Best Cases and Covers for OnePlus X

6 Best Cases and Covers for OnePlus X to Keep It Safe and Sound

Best Cases and Covers for OnePlus XIt has been a while since OnePlus X was released but it is still one of the best Android smartphones out there. If you happen to get your hands on a brand new OnePlus X, it is highly recommended that you also try to get one of the best cases and covers for OnePlus X. We all hate cracked screens and chipped off edges and wouldn’t want that to happen to our smartphones, now do we?

The OnePlus X, while a great smartphone, didn’t gather as much attention as its siblings when it came to case manufacturers. I was surprised to see so little variety in the cases and covers for OnePlus X because I thought the smartphone did really well in sales. Nonetheless, I have scrounged the online shop and found some of the best and neat looking cases and covers for OnePlus X. Step inside the list and check them all out, all because they are very different from each other. Let’s begin!

1. Poetic Affinity Case


This case is one of the best ones available for the OnePlus X simply because of its design. It is a slim case that covers all the corners of the smartphone in style. What I really like is the design and material of the case. It is made from clear polycarbonate that is combined with not so clear TPU.

This makes a clearly distinguishable “X” on the back of the smartphone; which to me is quite amazing. The clear case allows you to show off the sleek design of the OnePlus X while keeping it protected from drops and bumps. The case also comes with raised bezels so even if the phone is laid face down, the screen won’t be touching any surface.

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2. CoverON Paladin Case


If you want your case to feel metallic and premium in your hands, this case is made for you. It is a slim and sturdy hybrid case for the OnePlus X and is made of fairly standard materials. Inside you would find a shockproof TPU layer while the outside is protected by a hard polycarbonate one.

The design of the case is unique with abstract lines going on its back to the small block pattern on the side. This case is not only easier on the eyes but a lot easier to hold as well. The CoverOn Paladin Case is available in 5 different colors but I recommend the silver one because it looks amazing.

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3. Tauri Premium Slim Case


Want to go the minimalistic route? This case can provide you with exactly that. Not many people are fans of big and bulky cases and it is quite understandable, they do get uncomfortable on the pockets. This case is specially designed for the OnePlus X smartphone and has all the right cutouts for the ports and buttons.

The case is also very lightweight, so you won’t feel the bulk in your pocket. It is made of a special gel material that makes it more flexible as well as durable, so minor drops and bruises won’t hurt your smartphone. The case is available in 5 different shades, I say shades because it is a slightly transparent case so you’ll always see your smartphone through it.

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4. Tudia Arch Case


Tudia has made some great cases for OnePlus smartphones and I recently became aware of this company because I was making a list of the best cases and covers for OnePlus 2. This particular case caught my eye because of its fairly unique design as well as slim fitting. This is one of the best-rated covers for OnePlus X because of its stylish nature as well as low-key form factor.

The case is made from high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane and rubberized gel silicone. The case is said to be extremely durable and provides a comfortable grip for the smartphone. I especially like the identifying arc on the back of the cover which gives it a unique look.

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5. Tudia Mate CF Case


Speaking of Tudia, here is another one of their cases for OnePlus X and just like the previous one it also has a unique design. The case is made from high quality thermoplastic polyurethane as well as a softer silicone gel skin on the inside. As the case is made especially for the smartphone, you’ll have complete access to all the ports and buttons of your phone.

You won’t even need to take off the case for charging with any kind of cable. The back of the case features a matte finish design as well as a faux carbon fiber pattern on the right side. The pattern will allow you to hold the smartphone securely in your hands but I feel the right-handed people would benefit the most.

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6. Diztronic Full Matte


Some people like to keep their cases and covers simple and for those this one is a perfect option. This custom fit Case is very light weight and It weighs less than 1 ounce and comes at only 1.6 MM thickness, which means you can easily carry it in your pocket without the fear of adding to the bulk.

The back of the case is made with full matte finish that will surely reduce fingerprints on the phone. The front bezels of the phones are slightly raised, so even if the phone is placed face down, the screen won’t touch the surface. Combine this with its reasonable price and it is a great package.

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These were some of the best cases and covers for OnePlus X. I hope you have found something to your liking in this list, if not, I highly recommend that you check out the suggestions Amazon gives under the product. Sometimes they show some pretty awesome cases down there, but I doubt that you’ll find something other than the ones I have listed here.

Just like always drop a comment below if you have a suggestion or just want to talk to us.

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