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7 Best Smartphones for the Hearing Impaired

We think that everybody would agree when we say that nobody wants to have hearing problems.

Our sense of hearing is one of the 5 basic senses our human body has. We use our sense of hearing every day of our lives. It is also something we cannot control. So once someone is hearing impaired, it affects a huge part of their life.

Here’s the thing:

Suffering from hearing loss can really be frustrating, and in most situations, it can ruin one’s life. Depending on the severity of the case, hearing impairment can be treated in most usual cases. But for hearing loss due to inner ear damage, hearing aids is the viable solution.


With the help of technology, some smartphones are now capable of helping those who are having problems with hearing. If you are someone or know someone who suffers from hearing impairment, then keep on reading.

But first, we have to answer an important question. What are the cell phone features you have to look out for that would aid hearing loss?

Hearing Impairment: Features to Consider for Cell Phones

When you are about to choose the right cellphone for your hearing impairment, you have to check the following feature considerations:

  • Support for HAC (hearing aid compatible) with M-rating above M2 and T-rating above T2.
  • It allows for additional amplification.
  • Cell phone and earpiece design.
  • Text mode.
  • Video chat and calls if sign language is needed.
  • Vibration alert.
  • Speakerphone or hands-free function.

But, what is the best feature to have?

A smartphone with a hands-free function. It makes hearing easier especially because you can easily adjust the volume of your phone. However, if you are still experiencing difficulties with the volume, we recommend you to download some of the best apps for deaf users or hard of hearing.


We have listed a couple of Android cell phones for impaired hearing people, and we assure you that these phones will meet the criteria. Of course, these are the best in class!

Best Smartphones for the Hearing Impaired

Best Over AllLG G8 ThinQ
CheapestSamsung Galaxy A10e
Highly RecommendedGoogle Pixel 4
Best ValueSamsung Galaxy S10 & Note10 Smartphone Series
Runner UpMotorola Moto G7 Power
Sonim XP8
Samsung Galaxy A21s

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5 Best Android Cell Phone to Help with Hearing Impairment (2020)

Here are 6 of the best Android smartphones that are ideal or an excellent option for people who are suffering from hearing loss. One of the crucial factors that made the following phones on our list is the native support for HAC (Hearing Aid Compatible).

A cell phone that is designed to be “Hearing Aid Compatible” is capable of producing an output that the telecoil of a hearing aid can hear in addition to the audio signal.

Tip: The wireless telephone industry follows a standard rating for some of their mobile phones in terms of assisting hearing device users in finding phones that may be compatible with their hearing devices. Devices that have been rated will have a marking stated on the box or will display the following icons:

pairing of smartphone and hearing aid

Despite having ratings, the results will vary depending on the user’s hearing device and hearing loss. If your hearing device happens to be vulnerable to interference, you may not be able to use a rated phone successfully. Trying out the phone with your hearing device is the best way to evaluate it for your personal needs.

Hearing Aid Compatible Rating:

HAC ratings follow a standard code by means of M-Ratings and T-Ratings.

  • M-Ratings vary in value from M1 to M4 whereas M3 and M4 meet FCC requirements. They are likely to generate less interference to hearing devices than unrated phones. Furthermore, in M-Ratings, the higher the number the better the performance.
  • T-Ratings, on the other hand, are varies in values from T1 to T4 whereas T3 and T4 meet FCC requirements. The main difference between the M-Rating and T-Rating is that the latter is likely to be more usable with hearing device’s telecoil than unrated phones.

Lastly, it is best to note that not all hearing devices have a telecoil in them.

With this in mind, here are the best phones for the hearing impaired:

Best cell phones for the hearing impaired

1. Samsung Galaxy S10 & Note10 Smartphone Series

Galaxy S10

Samsung‘s flagship offering for the year 2019 is by far one of the best smartphones for the hearing impaired. This includes all the models belonging to the Galaxy S10 series and Note 10 series such as S10e, S10, S10 Plus, Note 10, Note10+ and S10 5G.

The S10 and Note 10 series of smartphones all feature a HAC rating of M4 & T3, indicating that the handset has satisfied and exceeded the ANSI standard. Making the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 phones as one of the best smartphones for the hearing impaired.


