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10 Best Cases For Nexus 6P

The Nexus 6P has been lovingly dubbed the best smartphone of 2015 by millions of Nexus fans and Android enthusiasts alike. Because of the popularity, we would be remised if we didn’t have a list of the best cases for Nexus 6P.

The hardware design is breathtaking and the 6P has the specs to go along with it. It features an all-aluminum unibody design that is made to impress.

Not everything on the phone is rugged. The glass covering the camera lens and the flash and the gorgeous 5.7-inch display are not as strong as other parts of the phone. There are also fragile parts present in the body of the smartphone, even though the material used is still metal.

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Looking almost like the HTC One series, the metal is quite resistant to scratches and what not, but is it resistant enough? Obviously, the smartphone needs some protection, right? Well, I’m here to put that issue to rest. Here are the best cases for the Nexus 6P.


Spigen Rugged Armor Ultimate Case

The Spigen Rugged Armor variant concentrates a tad bit more on the protection than being cosmetically appealing.

What’s different about the Spigen Rugged Armor for the Nexus 6P? Well, for starters, it consists of a single layer TPU design, which is both flexible and durable. It flaunts glossy accents and carbon fiber textures along the top and bottom of the case.

And like the other cases on this list, it has precise cutouts for the Nexus imprint, camera, flash, and laser autofocus. This is so to make sure that the functions all work properly.

Again, in typical Spigen fashion, the case tapers along the front and camera, so as to protect them from direct impact.

It is available in a predominantly black case, for $14.99

Users claim that the case does not provide much grip, and that the edges don’t feel too comfortable.

NOTABLE FEATURES: The corners are equipped readily with the Air Cushion Technology as with most of the new-age Spigen cases.




Nexus 6P Case, Spigen [Thin Fit]

The case has a defined fit to the phone that makes it slim and lightweight. It is made of a premium polycarbonate.

The case snaps onto your phone and has precise cutouts for all of the functions related to your phone. The matte black version has a soft coating that gives better grip to your phone.

It has a matte finish with protection against scratches. It has a minimal style protection near the camera lens.

It comes in the TF Black model at the price of $14.99

With a high rating on Amazon it still has its weak spots like:

  • It does not prevent the screen form making contact with the surface
  • Most of the users’ complaint is the case fits too tight with the phone.

NOTABLE FEATURES: Does not compromise the smartphone’s form factor.


3. i-BLASON – $14.99

i-Blason Case

The very essence of protection, the i-Blason case for the Nexus 6P offers it a major degree of protection.

It consists of many elements. First, it has a hard, impact-resistant, polycarbonate shell exterior that is reinforced with a shock absorbing silicone inner-sleeve.

The corners of this case are equipped with double-thick silicone for maximum protection against the corner drops. The premium silicone used in this case has a shock-absorbing property.

It consists of 2 more segments. The hardback case slides into a swivel holster with locking belt clip. The holster turns 360 degrees. It also features a newly improved side-based mount, for a more convenient mounting, and dismounting experience.

The cutouts on this case is quite precise, taking into account the robustness of the constituent components. It also features a kick-stand for multi-media viewing.

The case itself is available only in one version, the black one, for a retail price of $14.99

The consumers had nothing to say other than positive comments, with many claiming to be long-time users of the i-Blason series.

NOTABLE FEATURE: Offers a major degree of protection



Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

The Nexus 6P has a supreme body design, and I’m sure no case manufacturer would want to compromise that. However, they do, and consumers don’t like it one bit.

Enter, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid for the Nexus 6P. It consists of a stiff polycarbonate back, and a flexible TPU bumper. The flexible TPU bumper tapers along the sides of the device, and also integrates what’s known as Air Cushion Technology.

This creates a small air pocket within the case, so the shock from small impacts will be evenly distributed across the surface of the smartphone. The case is exceptionally thin and the precise cutouts for the Nexus imprint, and camera’s laser autofocus makes sure that everything functions perfectly.

The raised lip over the front protects the screen, and the raised bezel over the camera works in a similar fashion.

There are no button cutouts. Instead, there are TPU buttons molded to be easily felt and pressed.

The case only comes in one color, which is crystal clear, and it retails for $24.99

The case does not help much with the grip, though. The tactile buttons might feel a bit mushy after extended periods of use.

NOTABLE FEATURE: It flaunts the Nexus 6P’s epic design with impeccable clarity, and it does its job quite well.


5. AERO ARMOR – $8.99

Aero Armor Protective Case

The Aero Armor protective case for the Nexus 6P offers multi-layer protection. It is made from the most premium materials around, all the while keeping the price affordable.

The multi-layer design goes a little something like this; it has a hard, tough polycarbonate exterior casing for major impacts and hard hits. Don’t you worry about drops, because the shock-absorbing polymers have you covered. Finally, the silicone on the back of the case provides you with unparalleled grip.

Oh, and the corners are reinforced with extra bumpers in case of those nasty drops. The Aero Armor does all this without even compromising the features of the Nexus 6P, which is a great achievement in the design department.

