10 of the Best Cases and Covers for Honor 5X


The midrange Huawei Honor 5X is an incredible smartphone for its price. The big 5.5 inch screen with full HD resolution may look amazing but it is still prone to cracking, so it makes sense that you would want to invest in some good quality cases and covers for Honor 5X. While it’s been a year since the release of the smartphone, it is still going strong with its solid midrange specs and 3 GB of RAM. And judging by the processor technology, the smartphone will stay strong for a couple of years more.

The Huawei-based IT didn’t see that much success in the USA and Canada initially simply because the brand name was new. Thanks to the competitive pricing of the smartphone, it has sold great all over the world. This is exactly why case manufacturers have embraced the smartphone with open arms and released a ton of great cases and covers for Honor 5X.

I have compiled a list of the 10 best cases and covers for Honor 5X for your convenience. Selecting a good case or cover is fairly subjective, so I highly recommend that you go through the list and select the ones you like.

1. JD Wallet Stand Case


Some people like to protect the smartphone from all sides including the front; this is where a wallet case will provide a better protective experience. This wallet case is priced very reasonably and comes in different colors.

As it is a wallet case there are 4 different slots for your cards as well as a separate slot for a little cash. A magnetic latch is there to secure the smartphone firmly in when not in use. There is also a built-in case that allows horizontal media viewing and is very convenient especially during breakfast.

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2. Terrapin Low Profile Case


This is another great looking wallet case for Honor 5X. The case only comes in black color but has a great looking design that has the potential to make a great fashion statement. The case comes with 2 card slots that can help you keep your credit as well as visiting cards.

There is a built-in stand function for easy landscape viewing of media. The device is placed in a hard rubberized inner shell for added protection. The case also has a magnetic flap that automatically closes and protects the front of the smartphone.

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3. Sparin Frosted Cover


There are a lot of transparent, frosted cases and covers available for almost every smartphone. However, no matter how expensive they are, they almost always turn yellowish after a few months. Is there a way to make sure they don’t get tinted a dirty yellow color?

Well, apart from purchasing an already tinted cover, there is nothing more you can do. Thankfully, you can get two cases for the price of one with this neat little package, and if one of them turns yellow a few months down the road, you can simply change it. After all the covers cost less than a cup of coffee. One good thing about these cases is that they are designed for the Honor 5X so there are no cutbacks.

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4. Spigen Rugged Armor


Spigen is one of those companies that make cases and covers for almost every smartphone. So, it’s only natural that I would seek them out when searching for cases and covers for Honor 5X. Lo and behold, their most famous cover series is also available for the smartphone.

The Rugged Armor is a unique looking case that protects all sides of the smartphone without being unnecessarily bulky. It is made from a single layer flexible TPU that combines a carbon fiber textured for a good looking design. The front of the case comes with a raised bezel so, even if you put your smartphone face down, the screen won’t touch any surface.

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5. Poetic Affinity Case


While clear cases for smartphones are well and good but they are far too ordinary. Enter Affinity Case by Poetic; it takes the transparency and does something unique with it. While most of the case is made from a clear polycarbonate material that is molded with soft shockproof TPU, there is a modern styling on the back.

The styling clearly makes an X form factor and looks remarkably beautiful against the transparent portion. The case also comes with a side grip that helps you in gripping your smartphone firmly without the worry of it slipping out.

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6. Tudia Arch Case


If you need something a little less fancy and subtle, this case will suit your taste perfectly. It is a hard case made from sturdy TPU material that will keep your smartphone secure in case of drops. As it is made especially for the Huawei Honor 5X smartphone, there are precise cutouts for the ports, the buttons, the cameras, and sensors.

The rubberized silicone gel skin makes it soft to the touch and a pleasure to hold. The case is available in 4 different colors and none of them are fleshy. There is a standard white, an obligatory black, a gray and blue color version available.

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7. Lizimandi Blue Flower


This right here is the most unique cases I have ever seen for a smartphone. The Lizimandi Blue Flower case is a unique pattern on the back and will surely turn eyes when you take your smartphone out. That’s not the best part, the case is available in 11 different colors and all of them have different patterns on the back.

I selected this one because it looked remarkable and very eye-catching. Will I be using this case if it became available for my smartphone? No, but I know at least a dozen people who would love to have a case like this. Apart from the design, this case is fairly standard; it is made from a sturdy TPU material and is light enough to not be a burden.

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8. Tudia Merge Cover


Tudia is one of the best cover makers for Android and they have a vast collection for almost every smartphone out there. This is their mortgage series and it also follows a unique design with simple touches.

If you like to go big on the design and vibrancy, you can get the case in 4 different colors but the design remains the same. It is a dual layer design that combines good quality polycarbonate outer shell with a soft rubberized gel on the inside to securely hold your smartphone. The snap-on design allows you to install this case in no time at all and even take it off in case of need.

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9. Capy Electroplate Cover


This one of the most affordable cases around for Honor 5X. It is available in a ton of different variants and a lot of different colors and patterns. This is a 3 in one electroplated frame case that provides a unique aesthetic to your smartphone.

It is a comfortable and lightweight case and won’t be adding any kind of bulk to your smartphone. The rubberized matte finish allows a solid grip on the smartphone. The case comes with a free tempered glass screen protector which is a huge bonus if you want to protect the screen as well.

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10. Make Mate Leather Cover


If you want a wallet case with a window on the front that allows you to pick up calls without actually opening the flap, this is the case made for you. The description page describes that this case is made from a high-quality leather that is natural and has a skin touch. I don’t know what the term “skin touch” means and I’m also skeptical about the genuine leather part but the case looks premium enough.

With a handy window on the front, you’ll be able to answer or even disconnect your smartphone with a simple touch. It is a great looking case that is tailored for this smartphone specifically so you’ll get unrestricted access to all the ports as well as buttons.

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This ends the best cases and covers for Huawei Honor 5X smartphone. I hope that you find something you are looking for both in life and in this list. Protecting a midrange smartphone is just as important because it’s an Android and Androids have feelings too.

Until next time, keep your smartphone safe with these cases and covers and hopefully you won’t need one of these lists for at least 2 years.

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