10 Best Buy Price Tracker Free Coupons, Cash Backs & Huge Discounts

9 Best Buy Price Trackers

Have you told yourself that you will stop buying some stuff that you don’t even need? Are you guilty of impulsive buying? Because, honey, me too! That add to cart and checkout buttons are just too hard to resist! That’s why we need the best buy price trackers out there!

Here’s the thing…

E-commerce has been so popular for years now. Thanks to all these technologies, we don’t have to go to the mall to buy makeup, clothes, bags, and more.  You can even have your groceries delivered on your doorstep. And in case you don’t know, you can also use apps to compare grocery store prices online! Awesome, right?

With the rise of smartphones, online shopping became a big hit. In fact, many existing companies that we see at the malls created their own websites and mobile apps. Some examples are Maybelline and Nike. There are also shopping apps that you can only find online, such as Amazon, Wish, and eBay.

The bottom line:

People tend to shop online because it’s hassle-free and provides easy access. It is easier to see all the items in one shop. If you were to go to a mall, going to 20 different shops and trying out items could be draining. For sure, my leg would hurt for days if I’ll do that.

It is also time-saving, perfect for those busy people out there. In a few days, the item you bought online will be delivered to you. Some online shops even provide overnight shipping or express shipping so you could get your items immediately.

The only downside is, you will not get the chance to see it personally before you pay for it. You won’t be able to feel if it’s made with quality materials or not. However, return, refund, or exchange works for most people with this kind of issue.


Here’s the good news to my fellow shopaholics out there!

We have listed the 10 best buy price trackers to save us from being broke! These price trackers will cross-examine each website for the lowest-priced deals! Hence, making us save a lot of money! They also offer discount coupon codes for free!

Are you a big spender when it comes to online shopping? Then these best buy price trackers are for you. These apps will help you save money by locating the cheapest price, free coupons, and cash backs.

Now, let’s get started…

1. Honey

Here’s the thing:

Honey is a technology company based in the US. It was founded in 2012 by Ryan Hudson and George Ruan. They created a browser extension that could detect the cheapest price point of the product you are trying to find. It even notifies users if the items in their carts are on sale. Amazing, right?

And it gets better.

This browser extension also automatically applies free coupons on your picks. You can get all these perks for free! So, if you want to download Honey to get products for a much cheaper price, then check out their site.

2. InvisibleHand


InvisibleHand is a browser extension that makes your online shopping less time-consuming, while even lessening your expenses. It’s a lifesaver! Especially if you are an avid fan of shopping online.

So, how does it work?

Install InvisibleHand on your computer browser. Then, enable the browser extension. After that, shop at online stores how you normally would. The browser extension will automatically notify you if it finds the best deals for you.

It’s easy, right?

The InvisibleHand provides a button that links you to all the deals you can get for products you search for. It even provides a list of the same products from other sites, so you can compare their prices. It also shows you free coupons you can get for the product you are trying to buy.

It gets better:

This browser extension does not only do this for products you are trying to buy, but it also does it when you are trying to book flights. This extension is supported in Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Use this app on your next shopping or booking!

Note: This app is only available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

InvisibleHand Supported Stores
Invisible Hand Supported Stores

3. Earny


Earny is a personal assistant for your online shopping needs. It automatically notifies you on what you can do to save money when you buy an item from online stores. It looks for a cheaper price of the item you bought and gives you the difference as a cashback. That’s right, its goal is to make you guilt-free whenever you buy because you are guaranteed that you will never overpay.

That’s not the best part.

It also finds more ways you can get a cashback. You only have to shop online like you regularly do, but you have to use the Earny app.

Here’s how it works:

1. Click on the “Shop” button.
2. Look for stores you want to buy from and select that.
3. Locate the item you want to purchase.
4. Complete your purchase, then you will see the earnings on your profile.

The process is simple and requires little to no effort, yet you get to save and even earn money. Just download the app or visit the website and you are ready to go.

Items You Can Get Discounts From At Earny
Items you can get Discounts from at Earny

4. camelcamelcamel


Are you a fan of Amazon? Then this is for you!

Camelcamelcamel is a website that alerts users whenever a price drop of items happen. You only have to set a threshold you want the item to be at. After that, if that threshold is met, camelcamelcamel will email you to notify you.

Not only that.

Camelcamelcamel shows a history chart of the price of the items. It also shows similar products for you to be able to compare the price points. It’s also easy to use. You just have to search for the things you want to buy, then, voila, it will show you all the things you need.

