4 Best Archos Tablets for Kids to Keep the Tykes Occupied

Do you find it difficult to locate technology for your children? Sure, you may want to wait a while before you start introducing your kids to certain forms of technology, but many things like tablets and phones provide wonderful games and learning tools to work their brains and make them smarter in general.

It’s even nice when you can add kids learning apps with these devices.

The problem is that most people don’t want to spend much money on a tablet for their kids, and they also need a durable tablet so that the thing doesn’t break within a few days. Unfortunately, not many companies make tablets made just for kids, but Archos puts in some effort to make it possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Archos tablets for kids so that your kids have something to do while you try to take a nap.

1. Archos Gamepad 2: $296.28

Archos Gamepad 2

Let the Kids Get Their Game On

The Archos Gamepad 2 might just look like a PSP, but it’s so much more. If your kids like to play games then this is the tablet to get them. It’s basically a fully functional tablet, but you also get some cool controls that make it into a realistic gaming experience.

You can also watch movies and play regular games with the touchscreen. Kids can read up on their homework or you can load the tablet with books for them to improve their reading and grammar. I would only recommend this tablet for kids who are a bit older, since it’s not all that inexpensive and it doesn’t have the parent control apps like some of the other options on the list.

Why should you buy it?

  1. It has a seven-inch screen
  2. It’s very durable and only weighs about 14 ounces
  3. The processor is fairly fast so you can play any game you want


2. Archos Child Pad 2 8″ Series 80: $69.99

child pad 8

All the Fun and Games You Can Think Of

The Archos Child Pad 2 is the best tablet on this list for younger kids, since it comes in fun colors and you don’t have to worry about the kids playing around with it and dropping it on the floor. They can chew on it and get their slobber on the tablet without it breaking down.

The dual cameras are great for taking photos with your family, and you can set up parental filters so that you always know exactly what your kids are looking at.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Both cameras are 2MP
  2. Comes with Android Jelly Bean and Google Play
  3. Has a 1024 x 768 screen resolution


3. Archos 7″ Child Pad: $49.99

Archos 4GB Child Pad

Save Some Cash

The Archos 7″ Child Pad is the older version of the Child Pad we just talked about, but it allows you to save a little cash. It also doesn’t have as many features, but most parents would find this a suitable tablet for their younger children.

If you want the barebones for your kids, so they don’t get into any trouble, go for this option.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Has an ARM Cortex A8 1 GHz Processor
  2. It comes preloaded with over 28 children’s apps
  3. Also has a kid’s app store


4. FamilyPad 2: $169.99

FamilyPad 2

For the Whole Family

This tablet isn’t specifically designed for children, but it works for the whole family. It’s actually a fairly affordable tablet, and you can place it in the kitchen or on the family room table for everyone to access whenever they want.

The tablet comes with a nice stand for watching movies with the little ones, and you can always setup some parental controls if you’re concerned with what the kids are going to be looking at.

Why should you buy it?

  1. The tablet has a 13.3″ Capacitive Touchscreen
  2. The front and rear cameras are both 2MP
  3. The Mini HDMI port is perfect for projecting shows onto the TV



Although there aren’t that many Archos tablets for kids, you’ll notice that it’s one of the few companies that works to make some designs that actually work well for kids. These tablets are fairly durable and they have some nice colors to help kids get excited about technology.

I like the Gamepad option, but it all depends on what your kids plan on using the tablets for. If you need more of a tablet than a gaming system, go for one of the Child Pads. Share your thoughts in the comments section if you have any questions about the best Archos tablets for kids.

What’s next? Learn about the best phones for kids.

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