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Top 5 Cooling Phone Cases for Your Smartphone in 2023

If there were a way to maintain our mobile phones at low temperatures, it would make them easier to operate. Our phones can heat up so much that it makes it uncomfortable to hold them and damage the device.

While mobile brands focus on this issue when making their newer models, third-party developers solved the overheating issue with the innovation of cooling phone cases. They are simple heat-dissipation phone cases that provide airflow to the phone through the case. The semiconductor-type cooling radiators help maintain low temperatures, and their fit is universal.

If you are a heavy gamer, a social media influencer, or a person who spends most of the day on your phone to get the job done, then a mobile cooling case is the perfect solution to the overheating issue.

Common heating issues on Smartphones:

  • Internet connection throughout the entire day
  • Heavy gaming takes up more RAM storage, hence heating the device
  • Users who can’t afford a personal computer to carry out tasks on their mobile tend to use mobile phones for a long period.
  • When the device is exposed to direct sunlight or used outside for a long time
  • The device heats up while using maps to get to a distant location and while shooting long videos
Cooling phone cases
Phone Heating Issues


You may avoid these common mistakes to prevent your device from overheating and use relevant cooling phone cases that dissipate heat in case you must do the necessary work.

Now that you understand what cooling phone cases are, it’s best to look at the different cases available in the market. 

List of Cooling Phone Cases:

1. Mixneer heat dissipation case:

The Mixneer phone case of thermoplastic polyurethane covers the device entirely. It dissipates heat from the phone quickly with the circular hole design. Also, the phone case has camera lens protection and protection from dirt, scratches, and shocks. The cooling phone case is available in six different colors. However, the phone case is suitable only for the iPhone series. 

cooling phone cases- Mixneer

Image source: Amazon

2. Razer Arctech Pro:

The Razer Arctech Pro phone case is compatible with iPhone 11, although you can order custom phone cases from their official website. The phone case is made of thermaphene technology, a thermally conductive layer that keeps the phone safe from overheating issues. The Phone case is a ten feet drop tested and approved product. It supports wireless charging with Qi-certified chargers. 

cooling phone cases- Razer Arctech pro
Razer Arctech Pro

Image source: Amazon

3. Afarer heat dissipation cover:

The Afarer cooling phone case is only compatible with Android OS Samsung Galaxy A32. Its back panel consists of a honeycomb design which allows airflow to the device and reduces the heat from the device. It is also shockproof, scratch resistant, and has camera lens protection. The cover is raised to prevent the mobile’s display from damage, and the metal ring at the back provides magnetic support.

cooling phone cases- Afarer case
Afarer case

Image source: Amazon

4. Anqrp hidden series:

This mobile case of thermoplastic polycarbonate is suitable only for the Samsung Galaxy S21 (6.1 inches) mobile. It is shockproof, non-slip, scratch-resistant, non-slip, and offers dual-layer protection and a perfect grip. The product name suggests that it has a hidden ring that acts as a stand for your phone.

cooling phone cases- Anqrp hidden series
Anqrp Hidden Series

Image source: Amazon

5. Otterbox max grip:

Otterbox provides no-slip and anti-sweat textures to your phone, which is essential for gaming. It is equipped with a technology called coolvergence, which reduces overheating of your device. It is military grade tested up to 3X drops. The max grip cooling case material is made up of antimicrobial technology, so it stays sanitary with minimal cleaning. 

cooling phone cases- Otterbox max grip
Otterbox Max Grip

Image source: Amazon

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Universal Mobile Phone Radiator:

If you couldn’t find a cooling phone case that is compatible with your phone, then the mobile phone radiator is an alternative to the cooling phone case.

It is a semiconductor cooling fan that fits at the back of your device and is powered by an electric supply to operate. You can adjust the fan speed manually with the help of the phone cooler app that is connected via Bluetooth.

cooling phone cases- universal mobile radiator
Universal Mobile Radiator

Image source: Amazon

Black Shark manufactures the BR30-BS. It has a seven-blade cooling unit that dissipates heat instantly, and the fan speed is adjusted automatically. The LED panel displays the temperature value of the device. Phones with widths ranging from 2.63 to 3.46 inches are compatible with the cooling radiator. 

Some key features of the cooling radiator include:

  • Silent operation
  • Universal compatibility
  • Temperature display
  • RGB lights during operation
  • Monitor and control using a dedicated app
  • USB C-port charging
  • Up to 7200 rpm fan speed
  • Compatible with iOS and android
  • Hands will not be affected during the operation

Frequently asked questions:

Are cooling phone cases worth it?

Yes. The cooling phone cases are extremely useful in dissipating heat and offering additional features.

Do cooling phone cases come with a grip?

They offer excellent anti-slip grip.

Is there a cooling device that is compatible with different mobiles?

Yes. Cooling radiators are available on the market that is compatible with most mobiles.

Where to look for cooling phone cases?

Online shopping sites like Amazon or brand websites you feel comfortable and trustworthy to purchase these cases are the best places to look.

Is there a cover that cools devices when it overheats?

Yes. Phoozy Phone cover series on Amazon is a thermal pouch that maintains your phone at low temperatures when placed inside.

What must be the dimensions of phones that fit cooling radiators?

Cooling radiators fit phones with a width of 67-88 millimeters. 

To Conclude:

The evolution of smartphones and their users continues to increase exponentially. It is one thing to own a device that carries out most of our day-to-day operations without any issues, and it is another task to maintain the quality of the device to ensure that the device performs well over the years.

Now that you have a list of great cooling phone cases that are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, you can pick the best one for you to avoid your phone’s overheating. Let us know your thoughts and reviews of the products mentioned in this article.

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