2. LG G8 ThinQ

lg g8 thinq hearing impaired

Another excellent phone for the hearing impaired is the LG G8 ThinQ Android smartphone. It also boasts an HAC rating of M4/T3 which is the same rating for the earlier phone we mentioned.

The great thing about the G8 ThinQ is that it’s not as expensive as the first phone we mentioned. The last time we checked, the price of the LG G8 ThinQ on the market is half of the selling price of Samsung Galaxy S10.

So if you want a high-end smartphone that’s a cheaper alternative to Samsung’s best offering, then you might want to consider the G8 ThinQ phone instead.


3. Google Pixel 4


Google Pixel 4 is another excellent option to consider. Despite having a much inferior rating of M3/T3, Pixel 4 is the phone made the Google way. Meaning, the phone is designed and developed to promote a newer way for the users to interact with the phone while having the best features in the market.

Despite having a lower rating, it still satisfied the ANSI standard. Furthermore, Pixel 4, including the Pixel 4 XL variant, is Google’s flagship smartphone model for the year 2019.


4. Motorola Moto G7 Power


If you want something more affordable, cheaper, but has the latest in Android and that comes with 5000mAh of battery, then the Motorola Moto G7 Power is an excellent phone to consider. With an ANSI rating of M4/T3, not only that you’ll get the latest in Android, but you’ll also get a phone that has better HAC ratings than Google’s flagship phone and all of that for less than USD$300 SRP.

So if you want an Android smartphone that doesn’t break the bank, something of the latest but not necessarily the best, then we highly recommend considering the Moto G7 Power.


5. Samsung Galaxy A10e

samsung galaxy a10e

If you want an Android smartphone that’s cheaper, more affordable, and you still find the Moto G7 Power a bit off your budget, then we highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy A10e.

This phone has an ANSI rating of M3/T3 with an SRP of USD $179.99. In some countries, it is being sold for under 100 which is by far the cheapest Samsung phone with the latest Android OS to date.

So if you’re someone who’s new to the smartphone, or planning to gift this device to your parents or elderly relatives, then the Galaxy A10e is a great option to consider.


Sonim XP8

Sonim XP8 is a smartphone that is both clever and unbreakable and has M4/T4 Hearing Aid Compatible rating. Rugged Performance Standards, Military 810G, waterproofing, and Non-Incendive Class I, II, III, and Div 2 designations ensure that you can work and survive even in the worst conditions. Loud and Clear Audio with 100dB+ speakers cancels off background noise, and mission vital audio accessories that support both standard and EPTT boost sound. Enjoy the convenience of fumble-free keys. PTT, SOS, and volume buttons and controls are large, tactile, and intuitive, making communication simple and error-free.

It has a speaker with a higher volume with noise cancellation and a long-lasting battery. It has resistivity to water and drops and has a warranty period of three years.


Samsung Galaxy A21s 

Samsung Galaxy A21 is the best smartphone for the hearing impaired with M4/T3 Hearing Aid Compatible rating. The Samsung Galaxy A21 blends smartphone necessities with Samsung’s well-known durability. With our powerful quad lens camera, you can take stunning images and films. Our 6.5″ edge-to-edge display provides cinematic clarity. Maintain your momentum with a long-lasting battery that will accompany you throughout the day.

Fantastic movie theatre screen Immerse yourself in the Galaxy A21s’ huge 6.5-inch Infinity-O Display. A wide aspect ratio fills your screen from edge to edge with content. On its HD+ display, you can watch your favorite videos, games, and live streams. More of the view is captured with a 123° 8MP Ultra Wide Cam. 

The marathon champion has a fantastic battery. When you’re out and about, you need a phone that can keep up with you. A 5,000mAh (average) battery allows you to stream and exchange content. An advanced Octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM deliver smooth and efficient performance. Download more and delete less with 64GB of internal storage. Add even more with a 512GB microSD card.


Commonly Asked Questions: Phones that helps with Hearing Loss/Impairment

Can a cell phone be used as a hearing aid?

