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10 Best Cases and Covers for Samsung Galaxy J3 (Both Style and Class)

The Samsung Galaxy J3 is quite a smartphone for the budget conscious person. Not everyone is going to purchase a flagship device that cost a ton and Samsung is well aware of that fact. Even though the Samsung Galaxy J3 is a midrange smartphone, Samsung made it look really remarkable. So it is natural that you would want some cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy J3 to protect the natural beauty of the device.

As the smartphone is fairly recent, there are not a lot of options available when it comes to cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy J3. However, we were able to track down 10 great covers for the smartphone that will surely help you in protecting that beautiful screen. A point to be noted here is that the cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy J3 are in random order due to their different features and build materials.

I highly recommend you go through the whole list before picking the one that suits you. If you’re interested, I also recommend checking out the best apps for Samsung Galaxy J3 to change up your smartphone from the inside as well. So without further talk, let’s dive into the best cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy J3 and try to find one that suits your needs.

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1. iWIRECombo Series

iWIRECombo Series

The combo series from this case maker is very versatile and provides great value for your money. This is a case that is made especially for the Samsung Galaxy J3 and it shows. All of the ports, including the charging port as well as the headphone jack are easily accessible while using this cover. While the buttons are shrouded in the material, they are still easy to push.

The case is made with durable polycarbonate shell on the outside. The outer shell is hard plastic so that your smartphone will be able to survive falls and drops. Another great feature of this case is that it comes with a built-in rotatable ratcheting belt clip. So caring your Samsung Galaxy J3 will be easier when you’re outside and need to use both of your hands.

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2. EvocelHybrid Armor Protector Case

EvocelHybrid Armor Protector Case

If you’re looking for a sturdy case for your smartphone that not only protects it but also looks good while doing so, then this case is made for you. It is a case made from high-quality polycarbonate on the outside and a TPU shell on the inside. The dual layer protection system allows the case to absorb the shock from drops and falls.

The case is also available in different colors that include a strikingly beautiful blue and an attractive red. Despite having a hard shell outside, the case is surprisingly sleek and stylish. It is also very lightweight and allows you access to all the buttons with ease. Another feature of this case is that it comes with a limited one-year warranty, not many cases offer this kind value.

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3. NageBee – Samsung Galaxy J3

NageBee - Samsung Galaxy J3

Not everyone wants a plain black a fight case for their smartphone, sometimes you need something unique and beautiful to go with your device. NageBee – Samsung Galaxy J3 is a great looking folio wallet case for Samsung Galaxy J3 but that is not why it has made the list. This case is designed specifically for the smartphone and features unique patterns on the outside.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and use something more stylized, then this case is worth consideration. It is a wallet case and allows you to slot your ID as well as credit cards in it. A magnetic latch keeps your smartphone firmly secure inside and provides quick access to the phone as well. I’ll be honest, this case is in the best cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy J3 because of how great it looks.

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4. TauriGalaxy J3 Case

TauriGalaxy J3 Case

This scratch resistant cover for the Samsung Galaxy J3 is made from a clear material. A lot of people don’t want to hide their devices beneath a rugged case and lose the unique identity of the device. This transparent, soft case for the Samsung Galaxy J3 is for those very people. The cover is made with soft TPU gel material and is very flexible.

While it may not provide the protection when compared with other rugged cases for the smartphone, it does allow you to show off your device. If you don’t like the completely translucent color of the case, you can choose from different tinted versions as well. I really like the aqua one because it looks great on a white colored Samsung Galaxy J3.

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5. LK J3 case

LK J3 case

The back of the Samsung Galaxy J3 is made of shiny plastic. While it is cool to hold, the plastic may become a little slippery with extended usage. If you have sweaty palms and don’t want to drop your shiny smartphone down, you need to invest in a rugged cover with exceptional grip. Thankfully the LK J3 case provides you with an extremely textured back.

