8 Best Collage Apps for Android to Make Memories

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but you know what’s better than a picture? A collage! With a good collage app for Android you will be able to express all you need in one single photo. These apps will allow you to show the fun you had on a birthday party or the craziness of a night out with friends. Capturing the nature of the moment in a well-designed collage not only saves you time but tells the whole store efficiently. You will be surprised to know that I love collages; yes I’m a bearded guy in his twenties. Let’s take a look at the best apps for collages.

Note: Each collage app for Android was used on a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone with a custom ROM based on Android 4.4 Kit Kat. The apps performed fine and there were no problems faced during the testing phase. All of the apps rely on ads to generate revenue and are available for free on the Google Play Store. Some features will require an active internet connection.

1. Pic Collage – Free

Pic Collage app for Android

College of collage

Pic Collage is the number one app because it does a lot of things right. I understand that most users will want the fastest way to convert pictures into collages and Pic Collage is the app that does just that. The app has a ton of different ways to make a bunch of pictures into wonderful looking collages. You can even sprinkle the pictures with nifty props and words. Import existing photos from your gallery and retouch old memories with the magic of Pic Collage.


  • A  simple to use interface.
  • Clip photos by simply tracing your finger.
  • Attach frames with ease.

Notable Feature:

Pic Collage comes with a plethora of social features. This means you and your friends will have a great time using this app and sharing your creations with each other.


2. Pixlr Express – Free

Pixlr Express

Express yourself

This app is for those who need ultimate control over each and every aspect of their collages. Pixlr Express is perhaps the only collage app for Android which gives you advanced tools like rotating and resizing. You can select from four different predefined dimensions and if you are not satisfied, you can add your own. Fast and flexible image resizing is available for post editing which is great if you are in a hurry. The lighting effects are also a standout as well as the groovy borders. The app is a little bit advanced for normal users; that’s the only reason it is not number one.


  • Advanced features are amazing.
  • Total control over your pictures.
  • Removing red-eye from pictures is easy.

Notable Feature:

Auto fix pictures with just a click of a button. The app will take care of the saturation, brightness and contrast and even adjust mid-tones on an image.


3. Moldiv – Collage Photo Editor – Free and In-App Purchases

Moldiv – Collage Photo Editor

Mold it into art

If you are craving some truly artistic looking collages, then Moldiv is perhaps the best creative outlet. The app is amazingly designed for both tablets and smartphones. Framing and stitching photos is extremely easy and the result is always beautiful. There are 80 frames to choose from and if you need more, another 100 can also be purchased. Frame shuffle feature recommends the most suited frame for your collage. Resizing each frame area to make something of your own is also easily done.


  • Incredible design and UI.
  • Collage photos like a magazine or a poster.
  • There are 45 photo effects available.

Notable Feature:

You can apply the same effect to multiple images all at the same time. This saves you the manual labor of applying a favorite effect over and over again.


4. Photo Collage Maker – Free With In-App Purchases

Photo Collage Maker

Make memories

If you like a ton of effects in your collages, then Photo Collage Maker is the one made for you. There are more than one hundred predefined layouts already available in the app. If you are feeling creative, you can always make your own layouts and use them as you like. From easy gestures to saving high-resolution photos, this app provides almost everything. The only down side is that the interface is a little bland for my taste.


  • More than a hundred layouts and stickers.
  • Select background colors and patterns.
  • Sharing your creations is easy.

Notable Feature:

The app has over 55 different fonts for you to choose from. This means now you can write nifty little notes on pictures in a suitable font.


5. PicGrid – Photo Collage Maker – Free

PicGrid – Photo Collage Maker

The grid is great

This collage app for Android combines great looking frames with simplicity. Using a few simple steps you will get a great looking collage in almost no time at all. There are more than a hundred frames for you to choose from along with 14 filters. You can also change the border color of each frame according to the mood of the pictures. This app really gels with selfies as the filters are calm and yet stylish, check this article out if you need a great selfie app. Zoom, rotate and pan to get the perfect collage you want.


  • A great yet simple interface.
  • Multiple border editing options.
  • Flip, rotate and pan really help.

Notable Feature:

This app allows you to apply 2 filters to different sections of one photo. This feature opens up some new and exciting creative doors.


6. Photo Collage Editor – Free

Photo Collage Editor

The easy way

If you find full-blown photo editors to be tedious for making collages, then Photo Collage Editor is the app you need. The easy to use app allows you to perform some complex editing. From applying cool looking filters to adding text on photos, all can be done with ease.


  • A good-looking interface.
  • The borders are amazing.
  • Text and stickers shake the collages.

Notable Feature:

The app also comes with a full featured photo editor if you feel like performing artistic surgery on images. It’s not as robust as these editors but it gets the job done.


7. Instabox – Free

Instabox collage app for android

Post instantly

Instagram is one of the hottest photo sharing/showcasing apps around and Instabox augments that experience. The app allows you to add different shapes to your photos and make them standout among the sea of others. Take a different approach and make your photos circular or hexagonal. Add borders and frames to make them look more appealing and post them on Instagram. Select a nice looking background color or a pattern to suit your style.


  • Simple to use and easy to learn.
  • Editing is a piece of cake.
  • More than 30 great filters at your disposal.

Notable Feature:

This collage app for Android allows you to use standard drag and drop gestures to edit your collages and make them look amazing. From rounding corners to zooming in or out, the app does everything in style.


8. Photo Collage – Free

Photo Collage app for Android

Simple yet stylish

Are you looking for a nice combo of photos? Check out Photo Collage to suit your needs. Combine photos the way you want with this great looking app. There are different modes for you to select and show your photos off. Capture your wedding in a stylish collage and express your happiness. You can even go freestyle with this app and paste pictures upon a big background image.


  • Simple, intuitive and understanding.
  • Stickers are funny and fun.
  • Some editing modes are more intuitive than Photoshop.

Notable Feature:

This is perhaps the only app that allows you to add images directly from the web to your collage. Sometimes you need to get a cute little puppy into the collage.



This ends the best collage app for Android list. If you are having trouble capturing great pictures with your camera, new camera apps may help a little. Now go and explore the wonderful world of collage making! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

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