The 7 Best Car Locator Apps for Android in 2023

Locate your car with ease. Never lose your car again.

We understand how frustrating it can be to park your car somewhere, only to return hours later, and struggle to recall where you parked, or worse, to not be able to find your car at all. While you may let it go once or twice, if it keeps happening, you may want to consider using one of the best car locator apps to help you find your parked car.

To add another layer of utility, imagine lending your car to a friend or family member. They may not be familiar with the area or your typical parking spots. Moreover, during trips or vacations, you may park your rental car in a vast, unfamiliar parking lot. In such cases, car locator apps can direct you to the car without any hassles.

The challenge, however, is that a simple search for ‘car locator apps’ on the Google Play Store can yield an overwhelming number of results. Amidst this abundance of options, finding the best one can be hard. Don’t worry, we have curated a list of the most effective car locator apps in the market. Now, all you have to do is choose the one that best aligns with your needs.

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The 7 Best Car Locator Apps for Android

  1. The Parked Car Locator
  2. Google Maps
  3. Online GPS Vehicle Tracker
  4. My Car Locator
  5. Waze
  6. Where is My Car
  7. Track Location & Car

The Parked Car Locator

Car Locator apps for android - Parked Car Locator
Image Source: Google Play store

The Parked Car Locator app boasts a comprehensive array of features that are intuitively designed for ease of use and optimal performance. Apart from a few minor limitations, this app is highly functional. 

Upon launching the application, you will be asked to grant access to your device’s location. Once these initial settings are configured, the system is ready to go.

The app’s interface is so captivating that the visuals are crisp and well-designed, eliminating the need for squinting at your screen to find your last parking location. Another intriguing aspect we discovered is the flexibility in selecting different map types. The app lets you personalize your map’s appearance according to your preferences. Whether you favor the familiar layout of Google Maps or the detailed satellite view, the choice is yours to make.

When it comes time to park your vehicle, simply tap the ‘Park Here’ button to record your location and the timestamp. Later on, if you find yourself disoriented, the app provides a straightforward solution to pinpoint where you left your car.

Furthermore, the potential uses of your saved location are abundant. You can attach descriptive notes to it, and even share it with friends who might be in the vicinity. This practical functionality adds an extra layer of convenience to the app’s repertoire.

Download The Parked Car Locator from Google Play Store

Google Maps 

Best Car locator apps for Android - Google Maps
Image Source: Google Play store

Google Maps does a lot more these days than just guide you around. It also keeps track of where you’ve parked your car. If your phone is connected to your car through Bluetooth, the app figures out that you are in a vehicle. It marks your parking spot with a round blue icon with a big “P” inside. 

If that icon doesn’t show up, there’s another way, after parking, open the app’s map and tap on the blue spot where you parked. A choice will pop up to “Save your parking,” and that’s it!

Note: In case you don’t find this feature in your Android yet, wait for the update.

Download Google Maps from Google Play Store

Online GPS Vehicle Tracker

Best Car Locator Apps for Android - Online GPS Vehicle Tracker
Image Source: Google Play Store

Equipped with real-time GPS capabilities, the Online GPS Vehicle Tracker ensures you always know where your car is. Whether parked in a busy city or in a vast parking lot, a quick glance at your device reveals your car’s precise location. This technology isn’t limited to parked cars, either. It’s also a boon while on the move.

This app can be further helpful in cases of unfortunate events like theft, as you can easily recover it with GPS tracking. The same applies when you have loaned your car to someone you know.

Download Online GPS Vehicle Tracker from Google Play Store

My Car Locator

Best Car Locator Apps for Android - My Car Locator
Image Source: Google Play store

My Car Locator is great for people who just want a simplified operation. The app is easy to navigate since it comes with only a few features. Once you open the app, it will ask you to secure your position. It is as simple as that. You don’t have to set up Bluetooth or anything else.

If you decide you want to find your car, just tap one of the buttons and it will direct you to a map. Its map feature is customizable – meaning that you can switch to satellite to get an overview of the location.

Download My Car Locator from Google Play Store


Best car locator apps for Android - Waze
Image Source: Google Play Store

Waze is basically a navigation tool that helps you get to where you’re going through real-time road alerts and an up-to-the-moment map. It alerts you to traffic, construction, crashes, and police. You can also use it as an app to find parking spots.

More than just a navigation app, Waze doubles as a handy car locator app. Once you park, it automatically marks your parking spot on the map. It even shows the time you parked. Plus, you can add notes or photos to remember specific details.  

Download Waze from Google Play Store

Where Is My Car

Best car locator apps for Android - Where is my car
Image Source: Google Play Store

Where Is My Car is another cool app that makes car locating simple. If you have places you like to go to, you can save them to your favorite list. Anytime you want to go to that restaurant you like, you can check the app and find it.

You can park somewhere and mark your car’s exact location. It also has a feature that allows you to take a picture of the parking spot to remember essential details.

Other than that, you can toggle between the road map and satellite, set a parking timer, and check out the latest places you’ve been to. This app also features a night mode theme.

Download Where is My Car from Google Play Store

Track Location & Car

Best car loactor apps for Android - Track location & car
Image Source: Google Play store

Track Location & Car is another app to help you find your car on a busy street or in a parking lot. When you park somewhere, it saves your location on the map and enables auto-tracking.

It comes with latitude and longitude measurements, which could help you determine the accurate location of your car. You can also see measurements in meters from you to the vehicle.

It also allows you to export your data easily, which can be read by programs, such as Google Earth and Google Maps for reference. You can share this information with your friends on Twitter or Facebook so they know where you’ve been.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do car locator apps work without an internet connection?

Most car locator apps rely on GPS, which works without an internet connection for location tracking. However, accessing maps and certain features may require an internet connection.

Can I use car locator apps to track my car in real-time while driving?

Car locator apps are primarily designed for finding parked cars. For real-time tracking while driving, you may want to consider using a dedicated GPS tracking app.


This article has listed 7 of the best car locator apps designed to enhance convenience and eliminate the frustration of losing track of your car, especially in unfamiliar or crowded locations. As you go through these options, consider the features that matter most to you. Pick one, download it, and never lose your car in the crowd again!

Leave your answer in the comment section below and feel free to share this article with a friend. 

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