It is very fortunate for us to live in a world of technological advancement. Most of the hearing aids on the market require a streaming device to enable Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone. However, the latest hearing aid technology allows you to connect the aids directly to the smartphone wirelessly.

What does Hearing Mode do on Android?

The Hearing Mode on Android is designed for those consumers who have telecoil hearing aids. It alters the acoustic setting of the smartphone to improve its audio clarity. However, it is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones.

What is the best hearing aid app for Android?

These Android hearing aid apps enables streaming connectivity between your smartphone and hearing aid. It has the capability to enhance the consumer’s life. By far the best hearing aid app for Android is Signia touchControl App. You can download it at the Google Play Store.

Do you need a cell phone for hearing impairment?

Cell phones designed for people with hearing impairment can be a great help to ease the everyday life activities of a person. The listed Android phones are reliable enough that it would not interfere with your hearing aid. Moreover, we hope that you have found the best cell phone for hearing impairment that perfectly suits your taste to make communication easier.

Nonetheless, if smartphones are not your thing or if you prefer basic cell phones, then we highly recommend the Kyocera DuraXA E4510. This phone boasts an ANSI rating of M4/T4 which is the highest rating that any phone can get for hearing aid compatibility.

Kyocera DuraXA E4510
Kyocera DuraXA E4510

This basic flip phone not only a great phone for the hearing impaired, but it also features Military Standard 810G rating that protects against shock, vibration, blowing rain, temperature extremes, and IPX68 dustproof and waterproof (rating for up to 30 minutes in up to 6 feet of water).


Did you find this article helpful? If so, share it with your friends and family members who have difficulty hearing. Do you know other cell phones that are good for hearing impaired people? Share it with us at the comment section below!

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  1. Searching for the best hearing/auditory capability available in a flip phone for my 96 yr old mother who lives in rural SW Virginia. She has profound hearing loss in one ear, with total deafness in the other ear. She wears one hearing aid that is placed inside her ear — she cannot /won’t wear more technologically advanced hearing aids that go over the ear. She needs no fancy cell phone functionality: She just needs auditory functionality at its best when it comes to a loud ringer, and clarity of voices when hearing conversations with the phone. Can you guide me on what best cell phone to get her?

    1. Hi McGee, the best one that we can recommend is Kyocera DuraXA. It’s designed to be heard even when placed in a loud environment. It also has a couple of features to help your mother.

      1. i am full hearing impaired fellow.i cannot hear phone well due to nervous weakness by birth.i can read something usually happily.god is there.

    2. Bless you for having a wonderful 96-year-old grandmother, and her for BEING a wonderful 96-year-old grandmother. I have no technical advice, but offer love and understanding, because I grew up with my wonderful, smart, resilient, heart-art-family driven grandmother, who died at age 96 and was basically healthy until age 95. Growing old successfully requires good genetics, but also good diet and health habits on your grandmother’s part and good love and help on your part. Kudos to you both. ?

  2. I am hard of hearing and have been my whole life. I currently have an iPhone, I don’t mind iPhone or Android (I’m not picky) but I am looking at getting a new phone, one with better sound/speaker quality so I can hear better over the phone, especially when I am on speaker. I have a job that requires me to call a lot on the phone. I am looking at LG G8 thinq. Help?

    1. Hi Alexandria, thank you for seeking our help. in your specific case, you might want to check out Nokia 8.1. Nokia 8 was hailed as the loudest phone with a maximum noise-generating of 83dB. We’re pretty certain that the newer model, Nokia 8.1, would tops that.

  3. Xperia 1 and 5 both claim to be HAC and Telecoil phones, where the 5 is a more affordable for some. Can someone verify that they do work with HA like Beltone Amaze ?

    I also wonder why none of them are on this list, and a updated list would be a great addition to this article.

  4. I am very hard of hearing. Most of the cell phones that I had were not loud enough. My hearing aids have a T-coil. I used to have a Phonak ComPilot that i wore around my neck to use it with my hearing aids and cell phone, but it broke and Phonak doesn’t make them anymore. They have new versions of the ComPilot, but its not compatible with my hearing aids. Can you recommend a very loud cell phone. One for severe hearing loss?

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