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9 Best Cell Phone Signal Booster – Home, Office, and Vehicle

Will, someone objects if I say that:

With the technology we enjoy today, everything seems to be easier and more convenient.

Everything seems to be within reach and just a few taps away. But not everything’s perfect. Despite the advent of technology, signal and internet problems are still not a thing of the past.

Don’t worry!

This problem can be remedied by using the best cell phone signal booster.

What is a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

A cell phone signal booster is a repeater system that is basically designed to boost cellular signal and data speed within a certain coverage at a specific gain. Generally, a signal booster has 3 main components: the amplifier, exterior antenna, and interior antenna.


A signal booster generally works by taking the existing signal in a particular area. It then amplifies the signal and rebroadcasts it to the area with weak or no signal. A repeater cannot make its own signal. Hence, there should be a signal in the area, regardless of how weak as long as there’s any, with which the device can amplify and rebroadcast. Aside from a signal booster, you can also check out some internet booster apps for your phone.

This device can be used inside the home, office, or vehicle. With this, we researched the best cell phone signal boosters for each.

The Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home

weBoost Home 4G
 SureCall Flare
 weBoost Connect 4G-X

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Office

Cel-Fi Go X
 SureCall Fusion5s
 Wilson Pro 70 Plus
Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for CarweBoost Drive 4G-M
 SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0
 Phonetone Dual Band Cellular Repeater

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Best Cell Phone Signal Booster
Enjoy better signal at home

Whether you live in urban or remote areas, there’s still a possibility that you’ll experience unstable data and cellular signal. There are various reasons why this could happen: the cell tower’s distance, the direction it’s facing, the presence of obstruction (such as a mountain), the weather, etc.

If you want to ensure that you’ll always get a strong signal at home, it’s worth considering to get the best cell phone signal booster. What we have included here vary in coverage and gain. So whether you live in a 2-bedroom house or a mansion, there’s something for you to find.

1. weBoost Home 4G

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster
Signal rooms in the house-Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

The weBoost Home 4G is the brand’s most affordable home signal booster for indoor coverage. With coverage of 1,500 sq.ft, this booster can signal 1 to 2 rooms, making it ideal for an average-sized house. It also has a maximum signal gain of 60 dB to provide consistent cellular signal and data speed to multiple devices used simultaneously inside the house.


  • For all US cellular carriers
  • Faster data downloads
  • Multi-user support
  • Easy DIY installation
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2. SureCall Flare

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster
Ideal for 2 rooms-Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

Provide better reception indoor up to 2,500 sq.ft by using this SureCall Flare signal booster. It captures outside signal through its exterior antenna and strengthens the indoor signal: voice, text and data. The entire household can enjoy better reception and fewer dropped calls at the same time.


  • Supports all cellular carriers
  • Compatible with all cellular phones
  • Boosted text, voice and data speed
  • Streamlined design
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3. weBoost Connect 4G-X

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster for Large Spaces-Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

The Connect 4G-X is a professional-grade signal booster that’s perfect for large homes and mansions. So if you want to get the best cell phone signal booster for larger spaces, this is it. It has a coverage of up to 7,500 sq.ft and a maximum gain of 70 dB, ensuring fastest data speed and better voice and text quality.


  • Multiple-user support
  • 70 dB gain (maximum)
  • Faster download and upload speed
  • Built-in smart technology
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Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Office

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster
Faster data speed and signal in the office-Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

Keeping a stable signal and data speed in the office is very important. Think of the waste of opportunity if there’s a weak signal in the office. Dropped calls, slow data and bad voice and text quality can certainly disrupt the business.

To solve or avoid this problem, installing the best cell phone signal booster in the office is helpful. Since there are many signal boosters for the office, we have decided to make our list as varied as possible, especially in terms of coverage and gain.

Now here are the best boosters for the office of various sizes, from small offices to large buildings.

1. Cel-Fi Go X

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster
A signal booster with a rugged design-Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

Amplify signals up to 100 dB gain inside your office. With its coverage and gain, the Cel-Fi Go X is definitely a versatile and highly functional signal booster. It can be used for offices of various sizes. It can even power up commercial properties, large homes, businesses and buildings.

It has a rugged design and is NEMA 4 rated weather resistant, making it highly durable both for indoor and outdoor use. It can withstand even the harshest of conditions.


