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Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy J7 (For rooted devices)

Best Custom ROM Samsung Galaxy J7

The Samsung Galaxy J7 is a midrange smartphone and it’s gained a lot of popularity among Android users. So it’s only natural that a lot of people would want to install a custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy J7 and enjoy a whole new experience. Unfortunately, the development seen for the Samsung Galaxy J7 hasn’t taken off  so there are not a lot of options available for the smartphone.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Android development community only cares about flagship devices. They usually ignore midrange smartphones like Samsung Galaxy J7 in the favor of their more expensive siblings. Thankfully, there were few good custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy J7 available on the XDA-Developers forums so we’re not completely at a loss here.

In my opinion, a midrange smartphone is in more need of custom ROMs than a flagship. The flagships are already well polished and working fine, it’s the midrange devices that need a little bit of boost in terms of usability and utility. So I was a little disappointed to see so little support for the Samsung Galaxy J7 but really enjoyed going through the available ROMs. So without further ado, let’s start with the three best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy J7 list.

1. Sakindia123’s Custom ROM for Galaxy J7

Sakindia123’s Custom ROM for Galaxy J7

It is a fairly basic stock ROM for Samsung J7 and it works really well with the hardware. It’s based on AOK8 stock ROM and comes pre-rooted. It even comes with a custom kernel for additional speaks and optimizations. This custom ROM for Samsung J7 is also de-bloated and has Knox removed. Other than that, there are no additional features that deviate from the stock Android ecosystem.

Thankfully, everything Samsung is removed from the Samsung Galaxy J7 in this ROM. You won’t have to worry about multiple gallery or email apps on this ROM.

Whatever you need, you can get from the Google Play Store with ease. There is not a lot of information on the landing page of the ROM but the user has reported a bug. When you adjust the brightness and select outdoor mode, the phone will immediately restart so be careful when you’re adjusting the brightness.


2. Unoffical CyanogenMod 13

Unoffiical CyanogenMod 13

CyanogenMod is perhaps the best-known custom ROM on Android. I have personally used this ROM on multiple devices and have nothing but the utmost respect for the developers. So it is only natural that a lot of people would want the most popular custom ROM on Android to be ported for their Samsung Galaxy J7.

Unfortunately, there is no official support for the Samsung Galaxy J7 from the developers of CyanogenMod. Thankfully for us, we can use an unofficial port of the ROM on the smartphone. The room comes with all the features you are accustomed to and works really well with the hardware.

Obviously, there are some bugs with the builds because it is ultimately an unofficial port. But, if you can ignore the tiny bugs, this is one of the best ROMs available for Samsung Galaxy J7 at the moment.


3. Stock Custom ROM

Stock Custom ROM

If you like what Samsung has done with their TouchWiz on the Samsung Galaxy J7, but do not want the additional apps on your smartphone, then you should definitely check out this ROM. It is a simple ROM based on the original firmware that is made by Samsung but it has been deodexed and de-bloated. One of the best things about this ROM is that it works on any Samsung J7 variant with Exynos7580 processor.

Another good thing about this ROM is that you will still be able to use the themes from the themes store. Apart from that, there is nothing new in this ROM. I understand that this may seem like a disappointment but at least we have something instead of nothing.



This was a rather underwhelming three best custom ROM for Samsung J7 list. I was really surprised to see very little development for the smartphone despite it being a huge hit in the Asian markets. I’ll be keeping an eye on the XDA forums for more development for the Samsung Galaxy J7. In the meantime, you can check out these three ROMs and experiment with them.

So what do you think about the Samsung J7, is it a good smartphone for day-to-day usage? Do tell us your opinions about the smartphone and these ROMs in the comments below.

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  1. Well – let me give you a piece of advice and hope you take it well.

    What is a “rooted” phone. What is a ROM?

    You remind me of people in so many industries so deep into their stuff they forget that over 50% or more of their audience has not one clue about what they are talking about. And with cellular – it is the worst. You guys are of zero help when you go off on subjects like this and don’t take 2 lines of description to let the rest of us lay phone owners know that the hell you are talking about!

    I suspect I’d really like to know what neat stuff you come up with – but you guys do this all the time. And frankly, i am really tired of having to go to other sites to try to get some contextual description of what in blazes you are expounding upon.

    Tell you what – nothing you guys tell us is that important that I am going all over the net trying to figure what you are saying out. Stop taking literary shortcuts. Write to a lower common denominator of folks that are not geeks, engineers, programmers or even users of the phone. Take the risk of boring the rare number of people that read your stuff that may already know everything you are saying anyway.


    1. @mark I can see where you are coming from. There is some pretty technical stuff when it comes to rooting and ROMs and the like.

      However, what I don’t grasp is why you would assume that information would be in this specific article. The title alone implies you already have your phone rooted and are looking to further customize it.

      If you are looking for more educational articles, here are a few you can take a look at:

      Let me know if you have specific questions.

    2. @Mark: I found this site very helpful because I found the ROM that I was looking for. If you are not familiar with ROOTING and ROM’s, then why are you bothering to wite a comment. Makes no sense.

  2. You have yourself mentioned about the bugs and at the same time you have written
    If you can ignore
    How can anybody ignore
    If phone reboot after few minutes
    If the camera is not working
    If incoming call is not matured
    If you can’t adjust brightness
    and more
    why these developers so inefficient that even after 7 to 8 months of of cynogenmode for j7 they are unable to remove only 3 bugs
    Dr sp arora

    1. Hi Dr Sp,

      Sorry to hear about your experience. However, I have to point out that these developers are working for free and in their spare time. Would a patient complain if a doctor sees him for free? I don’t think so. This is their hobby and they are simply sharing their creations with the world, not their full time job. So, it will be quite odd to demand Q&A from them. I hope, this makes it clear.


      1. Thanks
        For your kind information in charitable hospitals where treatment is given free; sometimes patients go to consumer court if not treated properly.
        Of course I’m not planning that. Please take it likely.
        Actually I loved cm 13 on my j7 but i had to uninstall it because of these 3 bugs.That is why i am a bit irritated.
        My best wishes to you
        Dr sp arora
        BDS; MBA

  3. Are these roms compatible with all j7 variants? I have the j700p with reboot issues and hope rooting and flashing a differant rom will solve the issue

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