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10 Best Calendar Apps For Android To Get It All Done

One of the best ways to keep track of all your engagements is to simply install a great calendar app on your smartphone. We know, many people still prefer physical calendars hanging near their clocks on walls but believe me these best calendar apps for Android are far more convenient. We used to think that these apps won’t do any good – until you stepped into the hectic adult life and from then on, you would have used a calendar app for Android almost daily.

We also recommend that you combine this calendar app with a great to-do list app for Android or a reminder app for Android. This will ensure that you will never forget anything no matter how busy your schedule gets. Using the awesome power of Android and available apps, we’re able to “remember” everyone’s birthdays and wish them right on time. So if you’re the forgetful type, a Hollywood actor or a small business owner, you will definitely love to have a great calendar app on your Android smartphone.

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Best Calendar App for Android

1. Google Calendar – Free

Google Calendar
App Logo

Google never fails to deliver the goods (again) with its ubiquitous Google Calendar. This calendar app lets you synchronize events and schedules from your Google account through Android devices. It can also be synchronized with other calendar apps. So you don’t only view events from your Google account, it also shows the events that are listed in your other calendar apps.

Key Features:

  • Syncronizes with other devices
  • Syncronizes with other calendar apps
  • To-do lists, reminders, events

Event types are color-coded, so events that of the same type shows in just one color. You need to open it in the daily view to check those events listed on that day. For some Google Calendar is simple yet the best calendar app for android.

Google Play

2. Microsoft Outlook – Free

microsoft outloook
App Logo

This is the best calendar app for Android when it comes to email integration. This gets closer to being a personal assistant, rather than just a calendar app. If you want to know more about what virtual personal assistants are and how to get them, we suggest you read our article Best Free Siri-like Apps for Android“.

Key Features:

  • Email integration
  • Contacts integration
  • Synchronization on multiple devices

You can personalize your notifications, events or reminders with icons from the Sunrise Calendar, that was purchased by Microsoft a while ago. Also, the app works with the Microsoft 360 package, Gmail and Yahoo mail, making it easier for you to keep track of your meetings and assignments.

Google Play

3. Business Calendar – Free

business calendar logo
App Logo

Business Calendar can synchronize seamlessly with your Google Calendar. It provides and exceeds all the standard features that a traditional calendar has to offer, and the event can be viewed by day, week, month, agenda, and even by year. Many great features are available in the premium version.

With Business Calendar, you can switch easily between timeline bars and event titles. If you have multiple accounts you can access them easily. The free version is ad-supported while the paid version is ad-free. If you are looking for a clutter-free experience paid version is the choice.

Google Play

4. aCalendar – Android Calendar – Free with In-app purchases

aCalendar logo
App Logo

It is given that this Calendar app provides the usual calendar app does, like the different calendar views, event and reminder creations, and so on. But the special thing about aCalendar is the improved overview of events, which is reminiscent of the old reliable organizer. It is also color-coded with specific details so you won’t be out of track. There are also features that customize its appearance such as themes. The aCalendar can be downloaded for free, but if you want advanced calendar features, you can also download the premium version.

Key Features:

  • Calendar for days, weeks, and months
  • QR barcode for sharing events
  • No battery drain and no ads

The aCalendar has moon phases and zodiac signs for events like birthdays. These value-added features make aCalendar a standout, especially for the younger Android users. The paid version which is symbolically represented as aCalendar+ has some cool additional features compared to the free version. Some of the amazing paid only features of aCalendar+ include agenda view, multi-color themes, local calendar and much more.

Google Play

5. Calendar, Planner & Organizer – Jorte – Free with In-app Purchases

jorte android calendar
App Logo

The Jorte Calendar app for android resembles what an organizer looks

like in reality. It has many good features to allow you to customize your calendar app and put a personal touch in it. A wide variety of backgrounds images that you can apply in your Jorte Calendar but you need to purchase them!

Key Features:

  • Jorte Cloud
  • Sync with Google Calendar
  • Voice control with the use of Google Voice Search and Google Maps

Jorte has a cloud feature so you can have a backup of your events. It can be accessed from your other Android devices, PC and tablets. The cute icons that you can attach in your calendar make it more inviting to the eyes.

Google Play

6. Digical Calendar Agenda – Free with In-app Purchases

digical logo
App Logo

DigiCal boasts of a straightforward yet decent user interface. The color coding can be customized which means you can easily identify which events are birthdays and which are meetings. It offers six unique view options that allow the users to choose what calendar view is convenient to them.

Key Features:

  • Impressive built-in location search
  • Integration with Google Now
  • Gesture supported

This is definitely a calendar for somebody who cares about design. Its interface is not only pretty to look at but also well-made and intuitive. Totally worth taking for a spin.

