Best Bone Conduction Earbuds

3 Bone Conduction Headphones You Must Try in 2023

Although genuine wireless earbuds have recently taken center stage, bone conduction headphones are a different type of wireless earphone that is gaining popularity. These have a long history in the hearing aid market, yet many detractors and ardent supporters exist.

These earphones are designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want music to accompany their explorations. The bone conduction earbuds may have an odd-looking non-occluding design, yet they perform and sound better than sports open earbuds. In this article, let me walk you through everything you need to know about bone-conduction headphones to help you make a smart purchase.

Bone Conduction Headphones Buying Guide

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How Do Bone Conduction Earbuds Work?

  • Bone conduction headphones are condensed versions that sit directly on the listener’s cheekbones. 
  • The eardrum does not transmit information to the cochlea. Instead, the cochlea is the target of bone conduction vibrations. 
  • The eardrum is not involved; this technique benefits those with hearing loss because the bone conduction vibration takes the place of the eardrum.

Why Should I Purchase Conduction Headphones?

  • Customers who support bone conduction headphones argue that the technology is advantageous for people with hearing loss and safety concerns. 
  • First, attention to your surroundings when exercising outside is essential, especially for runners. 
  • These don’t even contact or seal around the ear canal, so you can hear other people walking or automobiles passing by and any other possible dangers.
Why should I purchase bone conduction earphones

Furthermore, bone conduction headphones are a good choice if you have hearing loss and wear hearing aids. Bone conduction headphones may obstruct or jostle hearing aids. Additionally, stereo sound that is not audible with conventional in-ears may be enjoyed by listeners who are deaf in one ear.  Some listeners who might not otherwise have access to hearing gain it thanks to bone conduction headphones.

Bone conduction headphones are helpful for those with hearing loss, even if audiophiles are unlikely to recommend them any time soon. It would oversimplify the technology and its many applications to label it as a total gimmick. However, it would be a severe overstatement to say they are the greatest invention since the TRRS plug. Many excellent wireless earbuds offer better audio quality if your hearing is unimpaired. Bone-conduction headphones are a fantastic choice if you suffer from hearing loss.

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Why Shouldn’t I Purchase Bone Conduction Headphones?

Body conductivity negative commentators always emphasize isolation, but it’s more than just repetition for the sake of repetition; it makes a difference. Clarity is improved by shielding your eardrums from background noise since a good seal reduces auditory masking. Transmission accuracy suffers if your eardrum isn’t being used. You’ll be able to understand your media playback, but the audio quality is noticeably worse.

bone conduction earbuds

Regardless of sound quality, the fit might be unpleasant. Consider one of the most well-liked choices, the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium, which balances its weight on a tiny section of your ears and sits above your cheekbones. Keeping a consistent fit while sauntering can be challenging, let alone engaging in more strenuous sports like jogging. This group of people thinks they’re getting less for more money. Although the idea is new, there are several flaws when used in practice. There are always two sides to a coin, of course.

Which Bone Conduction Headphones Are The Best?

Shokz Openrun Pro

You’ll note that most Bone Conduction headphones are produced by Shokz (previously AfterShokz). In this highly specialized industry, Shokz has a stronghold, and many third-party alternatives fall short of what Shokz has to offer. The rebranded version of the renowned AfterShokz Aeropex is the most fantastic pair of bone conduction headphones for most people. You get rapid charging, bluetooth 5.1, and 8th-generation bone conduction technology with the Shokz Open Run. There are worse things than coping with the company’s exclusive two-pin connection.

Shokz Openrun Pro Bone Conduction Earphones

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The OpenRun now costs $129.95 at Amazon, but you may find it on sale during Christmas. We advise you to buy the Shokz OpenRun Pro, the only bone conduction headphones offered by the firm with support for mobile apps if you want the best set of bone conduction headphones regardless of price. 

 Shokz OpenRun Pro- bone conduction headphones

The OpenRun Pro’s audio output is less likely to fluctuate significantly as your jaw moves, and this headset produces somewhat more bass. However, it is significantly more expensive ($143.95 at Amazon).

Sony LinkBuds

An excellent set of open earbuds that don’t seal your ear canals are the Sony LinkBuds. With this fit, the earbuds still partially occlude your ear canals, which is more comparable to conventional wireless earbuds than Bone Conduction headphones. We appreciate that Sony offers replaceable ear wings for a tighter fit, allowing you to move your head around without rattling the earbuds out of place. Although the IPX4 designation means you should be able to use these donut-shaped earbuds during almost any workout, they are less robust than other bone conduction headphones. The major disadvantage is the price; these earbuds are $128 on Amazon.

Bose Sports Open Earbuds

The Bose Sports Open Earbuds have a free design that leaves your ear canals open, similar to bone-conduction headphones. While bone conduction headphones provide the same level of protection, Bose’s earbuds sit where your ears and skull meet and employ strategically positioned speakers to direct music into your ear canals. These IPX4 earphones are a terrific choice if you have excellent hearing and want to be safe. They provide a similar function for folks without hearing difficulties who need a set of earbuds that are secure for outdoor usage and sound far better than bone conduction headphones. At Amazon, the Sports Open Earbuds cost $149.95.

Frequently Asked Questions

When jogging near automobiles, are bone-conduction headphones more secure?

Theoretically, your ear canal is unobstructed, and outside sounds may enter your inner ear easier than if you were wearing headphones or in-ears. You should still keep the level down, though, as listening to loud music might interfere with your ability to hear some noises. Remember that your brain, not your ears, is where audio masking occurs.

I have hearing aids, but can I wear bone conduction headphones?

Your hearing aid’s design will determine this. You should be able to utilize bone conduction headphones with hearing aids if you have in-the-ear (ITE) or invisible (IIC) devices. Bone conduction headphones, however, may cause some pain if you have behind-the-ear (BTE), receiver-in-canal (RIC), or open-fit hearing aids since they may come into touch with the top of the hearing aid module.

Can you wear earplugs when wearing bone conduction headphones?

Yes. While bone conduction headphones vibrate the bones in the inner ear, earplugs physically block the opening to the ear canal. Though you would miss out on the benefits of bone conducting headphones, this should theoretically work.

Wrapping Up

Bone conduction headphones may be more beneficial for your hearing health than earbuds, over-ear, and on-ear headphones, in addition to the apparent advantages of being aware of your surroundings when exercising. This is because they aren’t directly pumping air to your eardrum, which might result in damage if you listen to music at a substantial volume. Although all of the bone conduction headphones reviewed in this article deliver respectable audio performance, you’ll obtain a different level of sound quality with a set of in-ear or over-ear headphones. There are several true wireless earbuds with transparency modes that let you listen to noises from the outside world without losing audio quality if you want to be aware of your surroundings.

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