Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

10 of the Best Covers and Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

There is no doubt Samsung has fast become the leading Android smartphone manufacturer. The popularity of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a clear testament to the company’s success in the Android market. Because it is the flagship phablet from the company, it is kind of expensive. When a thing costs a lot, you need to protect it well.

This is where covers and cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 come into play. These covers and cases not only allow you to make a style statement but also protect your investment from bruises and scratches. This phone is a very sturdy metallic one but it is not indestructible so it is highly advisable that you invest in some good covers and cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a beautiful smartphone, with its metallic body and glass finish it is really eye catching. Because it is a very popular Android smartphone, there is no shortage of well-made covers and cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 are not in any particular order.

1. Tauri Note 5 Wallet Case

Tauri Note 5 Wallet Case

When your smartphone is as big as Samsung Galaxy Note 5, it makes sense to make it a notebook. This wallet case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with great features and a very low price point. This cover is made of a premium synthetic leather which is specifically designed for this very smartphone. The case also comes with convenient inner pockets that can store your credit cards and ID card.

There is also a sleeve for cash if you want to carry some, however, I advise that you take very little cash, otherwise the case will not close properly. This particular wallet case for Note 5 also comes with a built-in kickstand feature which makes it easier to video chat and movie watching. That’s not all, though, the case is also available in multiple other colors which are frankly exciting than the plain black one.

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2. Fliptroniks Galaxy Note 5 Bumper Case

Fliptroniks Galaxy Note 5 Bumper Case

I’m a big fan of bumper cases because, not only they look stylish, but also help protect your expensive smartphone. Back in my Galaxy SIII days, a trusty bumper case saved my smartphone from incredibly rough falls. A well-made sturdy bumper case might as well be the difference between a perfectly fine or cracked smartphone.

This case not only looks stylish but also provides exceptional protection for your smartphone. While it is not as sturdy as other beefy looking bumper cases, it does come with a very grippy design. The textured back of this case makes it easy to hold onto your smartphone. Bumper case is also very slim and lightweight which makes it easier to handle and your pocket feels more comfortable as a result. The only downside is that the case is only available in black, which might be a deal-breaker for some people.

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3. S-View Flip Cover

S-View Flip Cover

If you like expensive first party covers then this one might fancy your liking. The S-View Flop Cover Folio is made by Samsung themselves and used to be very costly. Thankfully the company has realized that nobody will be purchasing a $50 simple folio case and reduced the price accordingly. While I’m not a huge fan of first party covers, there is a market for them, thanks to the added functionality.

Once you have equipped your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with this cover, an interactive window will open up access to key features of the smartphone. The case is made of hard plastic and might provide you with added protection but don’t get your hopes that high. Apart from the added functions and easy access to features, there is nothing more the case offers in terms of exceptional protection.

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4. SUPCASE Water Resistant Case

SUPCASE Water Resistant Case

A lot of people work outside or are as clumsy as me, so they need some added protection. This case is a full-body rugged case which comes with water resistant features and a built-in screen protector. Not only the case is actually quite sturdy but it also looks incredibly strong as well. The front cover comes with a built-in screen protector that helps you avoid scratches.

Usually, low-quality front screen protectors reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen, thankfully that is not the case here. Best part of the case is that it comes with three changeable back covers which are interchangeable. The gray, silver and gold variants of the back plate provide some level of customizability. While the case is water resistant, the makers do warn that it is not waterproof and sealed, so I would advise caution.

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5. Verus Galaxy Note 5 Case

Verus Galaxy Note 5 Case

This case comes with a full degree of protection as its design covers all four corners of the smartphone. The case also protects the raised edges and TPU lid to keep the screen from getting scratched or even touching the ground. The snuggly fit case is designed with thinness in mind without compromising the security of the smartphone. The precise cutouts in the case give you access to all the ports with ease.

The case is made of a TPU and polycarbonate so you can be sure that it will absorb shock damage easily. One of the unique features of the case is the card slot which allows you to carry your ID or credit cards with ease. The case is available in five different colors and surprisingly the yellow one looks incredible, at least, to me.

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6. OBLIQ Naked Shield Case

OBLIQ Naked Shield Case

A lot of people like Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for its beautiful design and metallic body. It makes sense that you may not want to hide the beautiful aesthetics Samsung has provided this time around. But leaving your smartphone naked as the day it was born is kind of living on the edge. Thankfully, this case will help you in, not only showing off the beautiful looks of the smartphone but also, keeping it protected.

The transparent case fits the smartphone really well and doesn’t compromise much on the original design. The case is crystal-clear and is completely see-through which is nice if you want to look at the beautiful smartphone with it on. This case, unlike other clear, cases comes with a dedicated kickstand to keep your smartphone horizontally lifted while watching movies or chatting.

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7. Spigen Hybrid Carbon Case

Spigen Hybrid Carbon Case

I’m a huge fan of Spigen and their vast array of cases for Android smartphones. The company has made its name in the market and their dedication and experience shows in their products. This case comes with a TPU shell and PC frame delivers a reinforced bumper protection. The backside is carbon fiber textured and adds extra sturdiness and grip to the back of the smartphone.

This particular case comes with metallic side buttons for volume and power. While the case does hide the look of the smartphone, the modern metallic buttons are a joy to use. All in all, it’s a very beautiful looking carbon textured bumper case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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8. Armor Defender Case

Armor Defender Case

This case is for those who regularly drop their smartphones and want the ultimate protection for it. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a very sturdy smartphone but I highly doubt that it can handle multiple drops in a short period of time. This is exactly why this case goes all in with the protection and looks frankly like a tank. This is a high impact armored case which comes with dual protection for your pretty smartphone.

Despite having a lot going on for it, the case allows you easy access to all buttons and ports. The corners of the case are reinforced further and protrude outwards. But if you are looking for exceptionally strong protection, you will have to sacrifice some looks.

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8. Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen Liquid Crystal

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a very beautiful smartphone and it makes sense that you may not want to obscure the looks. Spigen also thought of that and provided a completely full clear premium semitransparent case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This is perhaps the most clear bumper case I have ever seen for this particular smartphone and it looks incredible.

The case is made with very slim material and looks awesome in the screenshots. While I highly doubt that it will provide exceptional protection for your smartphone, it does look very great. At the very least, the backside of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be protected from scratches and smudges which look awful on a metallic body.

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10. Verus Pro Shield

Verus Pro Shield

This case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a brushed metallic look on the back. It also comes in five different colors which make it highly customizable. The thin but practically made case looks exceptional when it comes to looks. The case mixes slimness with protection and as a result, provides both in good quantities. The case is for full degrees of protection including the raised edges of the smartphone. The dual layer is made of a TPU and polycarbonate; it ensures a good degree of protection. The case is also curved on the back to provide a good grip.

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These were a few great cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I know these are not a lot but I believe they all provide something unique to the user. So, how is the latest phablet from the Korean giant treating you? Have you just received the smartphone and wanted to protect it or you are going to protect it after some usage?

Do tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. Most importantly if you have another case which deserves to be on the list, feel free to drop the link the comments as well I’ll make sure to check it out personally.

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