10 Cases We Like for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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The new King of the phablets has arrived and has been immediately thrown into problems and concerns regarding its battery. Thankfully, you can still get some of the best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 until your phone gets back from Samsung. If you haven’t sent your phone back, check our guide on how you can send it back to the company. For those who don’t know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is having problems with the battery being highly explosive for some reason.

I’m pretty sure that Samsung will solve these issues soon and we will get a great feature loaded smartphone back in the market. If you have already gotten your smartphone back or are waiting for it to return, check out the best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the meantime. I find shopping to be a great stress release, especially when it is related to Android smartphones.

The cases are not in any particular order and I highly recommend you go through the whole list once. Another point to be noted here is that most of the cases are available in different colors as well, so if you don’t like the one I’ve picked, chances are there is an alternate color available as well.

1. Neo Hybrid Crystal by Spigen – $15

1. Neo Hybrid Crystal by Spigen

The first case on the list is a transparent one that completely allows you to see the smartphone. I personally think that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a beautiful glass back and it would be a shame to hide it with a cover. This case has a clear back but comes with a polycarbonate frame. The frame can be chosen from multiple color options as well. I highly recommend the gunmetal gray frame because it really complements the colors of the smartphone. If you have bought the gold- blue model, then you can check out the other colors as well.

2. Unicorn Beetle by SUPCASE – $14

2. Unicorn Beetle by SUPCASE

If you want something sturdier than the case above but don’t want to hide the looks of your beautiful smartphone then this is the perfect case for you. The back is not as clear as the transparent case but it is see-through. The translucent back allows the true color of the smartphone to shine through. On the other hand, the edges are beefed up with a polycarbonate frame that allows the case to withstand a respectable amount of force. All the ports, the camera, the flash and the buttons are fully accessible in this case.

3. Crystal Clear Fusion by Ringke – $10

3. Crystal Clear Fusion by Ringke

What if you need a completely clear case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Then this is the case you should look at. Normally it’s a completely clear case but it also allows you full access to all the ports and buttons easily. It is available in multiple color bumper finish styles but if you want you can opt for a truly transparent fun.

The case is deliberately left thin and fits the smartphone well so you won’t be sacrificing on the looks of your smartphone. The transparent TPU bumper with active touch technology allows you easy and natural access to all the ports available on the smartphone. The edges are not sharp so they won’t be digging into your palm when you use the phone one-handed.

4. Rugged Armor by Spigen – $10

4. Rugged Armor by Spigen

The Rugged Armor series by Spigen has always been a crowd favorite simply because of its unique design and great protection capabilities. I myself have used one of these with my Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone and they are simply marvelous. The back is designed to look beautiful as well as alleviate the smartphone so that the camera lens doesn’t touch any surface.

It is Slim fit Case that is made with premium single layer TPU. It is flexible and durable and fits the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 perfectly. The patented air cushion technology protects the smartphone from small drops and bumps. The only downside is, the smartphone case is only available in black color.

5. Wallet S by Spigen – $16

5. Wallet S by Spigen

The GalaxyNote 7 is a big smartphone so it makes sense to tone down the bulk of your wallet and include all the cards with the case as well. This wallet case allows you to do exactly that, it is a multipurpose case for protection and functionality and provides a great balance between the two. There are three slots available for you to carry cards, there is even a slot for traditional cash available.

The wallet case comes with the stand flip cover so it can easily be used to consume media. Highly recommend using this case if you are a movie buff and want to use one of the best Android video players to watch them.

6. Tough Armor by Spigen – $16

6. Tough Armor by Spigen

If you’re in the market for something sturdy, that not only protects your smartphone well but also provides excellent utility, then this is the case you should look at. The heavy-duty gunmetal extra protection case comes with certified military standard protection against drops. The patent air cushion technology along with the dual layer protection provides exceptional resistance against drops.

The buttons are more defined and responsive and the case comes with large cutouts to fit almost any third party cable. The edges are lifted to protect the camera as well as the screen from scratches. The case also comes with a back kickstand that allows you to prop your device on a flat surface and enjoy media.

7. Rugged Holster Case by SUPCASE – $18

7. Rugged Holster Case by SUPCASE

A lot of cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are straight to business without any funk to them. Especially when you’re looking at rugged and strong cases, there are not many options to choose from when it comes to color. However, this case manufacturer decided to spice things up by including highlighter green, bright blue and even a pink version of their rugged case.

It is a heavy-duty case that provides great protection for your device but it doesn’t compromise on looks. It is a shock resistant, dual-layer case that comes with a polycarbonate hard shell as well as a flexible TPU layer inside.

8. Parallax Geometric by Caseology – $16

8. Parallax Geometric by Caseology

Caseology is usually one of the first case manufacturers to the party but I was surprised to see their cases ranking a bit lower than the other ones this time around. Nonetheless, the company has produced some of the best cases I have ever seen and this one is no exception. This is a great flexible TPU case that comes with a polycarbonate bumper to protect your phone from impacts.

The dynamic geometric design on the back of the case gives it a unique look when viewed in certain light. The three-dimensional molding, as well as soft coatings, make the case easier to grip and reduces the chances of accidental falls.

9. Envoy Leather by Caseology – $16

9. Envoy Leather by Caseology

This is another great looking case by Caseology and as always, I was quite impressed with the colors they selected for this case design. This particular color comes with faux leather that looks sophisticated without harming any animals. The back is made with PU leather along with a soft coated bumper that is quite pleasant to the touch. The TPU sleeve is wrapped in artificial leather as well as a durable polycarbonate bumper to keep your smartphone safe. The case is available in five different colors but I really liked the oak leather one.

10. Slim Armor CS by Spigen – $16

10. Slim Armor CS by Spigen

This case is for those who want to carry different cards with them but don’t want the hassle of a wallet case. This is a unique design by the company that has made probably thousands of different cases for smartphones and I really like what this one has to offer. The case itself is a fairly standard affair with a hard polycarbonate back that is sturdy and strong. However, slide the back towards the right and you’ll see a neat little compartment for all your credit and visiting cards. There is a surprising amount of space in the card slot, so you’ll be able to store at least four cards in it.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a great smartphone and has a very stylish design. The premium glass and metal design looks amazing to the eyes but at the same time makes the smartphone fragile. Having a good quality case for your smartphone is a great investment. You can ask me, I broke my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge recently, so I know the pain. It is better to be safe than sorry and I highly recommend investing in a good case or two for your new smartphone.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to talk to us in the comments section below.

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