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5 Best Barbie Games for Android

Are you looking for the best Barbie Games for Android? Well, no need to look no further! We have the right list for you!

Barbie has been the most dominant doll brand in the market since the 1950s.

People from all walks of life have had at least one of these dolls.

I’m a man, but I used to have a Barbie doll that I played with when I was young.

And, I kid you not, I played with it a lot.

I mean, gender stereotypes shouldn’t matter; I was just a kid having fun!

Although when I grew up, I lost most of my interest in toys.


Whenever I see these, it comes with a piece of memory from 15 years ago.

And today, kids don’t even play with toys as much as our generation did.

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Kids now have smartphones, and they also have social media.

They have games on their phones, and most of the kids today don’t even go out to play anymore.

More and more parents are asking their children to go outside.

So as a means of showing them how you were back then, why not share with them what you used to play in a way that they would appreciate?

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Check out our best Barbie games for Android!

Most of the Android Games on the list are for kids, but…

Who’s to say that we adults won’t enjoy these games?

Sometimes nostalgia hits you bad, and when it does, it’s nice to look back on what you did as a kid, what you enjoyed, and who you enjoyed it with.

If you’re looking for Barbie games that you could share with your sons, your daughters, your nieces, your nephews, or your little siblings…

Or if you are looking for the best Barbie games for Android that you could play with all the free time that you have, then look no further.

We’ve compiled the best games for you, and we’ve listed them down below!

Come check out the best Barbie games for Android!

The Best Barbie Games for Android!

We’ve compiled the best Barbie games for Android for you!

Each Barbie game is unique in its own right, choose one that would best suit what you like, or download them all and enjoy each one!

Pick what type of Barbie game you want to play from our list below!

1. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Barbie apps for android
Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Logo

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures lets you experience designing your own home! From designing each room and living spaces to choosing the best dresses for you.

barbie apps for android? Barbie dreamhouse adventures intro
Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Intro
Barbie games for android? Play Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures!
Tour Barbie’s House!

Join in on the fun with Ken and Barbie’s other friends and family!

Pose for selfies and choose the right outfits for every event, have cookouts in Barbie’s beautiful kitchen.

barbie games for android? Try Barbie dreamhouse and attend parties!
Party with Ken!

Dance till you drop on the dance floor or rock out with your favorite instrument!

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is comparable to the SIMS, and if you love games like that, then you’ll love this game.

Check out all the things you could do on Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure at the Google Play Store!

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2. Barbie World Explorer

Barbie apps for android? Try Barbie World Explorer!
Barbie World Explorer Logo

Barbie World Explorer lets you travel the world with Barbie!

Walk along with Barbie and have fantastic adventures in faraway places.

Journey to Yellowstone Park, explore the Arctic, see the Giraffes in the African Savannah!

Go to many different places with Barbie!

Learn fun facts about the animals and the ecosystem you see as you travel!

Help Barbie in finding the hidden Hot Spots and collect useful items you can use in the game!

Collect new tools you can use in your adventure! Use your binoculars to view faraway objects and use your brush to dust off big ostrich eggs.

Barbie World Explorer is an AR adventure game; walk with Barbie and discover the virtual world through your mobile phones.

Be sure to capture the moments as you play with the different things you can see in the environment.

Capture the looks and the style that looks best with you.

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3. Barbie Magical Fashion

Barbie apps for android? Try Barbie Magical Fashion!
Barbie Magical Fashion Logo

Use your imagination! Transform your Barbie into a hero, a fairy, a mermaid, or a princess!

With Barbie Magical Fashion, you can customize Barbie’s appearance based on your preference!

Looking for barbie games for android? Get Barbie Magical Fashion
Customize your own Barbie!
Looking for barbie games for android? Apply makeup on Barbie Magical Fashion
You can choose your makeup!

You can design the hairstyles as well as Barbie’s outfits! Apply a gorgeous fairytale-like makeup and have a magical time!

