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10 Best Cases for Nexus 5X

Google recently just revealed the new Nexus line for the year 2015, and I should say, they were very well received. The Nexus 5X and its older brother, the Nexus 6P certainly lived up to the hype. The Nexus 5X is the more budget-friendly option of the two.

The Nexus 5X, unlike the 6P, is made from a polycarbonate exterior casing. So, to add a certain degree of protection and some looks as well, a lot of cases have popped up all around the globe.

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In my experience, a case is better than carrying your phone around naked. Some cases add a sense of fashion to your brand-new smartphone while others add some functionality, not just style. Take some of the more popular wallet cases as an example.

So, which one is the right fit for you? Follow us on the rest of this list to get a good look at the 10 best Nexus 5X cases.



This case has minimal bulk, and its main purpose is to show off the Nexus’ already beautiful design without tinkering with it. It consists of a malleable, and quite bendable TPU bumper around the edges to protect it from corner drops and such. The case also tapers a little along the front, so it protects your screen from direct contact.

The back consists of a hard panel made from the anti-static and anti-scratch material. There is a large cutout on the back so you can easily get to the camera, flash, and fingerprint scanner when you want to use any of them.

A very pleasant addition is the integration of dust covers. The dust covers close the headphone and charging ports so that dust doesn’t accumulate inside the openings over time.

The buttons are coupled with a technology called active touch buttons. This technology gives you a more natural reaction when pressing on the volume or power buttons.

This ultra-slim case is presently available in Fusion crystal, and fusion smoke black for the price of $30. It also ships in an eco-friendly packaging that is completely bio-degradable for you green thumbs out there.

Users claim that it does not give a maximum degree of protection, and I agree. This case is for minor day-to-day drops, nicks, and scratches.

NOTABLE FEATURE: Another feature is that the case is bundled with a DIY (Do It Yourself) template so you can personalize the case to the comfort of your needs.





Like most other cases, it consists of a TPU shell that has a unique imprint of an Android circuit that is sure to give you an edge from the rest. The hard TPU shell is integrated with shock-absorbent and scratch-resistant that is sure to protect your smartphone from day-to-day bumps and spills.

The TPU is very high quality, the case is sleek and lightweight, and it goes all around the Nexus 5X, preventing the screen from making contact with the ground on impact, and providing all-round protection on a daily basis.

It is available in the following color combinations:

  • Black, blue
  • Clear, green
  • Orange, red
  • Smoke, Teal

It retails for $9.90

Users complained that the covered buttons are weak and flexible.

NOTABLE FEATURE: For diehard Android fans, the Cruzerlite Bugdroid is one of the many cases Cruzerlite provides, and I thought that this case deserved a spot on this list.





Slim cases seem to be the name of the game in this time and age, and the Diztronic full matte slim case for the Nexus 5X seems to be a prime example for this hypothesis.

It’s made from soft, flexible TPU; that has a matte texture and a soft-touch finish. The molded buttons for the volume rockers and the power button are quite tactile. It produces the quite satisfactory click noise when pressed.

The case is very thin and lightweight, as slim cases are quite the vogue today. It is so slim and thin in fact that it weighs less than 1 ounce and is only 1.6mm thick. The soft touch, the full-matte texture is also useful as it attracts fewer fingerprints.

It also has a ‘lay-on-the-table’ design that prevents the screen from shattering on shock from frontal impacts.

I like the various color for this case because it gives you a lot of freedom to be different from the rest of the crowd. The colors are Full matte black, full matte charcoal gray and full matte dark navy blue. It also has a special variant known simply as the Ultra-TPU version.

NOTABLE FEATURE: Another thing to notice is that the case has a rubbery sort of texture to it as well, so as an advantage, it gives you additional grip as well.





Two cases from the same manufacturer in one post? Now that’s a record. This shows you how good Ringke is with maintaining the design without compromising the size of your smartphone.

The deal with this case is that it is ultra-thin, but, it is made from the highest quality material to ensure protection. The case is extremely lightweight, and it is made from hard polycarbonate. It has a tapered lip that guarantees a distinct gap between the screen of your smartphone, and whatever surface it’s on.

The case is also tapered along the camera as to protect the lens.

It provides you with a natural grip, and it has quite precise cutouts. It is available in the colors black, mint, crystal, and royal gold. The case retails at $25

Some users claimed that the case was a fingerprint magnet, although the claims remains unfounded. I suggest that you take this particular review with a grain of salt.

NOTABLE FEATURE: Speaking of screen protection, it also provides you with a screen protector that is included with the package. Now, that is just the cherry on top.



5. SPIGEN THIN FIT – $14.99


The Spigen Thin Fit for the Nexus 5X is the case that doesn’t compromise your smartphone’s slimness. It’s lightweight and made from scratch-resistant polycarbonate. The cutouts are present like every other case, but the camera cutout tapers around the edges of the lens, so as to protect the camera from any harm.

The polycarbonate has a soft-feel, matte-like coating that adds to the grip.

