best baby shower games for android

5 Best Baby Shower Games for Android

Are you looking for some Android games when you have your baby shower?

Look no further. We searched for the best games you can download on your Android phones to play when you decide to have a party celebrating your coming baby.

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Celebrating special occasions by having parties is quite the norm for most people. Events like birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, graduations, and more.

But, the recent trend we are experiencing is the number of interesting baby showers that are being shared online. A baby shower is a kind of party where people gather to celebrate the upcoming delivery of a baby. Most guests give baby-related gifts to the mother-to-be.

However, when hosting baby showers, finding games that you can do during the party to keep the crowd from being bored is difficult. So, when we found out that there are some baby shower games you can download on Android phones, we had to try and test them.


There are tons of games like this in the App Store. Due to this, you might be having a hard time choosing which ones to play during the party. So, we are here to share with you the baby shower games we think are worth your time. Now, without further ado, here are the best baby shower games for Android we found.

Top 5 Baby Shower Games for Android

Celebrating the upcoming birth of a baby is a big deal for most people. In line with this, lots of mothers prepare baby showers.


Thinking of games that can entertain the guests attending the party can be difficult. Therefore, it is such a relief to know that there are baby shower games for Android devices that can help with this.

So, if you want to know more about these games, let’s get to it.

Note: We listed the items on this list in no particular order.

1. Charades!

baby shower games charades app logo
App Logo

If you are looking for a great ice breaker for your baby shower, then we have got a fun baby shower game for you.

Curious, aren’t you?

The game we want to recommend is an app called Charades made by FatChicken Studios. It’s a digital version of the traditional game charades. A player is assigned a word or phrase that they have to explain to the audience by acting it out, singing or dancing about it, or describing it via some clues.

baby shower games charades app in-game
In-Game of the App

So, here’s the deal:

With the Android game we found, playing the traditional charades is much more fun and easier to do. All you have to do is pick a player that will be assigned a word by the app then, that player will explain to the crowd that word.

If the crowd answers correctly the player will have to tilt the phone up, and if not tilt it down. This way, the app can keep tabs on the score of the player.

What’s more, is that this application has more games to offer other than the traditional charades. Now, if you wish to check it out, we placed a Google Play Button that will let you download this app.

download baby shower games on Google Play

2. Baby Shower Bingo

baby shower games bingo app logo
App Logo

A nice game to play to give baby shower prizes to guests is by playing Baby Shower Bingo.

There is no need for any cards or markers to play bingo using this app. All you have to do is install it on the host’s and guests’ phones. After that, the host can choose to be the host inside the game, while the guests can choose to be the players.

baby shower games bingo in-app 2
Choose Role Page

A randomly generated card containing 24 baby-related images will be assigned to each player. Then, the host will announce the image that will be rolled each time. Once someone gets a line, they will have to shout “BINGO” to win.

baby shower games bingo in-app
Host Page and Player Page of the Game

This game is quite simple, but it’s a great game to give presents to the guests. It will also improve the atmosphere of the baby shower.

download baby shower games on Google Play

3. Incogny – Party Game

baby shower games incogny app logo
App Logo

Looking for a spicy baby shower game?

Well then, you should check this app we found.

Incogny is a game we came across that is made by Triclap. With this app, you can enjoy getting to know your guests in a much more fun way.

baby shower games incogny in-game
Questionnaire Page and Results Page

The app will ask a question to everyone that is in the game, then it will let every user answer with a yes or a no anonymously. After that, the app will tally the number of yeses and nos it got for the question and will show the result to each user.

Players can also ask questions that can be answered by a yes or a no. Like, “do you want the baby to be a girl?” and the likes.

If you are interested in trying it out for your baby shower, then press the Google Play button we placed below.

download baby shower games on Google Play

4. Baby Shower Games Lite

baby shower games lite app logo
App Logo

Are you looking for a baby shower game app that can give you a detailed explanation of all the games you can play during your party?

Then, this app might be best for you.

Baby Shower Games Lite is an app that gives ideas to the baby shower host about 40 games that the guests can play. It lets them know what are the materials needed for the game they have selected. Also, what preparation is needed so that it can be possible to play the game. The app even gives suggestions about the prizes that can be offered once someone wins a game.

baby shower games lite in-game
Home Page and Game Information Page

Some of the example games that we think are worth mentioning are the nursery rhyme quiz, the price is right, name the baby items, and who knows mommy best. If you want to try downloading this app, you can press the button we placed.

download baby shower games on Google Play

5. Werewolf

baby shower games werewolf app logo
App Logo

Another game that every guest will enjoy is the Werewolf game.

The traditional werewolf game is about a werewolf that is hiding among the regular citizens. The werewolf kills the citizens at night, so the citizens have to agree and find the werewolf to win the game.

Playing this game is fun to do with friends since it can result in lots of chatter amongst the players. So, when we found out that there is an Android game version of this, we thought that it will be fun to incorporate it as a fun baby shower game.

baby shower games werewolf in-game
Voting Page and Add Player Page

Using this app, the players are given a role randomly that they have to play. After that, one or more werewolves will have to kill all the citizens to win the game, while the citizens will also have to kill all the wolves. They can do this by voting the player they want to kill anonymously through the app. Once the voting is done, the app will announce which player gained the most votes and will kill off.

download baby shower games on Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

To Sum It All Up

We know how hard it is to arrange a party to celebrate an important occasion. One type of party that involves so much effort to organize is a baby shower. Also, making this party enjoyable for everyone is quite difficult. So, it is necessary to have fun baby shower games.

That is why when we found out that there are games that can be downloaded on Android phones to use at baby showers, we had to try them out. We tried and tested all these applications, so we hope that you enjoy playing them at your baby shower.

Did you find the best baby shower games for your party? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below.

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