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The Best Caller ID Apps for Android to Screen Your Calls

I don’t know what is worse, getting a call at 1 am or getting a call from a creep at 1 am. Actually, I think stubbing your little toe on the dresser is high up the list but the creep option does come close. This is exactly why the best caller ID apps for Android are a must have. They may not protect your toes but will keep all the unwanted callers away.

For some reason, my bank thinks I’m super rich and will benefit from having a credit card with no limits. Now thankfully with one of the best caller ID apps for Android on my phone, I have the luxury of simply ignoring their calls (Mr. Sharif, no means no, I don’t want a colorful card either). I’m pretty sure you have the same problems; a clingy ex, an overly attached salesman, a rude cousin or even a boss who thinks it is OK to call on Sundays.

I highly recommend getting one of these caller ID apps for Android and combining it with one of the best call blocking apps. Trust me, you will have a great time!

Note: The 5 best caller ID apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. The apps worked fine and no problems were faced during the testing. The apps are not in any particular order. I highly recommend tryout all of them and selecting the one that worked best for you. I also advise you not to install multiple apps on your device as they might interfere with each other.

1. Truecaller


  • The app is fairly simple and is easy to use.
  • The app will provide you with caller ID even if the contacts are not in your phone.
  • You can easily block spam callers as well as telemarketers.
  • The app also provides you the facility to search for any name or number.


  • The results are not always hundred percent accurate.
  • Searching for a name may result in several options and it can get quite confusing.
  • The app thinks my uncle is some lady called Maria for some reason.

Free Version

2. Hiya


  • Despite being a new app, it works amazingly on android.
  • Can easily block calls from unwanted callers.
  • Caller ID works really well even for those people who are not on your phonebook.
  • Real time and unidentified callers will be identified. The real time thing is impressive.


  • The call blocking system doesn’t work really well. It still allows some calls to go through.
  • Without an Internet connection, the caller identity may not be correct.

Free Version

3. Caller ID & Block


  • Simple interface that works really well.
  • No additional options are available to confuse new users.
  • Displays caller ID right on the call screen.
  • Allow you to search for names or numbers easily.


  • Caller ID may not work for some countries.
  • I know for a fact that this app is doggy in Germany.
  • Call blocking might be a little bit fuzzy.

Free Version

Caller ID for Smartwatch Users – CallApp



If you’re looking for a caller ID and clock app that can easily be used with your smart watch, then this is the one you should take a look at. The app seamlessly brings all the information you would normally see on a smartphone screen to your smart watch. It may not be the best caller ID app on the market but it is certainly one of the best-designed ones around.

A lot of basic features are also accessible on the smartwatch and the overall experience really feels seamless. The app also supports 13 languages so it is a lot more accessible than the competition.

Google Play download button

Caller ID and Contact Book – True Contact

True Contact

True Contact may feel like a name for an alien movie but it is actually a great app that allows you to identify unknown callers as well as keep a regular phonebook handy. Every other caller ID app for android uses the default contact book for regular information. This one employs its own, well-designed contact book that is also backed up on the Internet. If you want a perfectly effortless experience, then True Contact might be the app made just for you.

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Best Caller ID Spoofing App – Caller ID Faker


Caller ID Faker

This is a paid app that allows you to spoof your phone number. Basically, you are calling the app and the app is then calling the other person with a changed number. Its a simple solution to all your spoofing needs. However, you will need to do IAPs in order to continue using the service. I think the price is justified because of the hosting costs.

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What is Caller ID?

Caller ID is caller identification before you answer the call. This means any unknown caller will get identified on your smartphone. It is a simple way to avoid unknown callers.

Do Caller ID apps work?

This is something conditional. Caller ID apps can work in some regions and won’t work at all in others. There are a number of factors that influence the working of a caller ID, local laws, updated phone directory, public records all influence the accuracy and working of a caller ID app.

How do Caller ID apps work?

I found an excellent article explaining how caller ID apps work. Take a look at it.


