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10 Best Cases for Nexus 6 to Protect Nexus Beauty

The Google Nexus 6 is here and it is an amazingly looking device. You are reading this article because you need the best cases for Nexus 6. Maybe you are planning to purchase the smartphone and are looking for viable option or maybe you want to protect that good boy from harm. Whatever the reason is, this article is going to deliver the best of the best cases available for Nexus 6 and at reasonable price.

The cases are in a very specific order but we are not saying you should purchase the number one item on the list and be done with it. Look around, see what fancies you like or need and then make the decision. This is not a competition; it’s just a nice list about some of the best cases for Nexus 6. The names of the cases are usually incredibly long so I will shorten them out. So if you like a case, follow the link to find the full name.

Note: All the links in the best cases for Nexus 6 list are from We have carefully selected the top rated cases provided by top rated sellers.

1. Unicorn Beetle Pro – $19.99

Unicorn Beetle Pro - Best Cases for Nexus 6

Dust Resistance

If you work outdoors a lot you might feel uncomfortable using a large smartphone like the nexus 6. You don’t want the big device to be jabbing your thigh while you are roofing right? This sturdy case from Supcase is a belt clip holster case made for the Motorola Nexus 6 smartphone.

This is a full body case which is made from polycarbonate hard shell. The flexible TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) helps in minimizing damage from falls. This particular case also comes with a protective cover which saves the front of the device as well.


  • This case is made for Nexus 6, so the cutouts are precise.
  • The front cover comes with a screen protector.
  • There are multiple colors available for the case. I like the green one.

Notable Feature:

The belt clip can be rotated easily. This means you can either clip the phone vertically or horizontally depending on your needs. This is actually a pretty great feature for mountain climbers as well.

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2. Spigen Air Cushioned – $10.99

Spigen Air Cushioned

Invisible Style

This one is a stylish case for Nexus 6 which doesn’t compromise on quality. I really like to show off the device I’m using and this case enhances the look of Nexus 6. The back for instance is completely clear giving you a great view of the actual back of the phone.

The case also comes with a clever indentation over the Motorola logo. But that’s not why I have listed this case. It’s because of the great bezel and side buttons. The bezel lifts the phone only 1.1mm so that the screen is not actually touching anything when the phone is placed face down. The power button and the volume rockers also exhibit a tactile feel but are not very distinguishable in the dark.


  • The case has a clear and hard back panel.
  • Made of TPU and Polycarbonate.
  • Has Air Cushion technology which makes falls bearable.

Notable Feature:

The lips which are featured on both the back and front help reduce the chances of scratches to the case as well as the phone itself. It’s a very subtle yet cleaver design.

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3. Unicorn Beetle – $13.99

Unicorn Beetle

The Mutant Acadamy

This one is from the same company as the number one case. Supcase do make some great looking cases I have to say. Anyways this is a little more practical for daily office use and not…well a full on tank. The case looks really nice with its clear back and sturdy frame. If you are not working in construction or as a professional skateboarder, this case will do you just fine. The case is made of high quality a polycarbonate material which makes it one sturdy piece of plastic.


  • Clear back, feels something out of the X-Men comics.
  • A lot of colors are available.
  • The snap on cover is very easy to install.

Notable Feature:

There are some cases which try to be all in one and fit multiple devices. This however is not such a case. It is designed for only Motorola Nexus 6 and hence provides exactly cutouts and only fit this one phone perfectly.

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4. Armorbox – $16.99


Tanking Around

Armorbox is a very suitable name for this beast of a case. I’ll be honest with you; I don’t like shiny cases as they are prone to getting finger smudges and look really ugly when used in day to day life. But if there is a choice between a broken phone and a slightly dirty phone, people go for safety. A bit of dirt is easier to ignore than a broken smartphone. This great Nexus 6 case comes with a hard polycarbonate shell with a TPU inner core. This means it has dual protection at its disposal. If you are a clumsy fellow, this case is a good choice.

But if you read the description closely on the Amazon page, they wrote “all iPhone features” right at the end. This is some grade C copy paste job. Even I don’t write things like this (well sometimes I do) but I’m not selling an Android product.


  • Easy access to all the ports.
  • Sensors, camera and speakers are not hindered.
  • Front screen protector too.

Notable Feature:

The case comes with dotted pattern layout which is designed for maximum shock absorption.

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5. Diztronic Full Matte – $9.99

Diztronic Full Matte

Sleek and Clean

Here is a case which is simple as well as sturdy. The transparent back cases looks good and all but let’s be straight here, they can never provide reliable impact protection. This case however is as simple as they come. If you don’t like showing off that Motorola logo each time you listen to a call, this is the case for you.

The custom fitted case for Motorola Nexus 6 is stylish and doesn’t really bog down your pockets. The case also comes with raised bevels which makes it easier to put face down without the screen touching anything.


  • There are no logos on the back.
  • The buttons are responsive.
  • Comes in variety of colors and a slightly curved design.

Notable Feature:

This Motorola Nexus 6 Case is very thin. It only measure up to 2.0 mm thickness which is great for those who hate bulging pockets.

