Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases

10 Best Cases and Covers for Samsung Galaxy S7

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases

Samsung has really stepped up their game when they announced the Samsung Galaxy S7 that not only provides a premium chassis but also listens to the long-running fans of the company. These 10 best cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy S7 will help you keep that glass back and super AMOLED screen safe and sound.  This time around you will need a good case to protect the smartphone because it uses a glass back which is quite frankly, prone to breaking easily.

Gone are the days of plastic Samsung smartphones that could withstand a surprisingly strong beating. This is the age of premium smartphones and Samsung has made a point of releasing exquisite looking devices. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a gorgeous looking smartphone, and you would want to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Given that Android enthusiasts have to upgrade every year, it makes sense to protect your smartphone as an investment. So when you want to sell it off, you get top dollar for it. This group of the 10 best cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy S7 are designed to not only protect your smartphone but look eye catching and beautiful.

Due to the difference of nature, these covers for Samsung Galaxy S7 are in random order, so I highly recommend that you go through the whole list before selecting the one that suits you best.

1. OBLIQ Slim MetaGalaxy S7 Case

OBLIQSlim MetaGalaxy S7 Case

OBLIQ is come out swinging for the Samsung Galaxy S7, and I was pleasantly surprised to see their offerings ranking so high on the Amazon store. After a little bit of research, I found out that not only they are making great cases, they are making them at an affordable price as well. So you’ll see multiple cases from the company on this list, thanks to their awesome build quality and design.

This particular case is a slim fit one that is designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S7 smart phone. It provides all around drop and shock protection with its TPU corners that can absorb a large amount of shock faced during drops.

Because the case is designed for the smartphone only, all the buttons and ports are easily accessible. The brushed metal finish on the back gives this case and aura of elegance and makes the case very grippy to hold.

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2. Spigen Exact-FitGalaxy S7 Case

SpigenExact-FitGalaxy S7 Case

There is a reason why people like to have slim smartphones. Not only the slim smartphones are easy to hold but also actually comfortable to carry in your pocket all day. So naturally, a lot of people might be turned off by the idea of slapping a bulky cover on their Samsung Galaxy S7. Thankfully, Spigen has come up with an extremely thin case that allows the smartphone to remain extraordinarily slim.

While the case may not be able to protect the smartphone from large drops, it will certainly help you avoid day-to-day wear-and-tear. As the Samsung Galaxy S7 features a glass back, it is highly prone to scratches if it comes into contact with any hard material. So it makes sense to use a slim fit Case for the smartphone.

This inexpensive case provides just that and with the added benefit of easily available access to the ports and buttons. The case is available in three different colors, so you have some room for choice as well.

So it makes sense to use a slim fit Case for the smartphone. This inexpensive case provides just that and with the added benefit of easily available access to the ports and buttons. The case is available in three different colors, so you have some room for choice as well.

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This is another case by OBLIQ and it is from there naked shield line of cases. As the name implies, this is a highly transparent case that allows you to show off your smartphone, all the while keeping it protected. The case features a crystallized shock absorbing PC cover that is not only slim but also provides good protection.

The TPU bumper helps in avoiding damage from drops. But that is not why this case is on the 10 best cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy S7 list. It is here because it features a magnetic kickstand that can easily prop up your Samsung Galaxy S7 for video consumption. Thanks to its magnetic nature the metallic kickstand stays into place when not in use and it doesn’t feel flimsy like plastic kickstands.

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4. Caseology Envoy Series Case

CaseologyEnvoy Series Case

If you’re looking for something a little bit more premium feeling than plastic cases, then this is the case made just for you. This particular case combines real leather with TPU material to provide a premium feel and exceptional protection. The Armorhide leather, as the company likes to call it, completely fuses real leather into a shock absorbing TPU material.

The dual layer TPU is thermally bonded with leather and will stay infused regardless how rough you use the case. As the back is totally made from natural leather, you’ll have a premium feel and exceptional grip on your Samsung Galaxy S7. The best part is, the case is available in several different colors as well.

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5. OBLIQ Flex Pro Carbon

OBLIQ Flex Pro Carbon

This is the case specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and provides easy access to all the ports and the buttons situated on the smartphone. The case is textured in carbon fiber and gives off a very stylized look. It is made from BU leather and shock absorbing TPU material that not only feels amazing to the touch but also provides great shock absorbing capabilities.

The case is very slim and keeps the smartphone feeling light and thin in your pocket. I particularly love the carbon fiber design on the back of the black version of the case as it looks sturdy and beautiful, a combination that is rarely seen on cases these days.

The company claimed that the case was designed in the states but manufactured in Korea so you can expect good design as well as highest craftsmanship.

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6. Trianium Clear Cushion

TrianiumClear Cushion

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a very pretty looking smartphone, so naturally a lot of people don’t want to hide the amazing looking beauty. But keeping that glass back exposed at all times is also not a very wise decision. Thankfully, with this case, you will be able to not only show off your smartphone but also keep it well protected.

This case features two layers of protection, a frame that is made to absorb shocks and a solid body that protects against scratches and scrapes. The case is entirely transparent so that the original color of the smartphone shines through it at all times.

One big problem with transparent cases is they are highly prone to scratches themselves, but this one comes with an anti-scratch coating. The best part of this case is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, so you get a lot of bang for your buck.

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7. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

This is another strong offering from Spigen and it looks very beautiful. This hybrid case comes with a polycarbonate bumper frame that can absorb plenty of shocks. This case comes with something called air cushion technology that company claims increases the protection for the device.

There are large cutouts for easy access to the ports, buttons as well as the camera. The heart rate sensor situated right below the flash is also easily available. This case is also military drop test certified so you can be sure that your smartphone will be well protected with this case.

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8. GEEDE Slim Fit Shockproof Case

GEEDE Slim Fit Shockproof Case

The back on your Samsung Galaxy S7 is being quite slippery? Have you had a few close calls with the smartphone slipping from your hands? Then you should most definitely check out this case. The case comes with the usual bells and whistles but the most important aspect of it is the ergonomic grip.

The sides of the case are designed to be highly graspable; the small ridges running along the sides of the case are great for exceptional grip. This is a dual-layered case that combines a soft TPU interior that is able to absorb shocks and a hard polycarbonate exterior for sturdiness.

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9. i-Blason Armorbox

i-Blason Armorbox

Sometimes you just need a tank to protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 and this is the tank you should call. It is a relatively inexpensive case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and provides exceptional protection for your smartphone. The rugged case comes with dual layer protection system. The outer shell is made from high-quality polycarbonate shell while the interior is made from flexible TPU.

The case also comes with a protective front casing with a built-in screen protector that allows you to use the screen freely. The hardback case is also able to transform into a mount belt clip suitable holster for easy carriage. Despite having a dual layer protection material, the case allows full access to the buttons and ports.

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10. Spigen Rugged Armor Resilient

Spigen Rugged Armor Resilient

This is my personal favorite case in the best cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy S7 list. Simply because it is a simple case that features glossy accent and a carbon fiber texture on the back. The stark black case is not designed to be flamboyant and looks stealthy and sleek.

The case is made of a flexible TPU that has a spider web pattern on the inside. The case is also raised 1.2 MM from the front to protect the screen. The air cushion technology featured in the case provides great protection to your smartphone.

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These were a few great cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy S7. I hope that you find one that fits your needs perfectly. If not, Amazon gives excellent suggestions just underneath the case introductions, so I highly recommend that you take a look at them as well. Want to make the best use of the hardware provided in the Samsung Galaxy S7? Check out the

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If you have any questions about the cases featured on this list or the phone, feel free to comment below.

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