Best Chromebooks

Best Chromebooks for Every Budget & Need

There’s no doubt that everyone is connected to the internet.

Now, I know you’ll agree when I say this…

Google plays a big role in it. Google has developed the fastest and most accurate search engine as of date. And it’s safe to say that they have slain the game.

The interesting part is this:

Google has joined the Operating System alley as they released the Linux-based ChromeOS. Thus, the birth of Chromebooks.

Here’s the deal.

Chromebooks are just like your typical laptop but works best if you are connected to the internet and if you are fond of using files and applications that are stored in the cloud.

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The Best Chromebooks for Every Budget & Need

Best OverallSamsung Chromebook 3
CheapestDell Chromebook 11 3180
Best Value for MoneyGoogle Pixelbook (i7)
Highly RecommendedASUS Chromebook C202

Awesome Chromebooks Under $200

Chromebooks for Students

Just like any other laptop, Chromebooks have different prices.

I must admit, some of them are on the pricier side of the price-range spectrum. Which is totally not okay with the budget-conscious people out there.

But, here’s good news.

There are cheap Chromebooks under $200 that works amazingly as fine as high-end ones. When it comes to specifications, we cannot expect them to have the best but, performance-wise, they will surely not disappoint.

Amazing Chromebooks Under $300

Best Chromebooks UNDER 300

Now, if you have a little budget, you might want something more.

Don’t get me wrong…

Chromebooks under $200 are all amazing. But, if you are looking for those that have better specifications, you might want to check out Chromebooks under $300.

With a little more bucks, you’d be able to enjoy larger memory space or larger RAM for faster experience or so much more. These Chromebooks have their own selling feature that might be perfect for you.

Reliable Chromebooks for Students

Chromebooks for Students200

C’mon, let’s be honest.

As a student, It’s very hard to go by without a laptop.

In school, we are often required to do numerous papers, PowerPoint presentations, reports, projects, etc. Especially in college. Sure, our schools might have computers in the library for us to use, but can we stay there all night doing our research?

I bet, we can’t!

For those students out there that are planning to buy a laptop, I suggest you get one of the best Chromebooks for students. It works best with cloud storage so you don’t have to worry about your file getting lost or damaged because it’s saved forever!

Best Deals for Chromebooks That You’ll Love

Best Chromebooks Deals

Let’s admit it.

For people like me that are on a tight budget, we want to get the most out of our money. This also applies when we are any other gadgets such as laptops. For instance, we only want the best deals for Chromebooks, if ever we’ll look for one.

Usually, we get the best deals for Chromebooks and other tech-related devices during the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no great deals and discounts outside this season.

Discounts and deals are always around, you should only look deeper if you want the best ones.

Have you found the Chromebook you’re looking for? Let us know in the comments section below!

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