10 Best Custom ROMs For HTC One M8 to Unlock Features

The HTC One M8 is one of the premium Android smartphones currently available and I’ve been impressed with what HTC has done with their user interface in recent years.

If you’re not impressed with the UI or you think that the HTC One M8 lacks certain features, you should consider installing a custom ROM in order to fill in these gaps.

If you have already rooted your HTC One M8, then you’re good to go. Even if you love your HTC One M8 as it is, you can still improve your phone’s overall performance by installing a custom ROM.

In this post, you’ll find out about the ten best custom ROMs that are currently available for the HTC One M8. There are other ROMs available as well and some users might prefer them over the custom ROMs for HTC One M8 in the list below.

However, if you’re new to installing ROMs, then the list below will make your search a bit easier.

Why Should You Install A Custom ROM On Your HTC One M8?

Since installing a custom ROM is a risky process, you might be wondering whether it is worth going through all the trouble. If you’re not sure whether installing custom ROMs is the smart thing to do, then consider the following reasons.

  • You’ll feel something different when using your phone. A lot of custom ROMs bring in a different user interface and if you’re looking for something different, then a custom ROM might just be what you need.
  • Superior battery life. Custom ROMs get you more battery juice from your phone and if you like watching movies and playing HD games on your phone, then installing a custom ROM is the smart thing to do.
  • New apps and features. Many custom ROMs also bring in lots of new features and apps that you can enjoy on your HTC One M8.
  • Enhanced performance. Even though the HTC One M8 is quite fast, you can make it faster and more responsive by installing a custom ROM.

Tips Before Installing A ROM

You’ll need root access on your HTC One M8 before installing any of the ROMs mentioned below. In order to find out more on rooting, feel free to read our guide. Installing custom ROMs is quite risky and it will void your warranty.

Make sure that you install custom ROMs at your own responsibility. Also, follow these instructions:

  • Charge your HTC One M8 at least 70%.
  • Make sure that you install the ROM that is available for your HTC One M8 variant. If you install a ROM that is for another variant, then you might brick your phone.
  • Backup all the files on your phone as everything will be deleted. You can read our list of the ten best backup apps for Android.
  • Follow all the instructions from the developer properly. You’ll find the developer specific instructions on the XDA thread of the ROM that you’re installing. Make sure you read all the instructions as you might brick your HTC One M8 if the instructions are not properly followed.

1. Android Revolution HD ROM for the HTC One M8

android revolution

One of the most popular custom ROMs that is available for various Android devices is the Android Revolution HD ROM. If you’re looking for a ROM that is stable, fast, smooth, maintains a look close to stock and provides great support, then this ROM is probably the right choice.

It is based on the Android 4.4.4 KitKat firmware and is basically an improved version of the stock HTC One M8 ROM. The ROM comes with HTC Sense 6.0, RAM optimizations, various tweaks, speed optimizations and OpenVPN support.

Notable Features:

  • Great battery life
  • Bloatware removed
  • Improved virtual memory management

download now

2. SinLessROM


Another cool custom HTC One M8 ROM is SinLessROM, and it is a stable ROM that aims at providing great performance while improving battery life at the same time. It brings various new features including system tweaks, build.prop tweaks and sound enhancements.

Notable Features:

  • Performance tweaks
  • RAM optimization tweaks
  • Great battery life

download now

3. SkyDragon ROM


SkyDragon is a custom ROM that brings speed, smoothness and an excellent battery life on the HTC One M8. It is based on Android 4.4.4 and features HTC Sense 6.0. It brings SkyDragon boot animation, updated Sense apps, HK sound mod, Android L keyboard and built-in OpenVPN.

Notable Features:

  • Speed optimizations
  • Battery optimizations
  • Pie control

download now

4. ViperOneM8 ROM


Developed by Team Venom, the ViperOneM8 ROM is another awesome custom ROM available for the HTC One M8. The ROM is based on Android version 4.4.4 and is Android RunTime compatible.