The rubberized material on the back of the case allows for exceptional grip and unless you deliberately drop your phone, it’s not going to leave your grip. The case is also available in different colors as well so there is no shortage of selection here. The only downside of this case is that it makes the smartphone a little bit fatter but we all know that is the price we pay for exceptional protection.

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6. Nagebee – High Impact Resistant Case

Nagebee - High Impact Resistant Case

So this is another case by Nagebee the has made the list and it is drastically different than the one featured above. The case is made of a hard shell on the outside that is made from impact resistant polycarbonate material. However, the case is reinforced by using a shock absorbing inner sleeve that is made of silicone. Even the corners of the case are sturdier than the rest of the body to avoid shattering the screen from the weak points.

A locking belt clip is available on the back of the case and can be extended to act as a kickstand. The kickstand will help you watch videos and movies on your smartphone with ease. The best thing about this case is that it comes with a seven-day money back guarantee and they won’t even ask you why you are returning it. Frankly, I don’t see anyone returning a case that gives you so much value.

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7. Zizo Bolt Cover

Zizo Bolt Cover

This is a nice looking cover for Samsung Galaxy J3 and it provides great protection to the smartphone. The case has a very unconventional design and is surprisingly pleasing to look at. There are ridges on the back of the case that allow you to grip it more naturally. There is even a kickstand built-in right on the back of the case.

By flicking a kickstand out you’ll be able to consume media with ease. The case also comes with a 0.33 MM tapered glass screen protector so the front of the smartphone is also protected. The makers are proud of the military grade 810G drop test the case has passed. Overall it is a rugged case that will serve you well.

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8. Phonelicious Case Samsung Galaxy J3

Phonelicious Case Samsung Galaxy J3

Well if you want an inexpensive case for your Samsung Galaxy J3, then you cannot get a case priced lower than this one. This $5 case comes in a lot of different colors and surprisingly looks really good, considering the low price. I really like the pink color of this case for some reason, maybe it’s because of the great accents it has.

Overall it is a very stylish looking and slim case for your smartphone. The dual layer TPU armor will also provide you with quality protection for your smartphone, just don’t go throwing it around that much.

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9. COVRWARE Galaxy J3 Case

COVRWARE Galaxy J3 Case

This case is available in five different colors and all of them are very beautiful looking. The case belongs to the slim series of the case made by COVRWARE and is actually quite slim. The back of the case looks futuristic and seems quite sturdy. The case covers all four corners of the smartphone and provides raised edges that won’t allow the screen to touch any surface. The case is constructed by using

The case is constructed by using high-quality TPU inner layer that is soft and won’t scratch your phone and a harder polycarbonate layer that is on the outside. The case is designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy J3 so you can be sure that access to ports and buttons will be not hindered.

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10. ATUS Galaxy J3 case

ATUS Galaxy J3 case

This case right here is available in one color and has a great looking matte finish on the back. However, the ratings of the case are not amazing. But if you are willing to gamble four dollars and in the need of the sleek looking black case, this is a good option. The case is made with two layers of armor and provides an exceptional level of protection.

I really like the simple design of the case that keeps the smartphone slim and yet provides good protection. The shock absorbing inner layer is made from silicone while the outside is constructed of a lightweight polycarbonate casing. Overall the case looks very good and seems to provide acceptable levels of protection.

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These were a few great cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy J3. I really hope that one of these cases will find a job protecting your smartphone from drops and scratches. What do you think of the case is in this list?

Do tell us about your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. If you have located another case that deserves to be on this list, we will love to hear all about it as well.

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  1. How about universal monsters like frankenstein, mummy, Dracula and the werewolf for the J3 phone covers

  2. There are at least two different cases for the J3 – one for J3 (2016), the other the J3 (2017). The notable differences are the positions of the case port openings for the headphone jack and the Camera.

    Look closely at the 5. LK J3 case above. There are two back plates. I have not ordered it, or know any better, but I suspect the two backplates cover both J3s.

    Anybody know different/

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