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Get Your Praise on with These Christian Ringtone Apps for Android

There are some amazing Christian ringtones apps available on the Google Play store. While the apps themselves are extremely basic and have unimaginative designs, the ringtones are remarkable.

I listened and searched for Awesome God on all of the apps in the list. Thankfully just like real life, Awesome God was on every app I tested. I also gauged the apps on the audio quality of the ringtones and the length of the hymns. These Christian Ringtone Apps for Android delivered in almost every way.

However, the design of the apps is strikingly similar. I guess there are not a lot of ways in which you can list ringtones. But I would have liked some innovation in design. The apps are also barebones when it comes to feature sets.

Note: The Christian ringtone apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. Some of the apps require an active internet connection to work properly. You will also need to download ringtones for use. The apps are not in any particular order as they are all very similar to each other.

1. Christian Ringtones by nzq fruits game

Christian Ringtones (the app) provide a large collection of religious songs. There are top 100 curated and most popular Christian ringtones listed in the app. They all are also extremely fast in the previews.

I thought that the songs were already downloaded, but that was not the case. This is how fast the app loads them up. Once you download a particular song on your device, you can use it however you want.

The interface is kind of a disappointment. I would have liked to see some sorting options which are unfortunately not present in the app.

Free Version

2. Christian ringtones

This free Christian ringtone app has a lot of great songs for your consideration. The audio quality is set very high, and, therefore, the previews take some time to load.

I think the app downloads the whole song and doesn’t have a preview function. I’m saying this because the app takes considerably more time to start the song. However, the sound quality is remarkable. Even when you play the songs from the loudspeaker of your smartphone, they will sound crisp and clear.

The app also comes with some good quality Christian themed wallpapers. They are not as great as the dedicated wallpaper apps for Android, but they do a good job.

Free Version

3. Christian Ringtones

This app has one of the worst interfaces I have ever seen. This app is designed probably by the same one guy who wrote the code. However, the songs included in the app are great. At the end of the day, we are here to get our Christian ringtones right?

So the atrocious interface takes a backseat to the good songs included. The app doesn’t come with a search button, but you can scroll the list at your leisure. One good thing about the app is the play and pause button. Tap on a song and it will take you to a preview screen.

You can then set the song as your ringtone or even as an alarm. There is nothing better to wake up in the morning listening to the Lord’s name.

Free Version

4. Best Christian Ringtones

This Android Christian Ringtones app comes with a simple interface and a lot of songs. One of the best things about the app is the Gospel Artists classification. The app lists the songs according to the artists. So if you like a particular one, you can listen to all of their work in one convenient place.

You can then select the song as your phone’s ringtone or even notification alert. I don’t recommend setting them as the Notification alert, though, as the songs can be very long in length. The app provides quality audio and at a fast speed. I just wish there was a search button on the app to locate the song you liked.

Free Version

5. Gospel Christian Ringtones MP3

Gospel Christian Ringtones brings a lot of great songs to your device. The app delivers some great quality MP3 tracks that sound really good. The only problem here is that the app comes with just 37 tracks to choose from.

The app has a usable interface that is nothing remarkable but gets the job done. The app also allows you to listen to the ringtones even when you are offline. To be honest, this app would have ranked a lot better if the song selection were expanded a bit.

Unfortunately, the developer doesn’t seem interested in the app anymore, and it is left as it is.

Free Version


While there are a lot of Christian ringtone apps for Android available on the Google Play Store, all of them are similar. The apps also provide the same ringtones just packaged in a different interface. Not that I’m complaining, but the popular songs are all the same and for good reason.

Therefore, if you check one app fully out, there is a huge chance you have listened to 80% of the songs available on other apps.

If you have any questions about the apps listed in this short list or want to share an app I might have missed, feel free to comment below.

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  1. I was wondering if you could help me….
    I have a Samsung 2 and I don’t know how to get rid of the “complete action” pop up that appears before and after every single time I use any site!

    1. Hi Collete,
      I understand what you mean about the ¨complete action¨ pop up, but have you tried choosing one of the options it gives you in order to complete the action and then just choose ¨Always¨ ?

  2. Do these apps all have only contemporary music, or do they have old time hymns too? You may assume all enjoy cont Christian music, but many love the hymns. It would be helpful if you let us know the “flavor” of the music available on these apps. Thank you.

  3. Do these apps all have only contemporary music, or do they have old time hymns too? You may assume all enjoy cont Christian music, but many love the hymns. It would be helpful if you let us know the “flavor” of the music available on these apps. Thank you.

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