These were a few great caller ID apps for android. Like I have stated before, some apps may not work well on your particular cellular network or region so I highly recommend that you experiment with all the apps on the list. I also recommend the best contact book apps for android and learn how to block phone numbers on Androidt to gain the most out of your daily calls.

Do leave a comment below if you have any kind of questions or queries about these apps.

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  1. The only reviews I see for your #1 (Caller ID), have the old interfacw, which I liked too. But with the new interface it is completely different! It is owned by “WhitePages and to look up a # it doesn’t identify, you must also install their “WhitePages” app, which doesn’t find most of them (although user comments in it ID about half of them). And worse of all, if it misidentifies YOU to others on your outgoing calls, the ONLY way to correct it (according to them), is to integrate access to your FaceBook account and tell it to show the info it sees there, because that’s all you’re allowed to do when you use the “Edit” function on your Profile! This used to be great, but not anymore! And note to all of these developers; FaceBook is NOT the phone company! Stop REQUIRING access to it!

    1. Hi Dave, thanks for pointing out the changes. I personally hate giving access to my Facebook account to apps. It is just intrusive. Also many people I know dont even use Facebook. I will try out the app again and update the article accordingly. Thanks for keeping a watchful eye mate 🙂

      1. You’re very welcome. 🙂 Also, just FYI (did I mention this?), if it incorrectly identifies you (it did with my wife), the way to get it to identify you properly is also through their separate “WhitePages” app and the faulty information can only be corrected by logging into your FaceBook account from within the app and it’ll use whatever you have there. You don’t get a choice in the matter! And that’s according to them (I asked)!

        1. Woah, these are some serious loops we need to go through. Thanks for the information mate. We don’t have time to go though a app extensively, that is only for the in-depth reviews 🙂 We test the app and what it promises first and foremost in a list 😀

          1. Oh, I believe you. I wasn’t criticizing you folks. Just advising, that’s all. 🙂

    1. Hi Osama,
      Thanks for the compliment and for your suggestion. I am glad that you liked it. Hope to hear from you soon. =-)

  2. Please tell me the very best free backup for my Android LG for all contacts, photos, document, Gmail, Etc.! So frustrated and so confused! God bless you! Please respond ASAP!!

  3. It’s disturbing to me that not only is it your first point but that you made the statement at all about Hiya being a new app. It is a very very old app. It was formerly White Pages caller ID which was formerly CURRENT CALLER ID.

    How does an “Expert” whom happens to be writing an article/review not know anything about an app? What else don’t you know or what do you claim that is based on info and knowledge scrutenized on a level similar to Hiya.

    1. Hi Mark,
      I´m sure that what the author meant was that it is new in the sense that it has been changed and renamed. Not that it´s a completely new app. I think it´s like when a remake of a movie comes out but it´s put into the new releases, even though it´s not completely new. Thanks for commenting, =-)

  4. Thanks for the informative article!
    I tried some of those apps, so far CallApp is the one that l love the most (notice that you have a spelling mistake there: block app not clock app).

  5. Hi,
    Thanks fr the informative article!
    I used some of those apps and must say CallApp is my favorite 🙂
    notice that you have a small spelling mistake there – clock app instead of block app…

    1. Hi Ella,
      You are most welcome for the information and I am glad you liked it. Thanks for the heads-up on the spelling mistake, under what app did you find it?

  6. i think that something missing in this article, as a software quality monitor and from my experience the mentioned apps are not the best in the market.
    if the author of this article can expand his views to check more application like number book, Real caller, etc…

  7. Was very hard for me to hear you. I kept hearing crackling and the music made ut hard to hear you. I had downloaded the first app you suggested before I saw this. I have already uninstalled it. It does not give me the ID. If I don’t know the number I don’t answer. They never leave a voice mail either.

    1. Sorry to hear that. Have you had better luck with one of the other apps listed? You may also have better luck using a call blocker, like one of the ones listed here.

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