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10 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S3: The Prettiest Protection

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was Samsung’s flagship device for the year 2012 and also became smartphone of the year. The Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s latest flagship device, but the S3 is still quite popular and is seeing solid sales figures around the world. Powered by a Quad-Core processor, there isn’t much the S3 can’t do, and it has all the essential features of a top-notch Android device.

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While the S3 made a big hype when it was launched, Samsung has been criticized by a lot of users on the design of the phone. There is no doubt that the S3 is an overall good looking smartphone, but not many users are fans of the plastic back that Samsung uses in most of its devices.

Getting a case for your Galaxy S3 can make your device feel better in your hands while making it more attractive. These Samsung Galaxy S3 case not only add a classier look to the device, but also do a great job at protecting the device from regular drops. After conducting extensive research, we have selected the top 10 cases Samsung Galaxy S3. Don’t worry, we’ve also taken the cost into account so that you get good quality for the price you pay. Here are the 10 best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

10. OtterBox Commuter Series Case – $21.43


The Ultimate Protection

At number 10, we have the commuter series case from well-known case manufacturer OtterBox. Priced at $21.43, the case is built from 2 layers, a hard layer on the back and a softer inner layer. The inner silicone layer does a great job at absorbing any impact while the polycarbonate layer on the outside protects the device from regular drops or falls, keeping away any scratches.

You will find silicone plug flaps on the case for all the openings in the device including the headphone jack and the charging port. You can buy this OtterBox Samsung Galaxy S3 case in 5 different colours including blue, black, green, purple and white. Also, the case comes with a free screen protector!


9. Speck Products Fabshell Fabric-Backed Snap-on Case – $25


Make It Fabulous

The Fabshell fabric backed snap on case from Speck Products is at number 9. At $25.00, this is a one piece slim case for the S3 which basically works as a hybrid of a hard shell case and a skin. Skins are attractive and durable stickers which you can put on your device, however, they’re not that good at protecting the device.

This Speck case for Samsung Galaxy S3 features shock absorbent sides and has a beautiful skin like look. The fabric patterns on the back look amazing and feel really good in the hands. The case is also raised over the screen so that the screen doesn’t come into contact when the device falls. You can get the case in 2 designs including the half ovals blue/green print and in the multicolor print.


8. Diztronic Matte Back Black Flexible TPU Case – $8.99


Strong and Simple

Next is the matte back black flexible TPU case from Diztronic. At $8.99, Diztronic Samsung Galaxy S3 case is  extremely light weight and is only 1.4mm in thickness. It fits the S3 perfectly and has all the relevant cut-outs for all the ports on the device. The great thing about this case is that it is resistant to fingerprints as the matte surface keeps off any fingerprints and smudges.

Made from durable TPU, the case offers solid protection from scratches and also provides decent shock absorption. Aside from the back, the screen is also protected as the bezels are raised over the screen.


7. CrazyOnDigital Guardian Case – $6.85

crazy on digital

Solid yet Attractive

The Guardian case from Crazyondigital comes at number 7. Available for $6.85, the case has a solid plastic shell along with a rubberized coating on the back. You’ll find all the right cut-outs for the ports on the device and it won’t add much bulk.

Also, the case feels great in the hands due to the rubberized coating, providing a good grip in the hands. The case looks attractive and is available in 5 different colours including black, pink, white, blue and green.


6. Caseology Multi-Purpose Premium PU Wallet Case – $5.99


The All-In-One

Next, we have the multi-purpose premium PU wallet case from Caseology. Available for $5.99, the case is an all-in-one option and serves as a back cover, a full body case, a kick stand and a wallet. The case has a premium feel to it as the outer part is made from luxury French leather while the durable TPU is used for the inner part of the case.

It also has all the relevant cut-outs, a pocket for keeping cash and 2 card slots for your ID and credit cards. This flip case can also act as a kickstand for viewing media on the device. The case is available in 8 different colors including pink, hot pink, red, yellow, black, brown, navy blue and turquoise mint.


5. Case-Mate Tough Case – $17.64


Heavy Duty with Great Grip

At number 5 comes the Galaxy s3 case from Case-Mate. The case features a soft cushion layer on the inside for shock absorption and a polycarbonate outer later to keep off scratches and dents. It has a bumper like surface which is great at protecting the device from daily drops. If the device falls, the bumper will counter it, with the device bouncing against the surface.

Also, the front is protected by the cover due to the thick bezels around the screen, avoiding any contact with the surface. Priced at $17.64, the case offers solid protection and feels great in the hands due to the rugged textured surface on the back. You can get the case either in full black or in black and pink.


4. Acase Superleggera PRO Hybrid Case – $4.95


Lightweight and Resistant to Fingerprints

The superleggera pro hybrid case from Acase comes at number 4 in our list. Available for $4.95, the case has a soft silicone layer inside, while the back is made from polycarbonate with a rubber coating. The case has silicone flaps for all the ports on the device including the charging port and the headphone jack.

The great thing about this best samsung galaxy s3 case is that it is lightweight and really thin but doesn’t fall short in protecting the device. The polycarbonate on the back is resistant to fingerprints and also provides a good grip in the hands. The case is available in  7 colors including blue, black, pink, purple, red, white and yellow.


3. Ballistic SG Case – $17.01


Thin and Powerful

The SG case from Ballistic is at number 3 on the list. The case does a fantastic job at protecting the device from extreme drops with its 3 different layers. The first layer is made of shock absorbing polymer, the second is the solid polycarbonate shell and the third layer is the inner silicone layer.

The edges are raised over the screen as well, which will avoid any scratches on the screen from keeping it on a flat surface. The case fits the phone perfectly and is very light. Available for $17.01, the case is available in 5 different colors including black, pink, white, navy blue and ruby wine.


2. Caseology Retro Flex Series: Slim Fit TPU Protector Shock Absorbent Bumper Case – $7.99

caseology retro

Vivid Colors yet Resistant to Oil and Dirt

At number 2, we have the slim fit TPU retro flex series case for Samsung Galaxy S3. Caseology has designed some fantastic cases for smartphones and this is no exception. At $7.99, the case is made from durable TPU, which does a great job at protecting the device. The case feels and looks like a premium hard case but is also shock absorbent like a soft case.

The best thing about this case is that the back finishing keeps off oil, dirt and scratches, making your device look attractive all the time. Not only does the case do a great job at keeping the device safe but it also makes it more attractive as there are 7 vivid colors to choose from including pink, hot pink, lime, sky blue, turquoise mint, white and black.


1. Urban Armor Gear Case – $21.22

urban armor

Everything That You Need

Finally, at number 1, we have the Urban Armor Gear case which does an exceptional job at protecting the device and making it more stylish. This case is really light and protects the device from the hard armor shell and the soft impact resistant inner layer. The case has oversized buttons, which are easier to press with the case on. The manufacturer has done a fantastic job in designing the case, making it so attractive while keeping it light like a feather.

Also, the port openings are designed specially to make sure that the flash pictures you take are glare-free and the audio quality is at its best. You also get a free screen protector and a cleaning kit with the case along with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. Available for $20.18, you can get the case in 6 different colors including white, black, moss, plasma, rust and slate.

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All these cases are a great way to make your device pop out in the crowd and protect it from regular, rough use. If you want to buy a case for Samsung Galaxy S3, you can choose one from the list based on your own preferences such as a better design or for greater protection. Whichever case you select, all the cases do a relatively good job for the price that you need to pay for them.

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Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or you think we missed a case that should be added to the list.

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