  • Up to 100 dB gain
  • Multi-user support
  • Indoor and outdoor support
  • Up to 15,000 sq.ft coverage
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2. SureCall Fusion5s

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster
SureCall Fusion5s-Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

If you are only powering up a small to medium-sized office, then your best option is the SureCall Fusion5s. This device covers a space of up to 6,000 sq.ft. With its metal construction, it is sturdy and durable enough to withstand harsh conditions and continue to deliver stable signals (4G LTE, voice and text). It has multiple kitting options, which means that it can easily adapt to different kinds of building or office layout.


  • 6,000 sq ft coverage
  • For all North American carriers
  • Customizable installation
  • No more dropped and missed calls
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3. Wilson Pro 70 Plus

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster
Wilson Pro 70 Plus-Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

Wilson Pro 70 Plus balances out gain and coverage. Unlike the Cel-Fi Go X, it only has a 70 dB gain, which is still pretty strong for a signal booster of this type. However, it also has a wider coverage, with a range covering up to 25,000 sq.ft, which makes it ideal for large offices and buildings. You can even strengthen its capacity with the use of expansion kits.


  • Up to 70 dB gain
  • Bidirectional amplifiers
  • Self-optimizing microprocessor
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Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Car

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster
Enjoy boosted signal inside your vehicle-Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

When you’re traveling, it’s important to have a reliable signal wherever you go or might be. Just in case of emergency. But the thing is, it’s quite possible that you’ll be traveling along highways and places with a weak signal or no signal at all. This is especially true if you pass by remote places or mountainous areas.

Good thing there are trustworthy in-vehicle signal boosters out there to ensure that you consistently get decent signal and mobile data. If you’re traveling alone or if you’re driving a small vehicle, then a single-user cradle may do. However, if you travel with your family or friends, or if you’re driving an RV, it’s advisable that you get multi-user repeaters.

But before you hit the road, you can also equip your vehicle with Android auto stereo for hours of good music.

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1. weBoost Drive 4G-M

Multi-user wireless in-vehicle booster-Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

Durable and flexible, the weBoost Drive 4G-M is a reliable signal booster for countryside rides and cross-country travels. It is known for its flexibility and wider range. Thanks to its 5-band frequency feature, 2G, 3G and 4G LTE support, and compatibility with all US networks. With its 50 dB gain, which is the maximum allowed gain by the FCC, this device is powerful enough to bring clear signal to all the devices in the vehicle: from cars to RV.


  • Enhanced signal up to 32x
  • Inside antenna and magnetic outside antenna
  • Faster data downloads and data speed
  • Compatible with all US wireless networks
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2. SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster
Boosts voice, text and 4G LTE signals-Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

Enjoy more miles of uninterrupted calls and mobile data with this SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0. This device has a 50 dB gain. This means that it can maximize the signal strength of multiple devices at the same time so that everyone in the vehicle receives better text, voice and 4G LTE reception. A reliable device for going rural or remote areas where the signal is weak.


  • Multiple-user support
  • Up to 50 dB gain
  • Better coverage
  • Compatible with all networks
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3. Phonetone Dual Band Cellular Repeater

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster
Dual 700MHz Band Signal Booster-Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

We have included this Dual Band Signal Booster by Phonetone as among the best signal boosters for vehicles because it’s affordable and at the same time highly functional. It features multi-user support and can boost 4G signals with  Band 13 and Band 12/17 frequency.


  • Auto signal adjustments
  • Multi-user support
  • For car, van, truck or RV
  • Boosts voice, text and data signals
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Other Questions People Ask

Do cell phone signal boosters work in rural areas?

Yes, they do. In fact, that’s what most of them are made for, so you can still enjoy a decent signal and data even in remote or rural areas. The only requirement is that there must be at least a signal since boosters can’t create their own signals.

How do I get a better signal?

If you’re indoors, go outside because there’s usually better signal outdoor. If not, get near a window or door. It also helps if you go higher, like a 2nd floor if there’s any or find a higher ground nearby. If your location is surrounded by trees (which can interfere with the signal), it helps if you do some trimming.

How do I check if my phone has a good signal?

If you’re using an Android phone, you can check the signal strength in by simply following these steps: 1) Go to settings; 2) Choose General; 3) Go to About Phone;  and then 4) Click Network or Status.

Boost the Signal in Your Home, Office or Vehicle

When you’re choosing the best cell phone signal booster, it’s important to consider what and where you’re using it for. If you’re using it for your vehicle, then don’t get a model that’s for the home or office. However, you can also opt for a portable booster that works for both vehicle and home use.

You also need to consider the coverage you need and how many users will be using it. With this in mind, we have made the list as varied and flexible as possible so that you can find a model that will suit your needs. Rest assured that with these signal boosters, a weak signal will finally become a thing of the past.

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