The best part?

This website is also available as a browser extension. You just have to install the extension and enable it. After that, you can now do what you can do on the website.

Although, there’s a downside in using this.

Unlike other websites and web extensions, this one only supports amazon. So, if you buy from a different site, you won’t be able to get the perks camelcamelcamel provides.

Discounted items you can get with camelcamelcamel
Discounted Items you can get with camelcamelcamel

5. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot partners with stores and boutiques that sell varieties of products to help consumers save money. It provides coupons and codes to let users get discounts on products they want to buy. Nifty, isn’t it?

RetailMeNot Partner Stores
RetailMeNot Partner Stores

But, how does it work?

1. Go to the RetailMeNot website and select coupons you want to use.
2. Go to the website you want to use the coupon on.
3. Complete your shopping the usual way and use the coupon you got while doing so.

You just have to add simple steps on your usual process, then you can get quite a few discounts.

Example of RetailMeNot Coupons
Example of RetailMeNot Coupons

6. TechBargains


Now, online shopping does not only involve clothes and makeups, but you can also buy gadgets. So, TechBargains is the answer to save money on gadgets you want to buy.

Discounted Items at TechBargains
Discounted Items at TechBargains

TechBargains takes into account your budget so you will know if you are going to overspend if you buy certain products. It lessens your shopping time because it does all the research you have to do when doing so. Its goal is to help you not miss any discounts, price drops, coupons, and new releases on items you are eyeing.

7. Rakuten (formerly EBATES)

Rakuten shows users the best deals they can find on items they want to buy. Not only that, but it also shows coupons users can use. It even offers cashback for items its users bought. And it’s quite easy to use.

Follow these simple steps to know how Rakuten works:

1. Go to the Rakuten website or install the Rakuten app on your phone and open it.
2. Do what you usually do when you do online shopping.
3. You will get the cashback for items you bought on your PayPal or via a check.

Simple, right? Go and check out this website or install it on your phone.

Coupons and How to Book at Rakuten
Coupons and How to Book at Rakuten

8. BeFrugal

BeFrugal gives shoppers a chance to get the best cashback and coupons from online stores. It partners with retailers in order for consumers to get discounts if they ever use the website when purchasing. This website also notifies costumers via email on the latest deals. It offers deals from 5,000 stores.

It works this way:

1. Log in to your BeFrugal account.
2. Search for deals for the stores you want.
3. Click on the coupons you desire to claim.
4. BeFrugal will take you to the site applying the coupon you claimed.

It gets better.

BeFrugal helps shoppers save more while buying more. It’s like shoppers are being paid while purchasing things they want. That’s living the dream.

BeFrugal Coupons
BeFrugal Coupons

9. Groupon


Groupon lets you spend less on all the transactions you do online. Whether it’s shopping or booking, Groupon searches deals for you. It gives you a chance to save money by giving you coupons.

But, where can you use all these coupons?

Groupon gives local coupons that you can use for local salons, eateries, and spas in your neighborhood. It gives the best deals for your hotel bookings and when you buy concert tickets. It also gets you discounts for the products you want to buy online.

And the best part is that you can get cashback. You just have to avail of a Groupon+ account offered on the website. To do this you only have to connect your credit card with your Groupon account.


Are price trackers safe to use?

Yes. All the price trackers on this list are safe to use. These websites, apps, and browser extensions will not earn money from illegally accessing your accounts. They get money from the stores they get the coupons from since they partner with them.

Will a price tracker show the price history of the items?

There are some price trackers that show the price history of the items. A price tracker from the list that has this feature is camelcamelcamel. It provides a chart of the price points of the selected item.

Shop ‘Til You Drop!

Shopping online a trend nowadays. There is nothing wrong with this and it is actually a good thing. Since some stores offer deals on their online stores that they do not offer at their physical stores. Now, there are also more ways to save money while shopping and price trackers are the best way to do this.


Finding the best price tracker for you may be hard since there are a lot to choose from. To save you from that trouble we made this list of the best buy price trackers. We found the Honey to be the best price tracker for me. This is because I find it hard to look for coupons at online stores and Honey gives me these coupons quickly with a simple click.

In the end, you are the one that will choose the best price tracker for you.

Did you find the most suitable price tracker for yourself? Then leave a comment down below and let us know your thoughts.

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