It has raised buttons and precise cutouts to make sure you get the best experience out of your Google Nexus 6P. This case is available in a myriad of colors: Black, blue, hot pink, and purple. All for the low, low price of $8.99. If that’s not a steal, I don’t know what is.

Users mainly complained that the manufacturer could have integrated better reinforcements on the front and sides of the case. But, at this price point, I can’t argue.

NOTABLE FEATURE: This is the case you’re looking for in case you’re looking for some major protection for your smartphone, but you don’t want to sacrifice its looks.



AceAbove PU Leather Case

The case has 360-degree protection including the tapering around the edges. It has a raised front that prevents the screen from getting scratched and from making contact with the ground.

The whole case is made up of PU Leather that is quite user-friendly.

It has precise cutouts for the volume rocker, fingerprint scanner, camera and the charging port. It is very easy to install as it snaps onto your case.

The case comes in the PU leather version that is actually brownish in color for the price of $29.99

It has an average rating on Amazon. The users claim the case has its shortcomings, like:

  • The case is too loose for the phone
  • The case does not have precise cutouts as they say because when the phone is charging the wire always gets disconnected because of the case
  • When the pair of headphones are connected the phone the headphone looks a little bit bulky

NOTABLE FEATURE: It is refined and really functional to use with the folio wrap around the case providing shock absorption to it.



Tudia Ultra Full Matte Case

It is made up of silicone that wraps around the phone. The phone itself is flexible and snaps on to use the case. The unique design given to the case has precise cutouts for easy access to all the ports, buttons and controls.

The raised edge in front of the phone prevents the screen from getting scratches and making contact with the surface.

It comes in the colors black, blue, grey and purple at the price of $19.99

Not much people have rated this case, but the complaints are

  • The buttons are not so tactile.
  • The case feels a little bit rough.
  • The camera cutout in the case is not as perfect as they say it is.

NOTABLE FEATURE: The case is made of premium TPU that gives you a rubberized and grippy feel while holding the phone.



Verus High Pro Shield Case

A great combination of style and fashion, the Verus High Pro Shield for the Nexus 6P remains sporty, yet elegant.

Featuring a dual-layer design, like most cases nowadays, the hard-case exterior provides ample protection from hard hits, while the soft-core interior gives you a considerable amount of shock absorption. In typical Verus fashion, the inside of the case has a unique pattern that disperses the shock from impacts.

It provides all-round protection, from the lip on the front which prevents the screen from making direct contact with whatever surface it’s on, to the tapered camera, which protects the lens, along with the flash, and laser autofocus.

It is available in 5 color variations: steel silver, light silver, shine gold, electric blue, and crimson red. It retails for $16.99

No cons for this particular case other than the minor annoyance of the charging port being quite small.

NOTABLE FEATURE: The brushed-aluminum backing provides ample scratch-resistance while air pockets on the corners of the case give you a cushioning effect when dropped.



Moko Anti Drop Case

The main functionality of the Moko Anti-drop case is (as you can probably guess from the name) providing a substantial amount of grip to your smartphone. It is made completely of premium TPU, with various thicknesses at various points.

The anti-slip property is what provides your phone with a better grip, both on surfaces and in your hand. The back is made out of a TPU-based hard plating, that protects your smartphone from hard impacts. It simultaneously has a soft-touch frame which absorbs the shock from minor impacts.

The precise cutouts does not provide any hindrance to the Nexus 6P’s features whatsoever. There are cutouts present for the camera, flash, Nexus imprint, speakers, and all the ports.

The clear version is available for retail at $39.99

People were mainly fed up due to the not-so-tactile buttons. It feels mushy when put into use.

NOTABLE FEATURE: It is thin, light, and transparent, allowing you to gaze at your phone’s superb design.



Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case

Consisting of a dual-layer design, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for the Nexus 6P is all about protection. With a sporty look, and spanning multiple colors, it is the standard option for the majority of consumers looking to integrate protection with good looks.

The dual-layer design I mentioned earlier goes as follows; the case has a hard polycarbonate shell to withstand major impacts, coupled with a flexible TPU layer for absorbing shock from minor impacts. For easier installation, it has an advanced front cover Snap-On design.

It has precise cutouts for all the ports, which allows easy access to all the features. It also has port covers to minimize the accumulation of dust and debris.

It is available in 3 versions: White-gray, blue-black, and all black at the price of $19.99

It virtually has no cons other than the fact that it adds a considerable amount of bulk to your smartphone.

NOTABLE FEATURE: It has a 360-degree swiveling belt clip. The front part of the case is integrated with a screen protector that does not compromise sensitivity.




One very important thing you should realize is that everyone’s perception is different. They would want a case for their smartphone for various reasons. This is why there is a great variety of cases in the market, and no fixed standard for it as well.

So, which case are you going to get? If you’re using any case that we forgot to mention, feel free to mention it in the comment section below.

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