Google Play

7. Touch Calendar – Free with In-app Purchases

touch calendar logo
App Logo

The Touch Calendar doesn’t require you to flip between different views; hence it shows the whole calendar at a glance. You can tap it, scroll it, and zoom in and out. It syncs well with Google Calendar and other calendars. Alterations from Google Calendar also show up in the Touch Calendar. It just becomes a bit confusing if you have many events in a day. More exciting features are available in the paid version.

Key Features:

  • Calendar search
  • Jump to today
  • Create events
  • Font size and default zoom level can be adjusted in the setting

Touch Calendars can be navigated with your finger’s gesture. You can work with your calendar easily. If you are looking to use Touch Calendar as your home screen widget paid version is the only choice. While the free version has all the features of the paid one, it doesn’t support home screen widget option.

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Google Play

8. Informant – Free with In-App Purchases

informant logo
App Logo

Pocket Informant is the ideal calendar app on android devices for persons with hectic schedules. Calendars, tasks, notes, and contacts are all gathered neatly in one place. The interface is very clean and organized. You will be productive in your fullest. The pocket informant has also demo version for you to have an idea on how it works.

Key Features:

  • Auto backup
  • Adjustable screens areas
  • Multi-selection in all views

On the daily views of Pocket Informant, the events are listed with color-coding as well. If you have many schedules on a day, you can scroll it to see the details.

Google Play

9. ZenDay: Calendar, Tasks, To-do – Free with In-App Purchases

zenday logo
App Logo

Zenday which is formerly known as Zime is a personal time organizer with an interesting graphical interface. It is distinguishable from other android calendar apps because it has a 3D view of your timeline. It is a fun way of navigating your schedule. With Zenday on your Android device, you can manage to do to the right decisions as it shows schedules and deadlines ahead of you.

Key Features:

  • Synchronizes with all your calendars
  • Schedule tasks & meetings then prioritize them
  • Tasks follow the time flow

The overview of the Zenday: Tasks, To-do, Calendar is nice and simple; all the dates are listed well. To check your schedules you just swipe up or down, and you can easily see what your tasks are.

Google Play

10. CalenGoo – Calendar and Tasks – Free

calengoo app
App Logo

Like other calendar apps for Android, Calengoo also syncs with Google Calendar. It also offers a robust, user-friendly UI and the tried and tested color-coding scheme is also in place. The font colors can be customized as well and the task view is widely spaced for better viewing. Indeed, Calengoo is a seriously good option for Android users who want to be organized while on the go.

Key Features:

  • Weather forecast
  • Recurring events
  • Direct sync with Google Calendar

The Calengoo offers a handy weather forecast feature. So you are aware of what weather conditions will you face on a certain day.

Google Play

Calendar App for Android – Plan Your Time Better

These were some of the best calendar apps for Android that will make your day-to-day tasks that much easier. One of our favorite calendar apps called Sunrise Calendar was recently shut down and it was really sad to see such a great app go dark. Thankfully, there were many others that took its place on the best calendar apps for Android list.

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What do you think about these apps? If you have any suggestions or questions about them, feel free to talk to us in the comments, we would love to hear your opinions.

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  1. Google Calendar –
    Your personal information
    read calendar events plus confidential information
    add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners’ knowledge

    No way am I installing this.

  2. I have tried all of these and there is something about each of them that made me uninstall. Google has to be the worst.

    All I need is a 4×4 widget that I can quickly add and delete events that I commonly use without hassle and be able to switch the month without opening up the app. NONE of these can do that. None. Most of them make you open the app to add events. Some of them don’t update the widget once you have made a new event. Some you can’t delete items without have EVENT CANCELED still on your calendar. Moon cycles? Zodiac signs? Give me a break.

    If I miss a day of work between my three jobs I’m going to send these ‘calender makers’ a bill.

  3. Another Android calendar app that should be looked at is Map Day. It is not going to replace any of the apps above, as it is not a traditional calendar app. Instead it lets you see how your day will look on a map. Check it out:… . You can get directions, estimated travel time, and whether you should expect to be late or early.

  4. I have used ACalendar free version for about 2 years now. It does everything that I need with a smartphone calendar app. I sync back and forth between ACalendar, Google Calendar (on the web) and Outlook 2013 (with the excellent Outlook “gSyncit” addon by Fieldston Software.

  5. Well, I just have a calendar in my phone. For serious planning, you need more advanced functionality. Now I’m trying Weeek. So far, everything is fine. There is not only a calendar, but also boards, and I like them more.

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