Best Blood Type Diet Apps for Android

Best Blood Type Diet Apps for Android

Obesity is the leading cause of death in USA and is rapidly becoming a global problem. Blood type diet apps for Android provide a clear and easy way to maintain your fitness, all the while reducing the risk of diseases. has covered fitness extensively. We have written lists about best diet apps as well as best weight loss apps for Android. We are continually expanding the variety of diet apps we write about. Blood type diet apps may not seem so different than the other diet apps but there is one major difference between them. Diet designed around your blood type is generally a lot more effective than others. Many dietitians also design your food intake based on the blood type and body fat. These apps won’t be able to replicate a real doctor but for general usage, they will work just fine.

Note: The best blood type diet apps for Android were tested on a Sony Xperia Z smartphone. The apps worked fine and no problems were faced during testing. You may need an active internet connection to access some of the features of the apps.

1. Food For Your Blood Type Diet

The app inquires about your blood type as soon as it boots up. After you have selected the blood type, it will then show you a series of edibles. The items which appear in red means you should avoid eating them. Blue means neutral and green means you are allowed to eat them.

There is also an information button on the app which gives you details about your blood type. If you are looking for in-depth information, this app doesn’t provide that. It’s a simple and easy way to use diet app which gives you suggestions based on your blood type. I wish there was some detail in the app as seen in best calorie counter apps.

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These were the only good apps I could find on the Google Play Store. These blood type diet apps for Android are not as elaborate as I would have wanted. We have seen some amazing fitness apps for Android as well as highly detailed running apps but these apps are rather disappointing.

As they say, something is better than nothing. What type of diet apps you like to use? Is there a better app out there that I might have missed? Do share your suggestions or questions with us in the comments.

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