8 Best Custom ROMs For HTC One X: A Techie’s Dream

HTC has released some great phones recently and one of their most popular Android smartphones is the HTC One X. The phone was released a couple of years back, but it is still a fantastic Android smartphone for browsing the web, watching HD videos and playing games.

Even though I’m a fan of HTC’s latest user interface, I don’t really like the UI on older HTC smartphones including the One X and if you’re looking for something new on your HTC One X, then I would recommend trying a custom ROM.

After installing a ROM, your HTC One X will feel much better as you’ll get cool new features and performance optimizations. As the HTC One X is a bit old, there aren’t many great custom ROMs available and some of them have been discontinued.

After looking at the different options available, I’ve made a list of the eight best custom ROMs for HTC One X. This list represents my opinion and there might be users who prefer other ROMs that are not included in this list.

What Is A Custom ROM And Why Should You Install It On Your HTC One X?

A custom ROM is basically a firmware created by third-party developers and you can install this ROM and use it instead of your phone’s stock firmware.

While launchers and other apps do a great job at customizing smartphones, ROMs are probably the best way to customize your phone if you want a completely new firmware.

ROMs can improve your phone in different ways.

  • They can improve the battery life on your HTC One X. If you’re looking to get more battery juice, then you should consider flashing a custom ROM on your phone.
  • Your smartphone should become more responsive and snappier. If you want to speed up your HTC One X, then installing a custom ROM is the right thing to do.
  • Use loads of cool features. Custom ROMs also come with lots of new features that you’ll be able to enjoy on your HTC One X.
  • New user interface. While some custom ROMs maintain a look close to stock, others come with a totally new interface and you’ll get that fresh feeling while using your HTC One X.

Some Tips Before Installing A Custom ROM On Your HTC One X

Rooting is essential before installing a custom ROM on your HTC One X and if you’re not familiar with rooting, feel free to check out our guide on rooting Android devices.

Also, you should only go forward with rooting your phone and installing custom ROMs at your own responsibility as these are risky procedures. You’ll also void the warranty of your manufacturer.

Follow these tips before installing any custom ROM:

  • Backup all your important files as your phone’s data will be deleted. You can check out our list of the ten best backup apps for Android.
  • Make sure that your HTC One X is charged at least 70%.
  • Read and follow all the instructions from the ROM’s developer properly. You can read the instructions on the ROM’s thread on the XDA forums. If you miss out something, you might end up with a bricked One X.

1. Android Revolution HD ROM

android revolution

Android Revolution HD is a fantastic custom ROM that is available for several Android smartphones and it has received positive reviews from many users. It gives a look close to stock and aims at speed, stability and providing users with great support.

Based on Android 4.2.2, the ROM features Sense 5.0 and brings many great features such as RAM optimizations, OpenVPN support and speed optimizations.

Notable Features:

  • Bloatware removed
  • Virtual memory management improved
  • Great battery life

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2. MaximusHD ROM


Another cool custom ROM that you can download for the HTC One X is MaximusHD. It is based on Android 4.2.2 and brings HTC Sense 5.0, speed improvement and Init.d support.

Notable Features:

  • OTA updates
  • Performance tweaks
  • Great battery life

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3. crDroid ROM


crDroid is based on the famous CyanogenMod firmware and it brings many awesome features such as Heads Up from SlimKat, dynamic system bars, Halo, Peek, Hover, screenshot quick trash, RAM bar, screen recorder, Wakelock blocker, Gesture lock screen, call recording and Gesture anywhere.

Notable Features:

  • Option for lock screen rotation
  • Notification reminder
  • SlimKat recent panel

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4. Blade ExTrimmed ROM


Blade ExTrimmed is one of the most lightweight custom ROMs available for the HTC One X and it brings Nova launcher, lightning browser, AOSP lock screen, shake calc and Omich music player.

Notable Features:

  • Great battery life
  • OTA updates
  • Speed improvement
  • Blade wallpaper

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5. SkyDragon ROM


SkyDragon aims at giving users speed, smoothness and the best battery life. It is based on Android version 4.2.2 and comes with Sense 5.0.

Notable Features:

  • Aroma installer
  • SkyDragon aroma theme
  • SkyDragon boot animation

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6. Orio ROM


Orio ROM is a fast and stable custom ROM that comes with various features such as aroma installer, performance tweaks, smooth user interface and Sense 5 icons.

Notable Features:

  • Bloatware removed
  • Excellent battery life
  • Memory optimizations

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7. The Next Chapter ROM

next  chapter

The Next Chapter ROM is a cool custom ROM that brings Init.d support, aroma installer and battery tweaks.

Notable Features:

  • Performance tweaks
  • Bloatware removed
  • Lyapota modpack

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8. Resurrection Remix ROM

resurrection remix

The last ROM in this list is the Resurrection Remix ROM and the ROM is based on various popular Android firmwares such as CyanogenMod, AOKP and Paranoid Android. Therefore, if you’re looking for an All-in-One ROM, then this is probably the right choice.

Resurrection Remix brings Halo, Active Display, OmniSwitch, notification panel tweaks, ListView animation, camera mods, screen recorder, CRT animations, theme chooser, expanded desktop, Privacy guard, battery mods and custom system animations.

Notable Features:

  • Status bar traffic monitor
  • Lock screen notifications
  • Performance controller

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If you want to change the way your HTC One X feels, then you should definitely install a custom ROM. Aside from getting lots of awesome features, your phone’s performance and battery life will also improve.

If you’re totally new to installing custom ROMs, then the list above will help you narrow down your ROM search and you’ll be able to find the perfect ROM that fits your needs the most.

Make sure that you follow all the tips mentioned above carefully before installing any of the custom ROMs for HTC One X. You can leave us questions in the comments area below. Also, let us know about your favorite custom ROM for the HTC One X.

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  1. Hello Im Meli, need some help. Im using cm12 for my HTC ONE XL, and now i feel a lil dispointed because of the camera is getting bad 🙁 and now, i wanna change the rom to be Android Revolution HD ROM, can i use it for my HTC ONE XL? FYI, now my htc on lollipop. Thanks before & after.

  2. Hi, very useful indeed. One question, when phone runs out of charge while updating ROM, whats the damage, and if any, is it recoverable?


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