Notable Features:

  • Venom Pie
  • Venom tweaks
  • Venom theming

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5. InsertCoin ROM


The InsertCoin ROM features HTC Sense 6.0 and is compatible with Android RunTime. The ROM aims at providing a stable, smooth and problem free experience on the HTC One M8.

The ROM brings ramdisk improvements, InsertCoin Market, InsertCoin Kontrol, InsertCoin Themes, InsertCoin Battery packs, InsertCoin Zip flasher, InsertCoin PerApp Color and InsertCoin over the air updates.

Notable Features:

  • Improved battery life
  • Advanced power menu
  • Memory improvements

download now


ehndroix v

Based on the CyanogenMod 11 firmware, EHNDROIX V ROM is one of the most popular custom ROMs available for several Android devices. The ROM has been highly customized, and even the tiniest details have been modified.

The ROM brings a really smooth interface and at the same time provides a great battery life. It also brings in lots of new features including Heads Up, Nova launcher, theme engine, DashClock lock screen notifications, customizable quick settings panel and Ehndroix wallpapers.

Notable Features:

  • Ehndroix messaging app
  • New ringtones, alarm tones and notification sounds
  • Performance and battery tweaks

download now

7. MaximusHD ROM


The MaximusHD ROM is based on Android 4.4.4 and comes with HTC Sense 6.0. The ROM is stable and aims at improving speed and providing a great battery life. It brings over-the-air updates as well.

Notable Features:

  • Performance tweaks
  • Great battery life
  • Init.d supportdownload now



Based on Android 4.4.3, RENOVATE ROM also comes with HTC Sense 6.0 and brings several new features including advanced power menu, extended home screen menu, AOSP lock screen and CRT animation.

Notable Features:

  • Pie
  • Init.d support
  • Improved performance
  • Great battery life

download now

9. crDroid ROM


crDroid ROM is based on the CyanogenMod firmware and brings several cool features on the HTC One M8 such as dynamic system bars, Heads Up SlimKat version, Hover and screenshot quick trash.

Notable Features:

  • RAM bar
  • Gesture lock screen
  • Flip to mute/reject phone calls

download now

10. CyanHacker ROM


CyanHacker is a popular custom ROM that is based on the LiquidSmooth firmware. The ROM focuses on providing stability, speed and lots of new features.

It brings lock screen customizations, OmniSwitch, Slim recents, CyanHacker apps, DPI changer, Halo, Driving mode, Active Display, Heads Up and lock screen notifications.

Notable Features:

  • Status bar customizations
  • Theme engine
  • Viper4Android
  • Battery saver mode

download now


If you’ve never installed a custom ROM on any of your Android devices, then I would recommend that you install a ROM on your HTC One M8 as there are several cool options available.

Whether you want to improve the performance and battery life on your HTC One M8 or you want new features, you can install the custom ROM that best fits your preferences from the list above.

Whichever ROM you choose to install, make sure that you follow all the instructions from the XDA thread properly and feel free to shoot us any questions below. Also, let us know about your favorite custom ROMs for HTC One M8.

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  1. i need insertcoin kitkat for may htc m8 im in 5.0.2 stock, but i need kitkat in order to unlock my sim , do you have one here i can use??

  2. comment got erased from yesterday or something apparently. Hopefully doesn’t happen again.

    I had simply asked when you say the rom is 4.4.4 based, for example, Does this mean you have to be running the 4.4.4 RUU or does that simply mean you will see 4.4.4 style UI when using the ROM?


    1. Hi Kerry,
      When the 4.4.4 ROM is installed, it means your device will purely run 4.4.4 custom ROM. I do not believe you have to be running a 4.4.4 RUU to be able to run a 4.4.4 ROM.

  3. Hi im using SKY DRAGON 5.0.2 and sense 7 custom rom. battery life is not good in this rom. Fast charging is not working (HTC good feature). it takes much time to reach 100%. i dont know abt other custom rom’s. i have a doubt. Have u given the best ROM list in order wise or simply u given the name. i can try other ROM’s

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