Best Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

A Shopping List of the Best Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Out There

Best Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is an amazing smartphone, but it has been superseded with the latest Galaxy S7 Edge. These great ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are not going to make the smartphone magically faster, but they will sure try to harness the full potential of the smartphone.

We all know that Samsung won’t introduce new features to the old smartphone now that they have a new golden boy in town. Thankfully, we have a lot of developers and modders working on their own custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

These Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bring a lot of different features, but all of them will remove unnecessary bloatware from the smartphone. The bloatware is usually the reason why your smartphone becomes slower over time and thanks to these ROMs you will be able to get rid of it forever.

Even though Samsung has made efforts in removing their own apps that we only use once just to see what they do and leave. For example, I hardly know anyone who actively uses the Samsung email app anymore. But it is still considered to be a system app and we cannot delete it from the device we have paid for.

Enter a custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and you will be free to do whatever you want with the stylishly designed smartphone.

This article assumes that you know how to root the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and flash custom ROMs on it. You will also know that flashing a custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will void the warranty. Flashing stuff on your phone without doing a proper backup is just calling for trouble.

I highly recommend that you do a thorough backup of your smartphone before flashing a new ROM on it. It is also advised that you read the ROM’s instructions clearly and completely. Some custom ROMs need special steps to ensure stable performance, make sure that you know those before taking the final plunge into awesomeness. The custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are in the order of popularity, check them all out to find the one that works best for you.

1. CarHD ROM


CarHD ROM may have an unusual name but it runs exactly like a well-oiled car. Not much is changed in terms of looks in this ROM and it almost looks like Samsung’s own TouchWiz Android skin. However, it is deodexed and debloated to make it faster.

One of the major features of this ROM is the robust ROM Control panel that allows you a great degree of control over your smartphone. There is also a quick launcher in the recent apps that can help you launch apps in no time at all. There is the option to receive floating messages, this means the messages will pop up on any app you are using and can be replied to right from the pop-up bubble.

The custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge also allows you to use any app in multi-window mode seen in almost every large screen Samsung device. Some apps may not play nice with the multi-window format, but that is to be expected. At least you can now use the third party calculator this way.

Another awesome feature is the setting torch when you press the volume up button. Overall this ROM will look almost like TouchWiz but bring in a slew of improvements and features.


2. Crisscross ROM

Crisscross ROM

This is another great ROM for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and it works wonderfully. There are a ton of features available on this ROM that include almost all of the debloating measures. The ROM comes with better optimization of the apps database. The system files are also optimized in this ROM.

This shows that this is a well thought out and through reimaging of Android 5.1.1 and not just a re-skin of existing assets. The ROM comes with a fixed private mode, 5 ways reboot menu and support for multiple languages. You will also find various graphical improvements in this ROM, for example, the ROM supports the Samsung theme pack to give it a TouchWiz look.

Knox is removed from the ROM so that is another plus for a lot of people. But this is not why this is one of the best custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it’s because of the app by app bloatware remove option it comes with.




This is my recommended ROM because I have actually seen it in action and it works flawlessly. Sure, there are some minor bugs here and there but the ROM actually feels a lot faster on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The ROM removes a lot of things from the stock TouchWiz ROM Samsung ships the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with.

For example, the save volume levels warning is gone from the experience and so are a bunch of Samsung apps. The ROM also enables the call button on contacts list, allows you to block calls or messages and even turn off the camera shutter sound. The ROM also comes with a native call recorder that works really well.

It also removes the SFinder and QuickConnect in the notification bar as well. There are a lot of customization options also available in this ROM thanks to the versatile AROMA installer.




If you want the cool features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ on your regular Galaxy S6 Edge, then this is the ROM made for you. In a few words, this is a direct port of the Samsung TouchWiz featured on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. In longer words, it brings in a lot of different changes to the table as well. It is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and is pre-rooted.

The ROM is deodexed and very lightly debloated. This makes sense because you would want to get the S6 Edge+ apps, frameworks, and libraries on your smartphone, this is the major reason of installing the ROM in the first place.

Other than that, the ROM is fast and responsive and works really well on the hardware. The ROM is said to be battery friendly but I have not tested that myself so cannot confirm that. The only downside is that the camera is not going to capture RAW format pictures. Not a big deal but will be certainly disappointing for those who want to post-process their pictures.


5. The Capsule ROM

The Capsule ROM

Want a hybrid between the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+? Well, now you can have that with the Capsule ROM. This is a pre-rooted and deodexed ROM that also removes the pesky Knox. There is a 5-way reboot menu that can boot up in recovery directly without the need to press a button combination.

The ROM supports multi-users as well. If you want to use any app in the multi-window view, with this ROM you can do that as well. Not all apps will work fine with the view, but that was always the expectation. The ROM also brings in the one-handed mode that comes with the Galaxy Note 5 and is great for those who have smaller hands. There are a lot of Galaxy S6 Edge+ features introduced in the ROM that include the People & App Edge, Night Clock, and Information Stream.

The ROM also brings in the one-handed mode that comes with the Galaxy Note 5 and is great for those who have smaller hands. There are a lot of Galaxy S6 Edge+ features introduced in the ROM that include the People & App Edge, Night Clock, and Information Stream.


6. Anatolia ROM

Anatolia ROM

This is very straightforward ROM that aims to be fast and easy on the battery. It is a fully deodexed and comes with unmodified stock features. It uses stock kernel as well. The only thing this ROM does is remove a lot of useless apps from the stock Samsung ROM.

Sure there are other features included like SMS conversion removal, pre-root and call recording, but the ROM is on the list due to its vigilant removal of Samsung apps. The ROM looks and feels like the stock version of TouchWiz that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge so many won’t even notice the difference but thanks to the extreme removal of bloatware apps, the smartphone will run a bit faster.


7. Personal ROM

Personal ROM

I wouldn’t recommend installing this ROM because the developer is relatively new. However, if you are curious to see what a doctor can do with Android ROMs, then this is the best option available on the XDA-Developers forum. That guy has made his own battery mod and even his very own Kernel.

This is some impressive work, especially if the developer is saying that he is just a doctor, not a developer. The ROM also adds Dolby app and drivers, removes the boot sound and even adds more ringtones to the mix. The ROM also removes the safe volume level warning that becomes annoying after a little while. It also brings in a 5-way reboot menu that is almost essential in custom ROMs these days.



This concludes the 7 best custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This is a relatively new smartphone and the developers have yet to embrace it fully. Mostly because Samsung decided to remove the beloved microSD card slot as well as a removable battery. So a lot of power users, including me, were turned off by the Samsung flagships released last year. Hopefully, we will see a lot of development down the road but I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to talk to me in the comments below. Do tell us about your personal experience with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, are you tempted to upgrade to the S7 Edge or will you wait another year? I’ll love to hear your thoughts.

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