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6. i-Blason Dual Layer – $12.99

i-Blason Dual Layer

Take A Stand

Looking for a sturdy Nexus 6 cover? Check out the one made by i-Balson. It is a well-crafted case which is designed specifically for this smartphone only. The outer shell is made of hard Polycarbonate material which is not only sturdy but also offers superior protection. But wait and look inside and you will notice a silicon sleeve which further protects your precious Nexus 6 from falls and shocks. This is truly a great case for those who regularly drop their smartphones.


  • The dual layer is actually dual layer.
  • Everything works as intended and without any hindrance.
  • Despite it being a thick shell, the buttons work well.

Notable Feature:

The case comes with two backs, one is the standard kickstand and the other comes with a belt clip.

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7. CellBee Transparent Bumper – $9.99

CellBee Transparent Bumper

See Through

This is the obligatory transparent and clean case for Nexus 6. The side trims are a little colorful but not that so you may get distracted. If you like to show off your device, this is the perfect case for you. But if you want enhanced protection, well this case looks cool. The back is hard and clear with flexible edges. This allows you to simply slide the smartphone in.


  • Completely clear back.
  • Made with Polycarbonate and TPU.
  • Buttons work really well.

Notable Feature:

The case comes with 1 year hassle free manufacture warranty. This is perhaps the only case I have seen which comes with a warranty.

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8. Wallet S – $14.99

Wallet S

A Lot of Slots

Want to look professional and stylish? Check this great Nexus 6 Wallet case out. This is a faux leather wallet case for your Nexus 6 smartphone While the quality is not as high as I might have liked, it is still a below 20 dollar case so I will let that slide. The camera cutout is a good one, especially if you consider that  it is not specifically made for the Nexus 6 smartphone.


  • You can put credit cards or ID cards in it.
  • The black look really impresses.
  • Feels good in hands.

Notable Feature:

The case comes with a stand feature. It is not exactly a stand per say, it more of a rest but it does offer better view angles when eating dinner.

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9. VENA Legacy – $14.99

VENA Legacy

Beautiful Simplicity

This is one of the best cases for Nexus 6 and it comes with a back stand as well. Looks wise I always like a simple look with no logos or names on the back. This case delivers on those aspects with grace. I really like the navy blue version of the case for some reason. The case is fully compatible with the Nexus 6 smartphone this means the cutouts are precise and there are no hindrances. The case is very slim and gives you almost a non-existent feel about itself.


  • Soft silicone with hard plastic materials.
  • Very sleek and stylish design.
  • The stand is a great feature

Notable Feature:

The red and black version of the case is really eye catching. This is a lovely choice for the ladies.

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10. Hybo Ragged – $6.99

Hybo Ragged

The Safety Net

Hybo Ragged is certainly one of the cheapest Nexus 6 covers around but it does come with some great features. This is a hybrid case made especially for the Nexus 6 smartphone. The case provides great protection from accidental falls, dings and even scratches. The double layer protection is made from hard and impact resistant polycarbonate while the sifter side is made from Thermoplastic Urethane.


  • Comes in three colors.
  • Dual layer protection is the best there is.
  • Comes with a back stand.

Notable Feature:

The webbing design not only looks awesome but also provides a strong grip. There is no way that this case will slip out of your hands.

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These were the 10 best cases for Nexus 6 I found. Well technically it’s the complex system the site implements found these cases but I did some work here too. We do not take any bribes from the case makers here and only include the best of the best. But there is always a chance of improvement in the world of Android. With thousands of cases available on the online stores it sometimes is hard to keep track of each great one. If you think we have missed an essential Nexus 6 case which deserves a spot on the top 10 list, feel free to correct me in the comments below.

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  1. And the main problem with ANY case for a Nexus phone is the thickness of the back protection. This usually prevents my favorite feature for these phones: wireless charging

  2. I have the Diztronic case and absolutely love it. I had one for my Droid RAZR Maxx HD too. They add very little mass to the phone and protect very well.

  3. Greetings Billa,

    Its a good review and of this list, the best units are items #1,3 and 4 which are manufactured by SupCase and # 6 by iBlason.

    There are other cases worth a good look to protect the Nexus 6. These are:
    *AEGIS TRIDENT (Which I currently use)
    The Nexus 6 (A.K.A. “Shamu”) is a great and powerful phone regardless of the bla, bla, bla due to its size and I’m really happy with mine. The screen is simply gorgeous! Those with mini-me size hands, should look elsewhere. Also, there are still in the market over 30 cellphones bigger than the Nexus 6.
    To have a pricey unit as Nexus 6, its worth making a good investment on a really tough and durable case (Mil-Std-810 certified), and a highly resistant tempered glass for extra protection.

    1. IMQ,

      Thanks for the suggestions, I will be getting Nexus 6 soon as my Note III is getting older (lol). I will certainly look into the cases you suggested.

  4. I just got the N6 and Unicorn Pro case and wondering if a separate glass protector is necessary or if will inhibit if used since the case already comes with a screen protector built in

    1. Hi Kane,
      Since the case already has a built-in screen protector, I don´t see you would need to buy another one. Save your money and thanks for commenting. =-)

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