neighborhood to intimate details like square footage and number of bathrooms, a lot of things are included in this great app. I really like how you can search apartments with a specific number of rooms. We all know that everyone wants a room of their own and finding the perfect apartment can be a chore, but with this app on your side, you’ll have no trouble zeroing down on the perfect place for you and your family. The listings are not exactly on the app itself but it is more of a website crawler that combines information from thousands of housing websites and presents them in a neat format. This means you’ll have thousands of options available at any time.

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4. Immobilien Scout24

Immobilien Scout24 App icon

This app only applies to people living in Germany, you might’ve guessed it from the name. So, if you are in Germany and need a place of your own, this app is one of the best ones around. Straight from the interface to the implementation of features, the app doesn’t pull any punches here. The app allows you to search properties through its very organized layout that is optimized for both smartphones and tablets. You can search by your vicinity, address, town or city and even postcode. You can even set up alerts to notify you when a new property pops up in your area. There is also a targeted search feature for furnishing criteria, if you want a fully furnished kitchen, there is option to specifically search for the apartments that offer it.

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5. Zoopla

Zoopla App icon

Zoopla is a great app for people living in the UK. I’ve had trouble finding a single app to find an apartment that caters to everyone and personally I think it’s for the better. If you’re living in UK, commonly you would want to find a house in the UK and so on and so forth. This app offers the most comprehensive way to search for houses, apartments or flats as British call them. Finding the perfect time to buy or rent can be easily done through the app. I also really like the interface of the app that displays the property right in the middle of the screen. Tap on the listing and you will be offered more information about the place. There are all the necessary filters in place, from daily commute to market vicinity, everything can be inputted and you’ll get the proper results. The map feature is a great way to search your area and help you find the perfect location for your house. Even though this app is basically for the UK, there are some listings for international properties as well, but I wouldn’t recommend it for global purchasing.

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These were some of the best apps to find an apartment and I’m pretty sure with these apps on your side, you’ll have a new place to call home really soon. Even though I’m not looking for an apartment myself, I still had a blast checking out all the designs and available apartments. I think I will include this list in the best architecture apps for Android as well because this is practically an inspiration machine.

Just like always, if you have any questions or suggestions about the best apps to find an apartment feel free to drop them in the comments below, we love to hear from you.

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