Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users

7 Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users

Chrome extensions add functionality and more features to your favorite browser. Thanks to that, browsing the web is now smoother and more customizable.

For those who don’t know:

Extensions for Chrome are programs that add features and helps you customize web browsing. Each program has different functionalities and features.

Although extensions might not look like much, it truly can help for and smoother and easier web browsing. Though people might have some issues regarding the security and data privacy of Chrome extensions, Google is doing its best to make sure that extensions are secure and safe.


Chrome extensions are only available through desktop users and not through the default mobile Chrome app. The desktop web browser offers more features through extensions, while the mobile browser is just a fast one.


Android phone users can enjoy their favorite extensions, including Adblocker, Google Translate, and Grammarly. Although your default Chrome browser doesn’t support extensions, you can enjoy them using a different web browser such as Yandex.

With Chrome extensions for Android, your mobile web browsing can be smoother and customized to your liking. Some problems, including pesky ads, pop-ups, and full-page screen capture, can be solved using Chrome extensions.

Isn’t that cool?

Whether you’re new to extensions or have used them before, I think we can all agree that Chrome extensions are an incredible innovation for web browsing. And with tons of extensions for out there, finding the best ones that are suitable for you can be difficult and time-consuming.

Don’t worry!

If you’re too busy or having a hard time finding a suitable extension for your Android phone, we are here to help. We listed the best Chrome extensions for Android users out there.

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7 Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users

There are tons of extensions out there, and finding the most useful ones can take your precious time. You don’t have to worry, for we handpicked the best Chrome extensions for Android out there.

But before we start, Google Chrome on Android doesn’t support extensions, so you need to have these things ready:

  • Download Yandex from Google Play.
Best Chrome Extensions for Android Users - Yandex Logo

Yandex Web Browser

Best Chrome Extensions for Android Users - Yandex Extensions

Yandex supports Chrome extensions

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

1. Evernote

Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users - Evernote Logo

Use Evernote to clip and save important stuff you find on the web. This extension lets you save webpages, take screenshots, highlight important words, and store them to your Evernote account.

With Evernote, keep yourself organized with notes, memos, and checklists. You’ll also find all the stuff you saved on your Evernote account so that you can access them with different devices, including your laptop and mobile.

Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users - Evernote

Key features:

  • Clip webpages.
  • Take screenshots.
  • Annotate and highlight important details.
  • Save everything on your Evernote account.

With all these things said, Evernote is the only planner and organizer that you would need. With this extension, saving important ideas and organizing them is much more manageable.

2. Amazon Assistant

Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users - Amazon Assistant Logo

Amazon Assistant helps you check their products online as you browse through different websites. Compare products from different shops with Amazon through this extension.

The Amazon Assistant will let you discover products while browsing through the web. Check new sales every and get notifications from deals that you want.

Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users - Amazon Assistant

Key features:

  • Browse through the web while checking products on Amazon.
  • Save products in one place.
  • Receive personalized product recommendations.

This extension is helpful for people who like to check products and shop online. With Amazon Assistant, you can track product prices and get notifications from the deals that you want.

3. Awesome Screenshot

Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users - Awesome Screenshot Logo

Although you can use your phone’s screenshot feature to capture pages, this Chrome extension can offer you a lot more. With Awesome Screenshot, you can take selected areas, whole pages, and record your screen.

Awesome Screenshot allows you to edit your captured pages with circles, arrows, lines, and text. You can also blur selected parts of the page and share the photo with one click.

Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users - Awesome ScreenShot

Key features:

  • Capture a selected area, the whole page, or the visible parts of the website.
  • Add annotations, text, and blur to the captured image.
  • It can support large images.
  • Download or share the captured image with a single click.

With all the features of Awesome Screenshot free, you can enjoy high-quality screen recording and capture for work or leisure. Compatible with Slack, Trello, and GitHub, you can share captured images with your workmates instantly.

4. Google Translate

Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users - Google Translate Logo

Found a text, phrase, or a webpage that you can’t understand? Don’t worry, with the Google Translate extension you can translate whole pages to English and other languages.

With this Chrome extension, you don’t have to bother searching word per word as it can translate whole pages within a few seconds. Communicate with people around the world who speak a different language.

Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users - Google Translate

Key features:

  • Supports over a hundred languages.
  • Accurate.
  • It can translate whole pages.

Although Google Translate works very well with simple words or phrases, it sometimes translates quite literally without context. Nevertheless, it is still a handy extension to have around.

5. Honey

Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users - Honey Logo

Are you a fan of online shopping? With Honey, you can save money for the product you are buying through promo codes and coupons online.

Honey automatically finds coupons and promo codes on over 20,000 websites and applies them to whatever item you buy. It also compares sellers on Amazon and offers you the best deal out there.

Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users - Honey

Key features:

  • Automatically adds coupons and promo codes to give you a discount.
  • Find better prices on Amazon.
  • Honey droplist.

This Chrome extension also has a droplist, which notifies you if a product on the list is on sale or if their prices drop. With Honey, you can enjoy shopping online, and at the same time, save money with every product you buy.

6. Last Pass

Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users - Last Pass Logo

If you’re having a hard time remembering all your passwords from different websites, the Last Pass is the best for you. With this extension, manage your passwords efficiently and with more security.

The Last Pass syncs your passwords to all your devices so that you won’t bother remembering all of them. Just don’t forget your Last Pass master password, and you’re good to go.

Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users - Last Pass

Key features:

  • Store log-in credentials from different websites.
  • Sync your passwords with other devices.
  • Generate and use strong passwords for more security.
  • Multi-factor authentication.

With the Last Pass, you’ll have more secure passwords for your accounts without needing to remember them. Just install it to browsers in all of your devices, and enjoy its services without worry.

7. Grammarly

Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users - Grammarly Logo

If you’re having trouble with your grammar and spelling, this extension is perfect for you. Grammarly can help you fix your writing errors so that you can perfectly express what’s on your mind.

Compatible with most websites, including Google Docs, Facebook, Wordpress, LinkedIn, and Gmail, you’ll find that Grammarly is helpful in many ways. With this Chrome extension, you can be confident in your writing, anywhere you work.

Best Chrome Extensions for Android Phone Users - Grammarly

Key features:

  • It offers high-quality writing.
  • Compatible with most websites.
  • It detects the tone of your writing.

Grammarly also has a premium subscription that can elevate your writing further and check for plagiarisms. This Chrome extension is a must-have for everyone. Is this extension the best for you? Check Grammarly on Chrome Web Store now!

Other Questions People Might Ask

Will Chrome extensions work on Android?

The default Chrome browser on Android currently doesn’t support extensions. If you want to enjoy extensions, use a different web browser like Yandex.

Are Chrome extensions secure?

Extension developers don’t prioritize the user’s safety when creating one. Still, Google does its best to make sure that the extensions it offers are safe and secure.

Are Chrome extensions free of use?

Most Chrome extensions are free and still offers the best services they can provide. However, some extensions have a premium feature that you can subscribe to for more services and functionality.

To sum it all up

Chrome extensions add extra features for a customizable web browsing. Although extensions are not available in your Android through its default Chrome browser, using a different web browser like Yandex enables you to enjoy your favorite extensions with your mobile web browsing.

With these extensions for Chrome, your mobile browsing can now be smoother and customizable. Although you might be worried about the security and reliability of these extensions, we can assure you that Google does its best to make sure that these extensions are safe and secure.

If you want to share your thoughts, please do so in our comment section below!

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