It retails for $14.99 in mint, black, and shimmery white

Users were let down because this case does not come with a leathered or brightly colored options. Unlike other cases on this list, this one does not cover the screen, so it does not offer major protection.

NOTABLE FEATURE: The case does nothing whatsoever to compromise the smartphone’s slimness.





Made from premium TPU, which is both shatterproof and shock-absorbent, the Cimo Premium Slim Fit, as the name probably suggests, is quite slim. It doesn’t mess around with the initial design of the Nexus 5X, and that makes all the difference.

Although not quite protective, the anti-slip property of the TPU gives you a more firm grip on the smartphone. The bevels taper around to the front of the screen as to protect it from whatever surface it’s on.

It has quite precise cutouts for the microphone, headphone jack, fingerprint scanner, camera, and charging port.

It is available in a plethora of different colors and models: Matte black, matte blue, matte purple, matte smoke, wave black, wave clear, wave purple, X black, and finally, X clear. All of these models retail for around $29.99

There are virtually no cons for this case, but, it does not add a major portion of protection. The only functionality it serves is some grip, and maybe, some looks as well.

NOTABLE FEATURE: It adds sufficient grip while retaining slimness.





The name of this case by itself is probably a dead giveaway to what it protects against. As you may have gathered, the Moko Anti-drop case for the Nexus 5X is all about adding a decent amount of grip to your smartphone.

It consists of a hard polycarbonate shell and a silicone bumper. The interior and exterior of the case are both scratch-resistant, and the anti-slip property of the materials make up for the lack of serious protection.

But, there is a catch, though. Since the sides of the case are built from hard polycarbonate, it tends to slip out if your fingers are wet. Quite ironic, I’d say.

There are precise cutouts for all the ports, buttons, and speakers, and the polycarbonate backplate protects it against scratches and hard hits.

It is available in only the black colorway (bummer) and retails for $39.99

NOTABLE FEATURE: It adds a substantial amount of grip to your smartphone.





Consisting of a TPU shell on the exterior and polycarbonate casing on the interior, the Verus High Pro for the Nexus 5X is one of a kind.

Like many cases, the front of the Verus High Pro has a protective lip for the screen, so that the screen itself does not come into contact with whatever surface it is on.

The cutouts are tight and minimal, and they are also present for all the ports as well. The button covers are pronounced as to give you a more natural experience while pressing them.

There lies a special pattern on the inside to dissipate shock from realistic impacts, and the dual TPU-PC layer also helps in this regard

The case is available in a myriad of colors: Crimson red, electric blue, satin silver, shine gold, and steel silver. It retails for $32.99

Some users claimed that once you repeatedly snapped the case on and off, the fit loosens. Another disadvantage is that it does not provide much grip.

NOTABLE FEATURE: It has a brushed metal finish that just screams premium, and also has a polycarbonate bumper built-in, to protect it from drops.



9. BEYOND CELL – $9.82


Made from a durable plastic polycarbonate, the Beyond Cell case is for people who want to have a unique look for their smartphone. The particular one we’re listing here today is the ‘wood dark design’ variant. Of course, there are many other variants of this case, which we’ll mention at the end of this listing.

Along with the durable plastic polycarbonate, it also integrates a rubberized coating that acts as a barrier between your smartphone and dust, and also protects it from daily scratches. It also has grippier sides, which gives you a less slippery, firmer grip.

It consists of two pieces that snap to the front and back of the device. It gives you perfect accessibility to all the different ports on the device, and it gives you unrestricted access to the camera, Nexus imprint, and flash.

There are some variants that include:

  • Pink flower skull design
  • Wood dark design
  • Autumn camouflage design
  • Collage surfboard design
  • Wood bamboo design
  • Hunter tree camouflage design

To name a few. All of these variants are available for $9.89

NOTABLE FEATURE: The amount of variants of this particular case is appealing.



10. ARAE WALLET CASE – $19.99


For all you fans of front-flap, clear folio, wallet cases out there, the Arae wallet case is perfectly designed for the Nexus 5X. The inner skin is made from soft TPU, which protects the screen from minor-major scratches.

It provides easy access To All Buttons, including the camera, flash, Nexus imprint, speakers and charging port. It allows charging without removing the case. It includes precise cutouts for all the different buttons, and the clear folio on the front allows you to see notifications without actually turning on the smartphone.

It is available in the following colors: Black, brown, purple, and hot pink, for the retail price of $19.99

Some users claim that they have to remove the case while talking.

NOTABLE FEATURE: It is quite possibly the slimmest wallet case for the Nexus 5X out there.




Well, that’s that! The 10 best cases for the Nexus 5X. This is not a be-all end-all list of cases. There were many more candidates, but these won entry to our list. A case is something that provides protection, along with a completely different look for your smartphone. So look around for something that’s a happy medium and gives you the best of both.

If you’re one of the lucky Nexus 5X users, and you use a case other than any of the ones mentioned above, please feel free to share with us the case that you’re using and why.


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