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10 Great Cooking Apps for Android, Cook Away!

Living alone is hard work, especially if you don’t know how to cook for yourself. Thank god there were some great cooking apps for Android available when I moved out. The other options were to either get fat eating out all the time or starve myself a lot. I called mom back home and she suggested to cook myself. Fast forward… a few weeks spent with cooking apps for Android and I was able to finally boil an egg right (I’m bad at cooking, not the app’s fault).

Despite my utter lack of cooking skills, I can now make a few very basic dishes. And yes… I call instant noodles a dish :D. However you can have better luck with best cooking apps for Android unlike me. My aunt for example can now make amazing lasagna. My friend who moved to Germany is famous in his dorm for making the best tacos. Meanwhile I can burn around 10 different dishes if given the chance; you can laugh in the comments now.

Note: These best cooking apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III for the purpose of this list. Most of the apps require internet connection to work properly. The apps performed fine during the testing phase.

1. Yummly Recipes & Recipe Box

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Yummly is without a doubt one of the most used cooking apps for Android and there is a very good reason for that too. The app is extremely user-friendly and offers a lot when it comes to discovering and trying out new things.

If you are new to cooking, the app will find some really basic and easy to follow recipes for you. The thing is, Yummly doesn’t host any of the recipes itself but searches the internet for the best ones.

Free Version

2. Evernote Food

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Evernote has popped up in a large number of lists and it is one of my personal favorite apps on Android. This cooking app for Android is of the same high quality. You can explore a ton of recipes from around the globe with ease and then just as easily save them on your device.

This means once you have the recipe on your Android device, you can revisit it whenever you want. I have seen one of my friends make campfire salmon using this very app.

Free Version

3. Allthecooks

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This app is one of the best cooking blog apps around. People from all over the world make their meals and share recipes with the rest of us. This app may not be perfect for traditional recipes. However if you want to know what makes Julia’s apple pie so special? This is the app which will reveal all the secrets.

The posters also post their tricks and tips for a particular meal to make it that much special.

Free Version

4. BigOven

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BigOven boasts over 350,000 recipes. This means that whatever you are looking for will be there. The app also comes with a grocery list, which almost rivals the apps featured on our best grocery list apps.

This Android cooking app comes with a great recipe organizer which lets you sort all your stuff with ease. There is a menu planner which makes it easy to plan next week’s meals. You can even effectively use leftovers if you have the time to enter them in.

Free Version

5. Allrecipes

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This is a straight forward cooking app for Android. If you only need an app to just give you the recipes for pancakes, this is the app.

The app comes with a serviceable interface but the instructions and the way they are delivered is great. But this is not the reason the app is on the list. It’s the videos which makes the app special. There are more than a thousand cooking videos with step by step instructions.

Free Version

6. Cake Recipes

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Who doesn’t like cakes, well apart from diabetics? This app comes with some really great recipes for some great cakes. It would have been an amazing app if the interface was made a little better.

Also if the app included more cakes via regular updates it would have ranked higher. But the cakes that are included look absolutely delightful and tasty. If you are looking to surprise someone special by making a great cake, try this app first.

Free Version

7. 8500+ Drink Recipes

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Well this is not exactly a cooking app per say but it does cook some potent concoctions. I’m not a drinker myself but I do have some friends who love drinking.

If you want to know how to make that perfect Long Island, this is the app that tells you how. The app comes with some great and witty instructions which make it easy and fun to mix drinks.

Free Version

8. My CookBook

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My CookBook as the name suggests is a cook book made for storing recipes. You can create shopping lists which include the ingredients for the meal you are aiming to make. The app is also able to synchronize everything across multiple devices using Dropbox.

One of the best things about this app is the ability to scale ingredients according to the servings. For example, I always find it hard to know exactly how much salt will be needed for a 6 people dish. This app will do that for you. Combine it with the best calorie counter apps and you are getting healthy as well.

Free Version 

9. Indian Recipes Offline

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I am a huge fan of Indian food. I love everything spicy and tasty. A staggering large number of people also love to eat Indian meals. This app caters to that large chunk of food loving population. While the other apps on the list can in theory find Indian recipes, this app takes it a bit further.

Almost every dish on the app is authentic and carries the same traditional taste. The usable interface is a delight to use after a little familiarity. I’m going to try making Bombay Biryani (asking my mom to make it).

Free Version

10. Cookbook

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Do you like free recipes? Do you like eating food? Do you like making your own food? Well use this app then, you will like it. Cookbook brings advanced sharing features and of course great recipes on your Android device.

The app allows you to search for recipes, directions and ingredients. The best part of the app is that you can know which ingredient goes into what dish. For example if you have a ton of green pepper in stock you can make dishes centered on it.

Free Version

Cooking healthy is a great way to lose unwanted weight and be physically fit. These cooking apps offer you a way to live a healthy and prosperous life. Going out using the restaurant finder apps is the easy way. Sure cooking your meals will demand time and effort but the end results are amazing. Combine these apps with weight loss apps and running apps and you will be sporting those six pack abs in no time!

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