From her gowns to her shoes, customize Barbie’s look to your preference!

You can add the color you want to Barbie’s hair, and you can also decorate and design Barbie’s tiara.

Looking for barbie games for android? customize Barbie on Barbie Magical Fashion
Choose your own style!

You can also add accessories to your Barbie transformations.

After, you can save all the looks that you’ve made so you can explore more options for your Barbie!

Check out the app on the Play Store!

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4. Barbie Fashion Closet

Barbie apps for android? Download Barbie Fashion Closet!
Barbieā„¢ Fashion Closet Logo

This Barbie game inclines more to those who want to express themselves through their own Barbie doll.

This app will incur your creative juices by giving you the chance to style your own Barbie from head to toe.

Looking for barbie games for android? Try Barbie Fashion Closet
Choose your outfit!
Looking for barbie games for android? Choose your hairstyle in Barbie Fashion Closet!
Choose the hairstyle you want for Barbie!

Barbie Fashion Closet lets you choose your hair and makeup for your Barbie.

You can choose between characters to style, and determine which hair and makeup would best suit the character you chose.

Match your outfits and choose which would best suit what you want, after which you could do photoshoots of your designs!

Looking for barbie games for android? Look at your photoshoot at Barbie Fashion Closet
See all your pictures in your Photo Album!
Looking for barbie games for android? Do a photoshoot on Barbie Fashion Closet
Do a photoshoot with Barbie!

Unlock items and win fashion accessories, and make your Barbie dreams come true!

Check the game out on the Play Store now!

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5. Glam Doll House: Fashion Girls Craft and Exploration

Barbie Games for Android? Try Glam Doll House
Glam Doll House Logo

This last entry on the list is not a Barbie game per se, but I decided to include it because it was so refreshing.

Looking for barbie games for android? Try Glam Doll House
Glam Doll House Intro

Glam Doll House lets you decorate and build your dollhouse in a world much like Minecraft.

You can fill the rooms with furniture, and make your own blocky dream house, enhance your skills in interior design while playing this app!

Looking for barbie games for android? Explore Glam Doll House!
Explore the Glam Doll House World!
Looking for barbie games for android? Customize your house in Glam Doll House
Make friends!

Use the sandbox app to your advantage and unleash your inner creativity!

Check out the app on the Play Store now!

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Play Games on the Samsung Galaxy A20

Samsung Galaxy A20

Is your current phone giving you some lag troubles? Are you getting annoyed at the fact that your device can’t play even the simplest games?

Well then maybe it’s time to invest in a new phone?

Barbie games for Android? Play it on the Samsung Galaxy A50
Try the Samsung Galaxy A20!

The Samsung Galaxy A20 is an affordable smartphone with decent specs, especially at its price point.

If you don’t want to spend too much, but also want to spend your money on something worth the price, then this is a great option.

Check out the full specs of the Samsung Galaxy A20 on Amazon!


Where are the old Barbie games?

A lot of the older Barbie games were taken off of the Play Store since most of the websites that hosted those games are now defunct.

Are there more Barbie games?

These 4 on the list are the ones run by Mattel and Budge Studios, which are the legitimate Barbie games. There are other Barbie-like games on the internet not sponsored by the Barbie company.

What are the best Barbie games on the Play Store?

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, Barbie World Explorer, Barbie Magical Fashion, Barbie Fashion Closet, and the highest-rated Barbie games on the Play Store.

Be Creative!

These games sure are a nostalgia bomb for some of us; it brings back the memories of how we were before.

But aside from that, these kinds of games bring out the creativity in every one of us.

Sometimes we forget that it’s okay to have fun, we forget the creative side that we have in all of us.

Always remember to be creative!

Remember to be unbound by societal holds!

Be yourself and be creative at it!

Let yourself go into the virtual world and be as quirky and creative as you can be.

After all, the only person that is truly holding you back is yourself!

If you have any concerns or comments, let us know in the comments section below!

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