Best Custom ROM for LG G2

5 Best Custom ROMs For LG G2 to Get New Features and a Whole Look

Best Custom ROM for LG G2
The LG G2 is a wonderful smartphone, especially at the highly discounted price you can get it now. As it is almost 3 years old, you need to install some great custom ROM for LG G2 on your smartphone to gain some additional benefits. The smartphone is able to run a lot more than LG’s own software allows it to, this much is evident simply by visiting the custom ROM pages. I’m also pretty sure that your warranty is no longer valid so there is simply no reason for you to stick to the default LG Android skin you have on your smartphone.

If your smartphone does come with the official warranty, then you can hold off rooting LG G2 smartphone. But chances are, as the smartphone is almost 2 years old, there will be no warranty left to claim. So, installing a custom ROM for LG G2 on the smartphone is the best way to get more out of an aging device.

Installing a custom ROM on LG G2 is a fairly straightforward business if you follow the instructions precisely. However, I highly recommend that you backup everything on your smartphone before even attempting to flash a custom ROM for LG G2. You can check out our best backup apps for Android list to save all those precious memories on a different device.

Another point to be noted here is that you should only flash a ROM on your smartphone if you know what you are doing, even though it’s a fairly easy process, a simple misstep can lead to a bricked device. I highly advise that you read through the ROM instructions carefully before flashing it on the smartphone. The ROMs in this list are not in any particular order, but I tried to arrange them in the order of their Android version, this means marshmallow will be the number one ROM on the list. Now that we have discussed all the nitty-gritty of installing a custom ROM let’s get to the five best custom ROMs for LG G2.

1. CyanogenMOD 13 for LG G2


CyanogenMod is one of the best ROMs available on Android. I personally used the ROM myself and found it to be highly reliable and fully featured. To say that this ROM is almost on par with stock Android regarding features and utility won’t be wrong at all. This is exactly why this ROM is my personal number one for LG G2 simply because it is based on the latest version of Android as well as the level of polish it exhibits.

If you are planning on installing a single ROM on your LG G2 for a long time, I highly recommend this one. While some features deviate from the stock Android formula, almost every other aspect is inspired by the pure Android experience.

This ROM is not the official CyanogenMod ROM so there are bound to be some minor issues with it. One of the most prominent is Wi-Fi being disconnected when the phone goes to sleep. Apart from that, this ROM is one of the best ones available for the smartphone.


2. Resurrection Remix ROM

Resurrection Remix ROM

Resurrection Remix ROM is based on multiple ROMs. It is a real remix because it takes the best parts of different ROMs and merges them together to form a much better ROM. The developer doesn’t shy away from acknowledging that they have taken certain aspects of CyanogenMod, Slim, Omni and original Remix ROM builds. This results in an amazing concoction of customization, power, and performance.

Most of all you’ll be getting new features on shore LG G2. From the navigation bar to adjusting how it looks and from disabling carrier label to even changing its color, you’ll find a lot of customization options on this ROM. You can even adjust the animations of the smartphone and also use gestures anywhere on the phone, yes; this means you can use gestures even when using an app.


3. Euphoria OS

Euphoria OS

This is an AOSP based un-encrypted ROM that is not only stable but comes with a lot of customization options. You can also select themes user and completely change the way the whole interface looks. The ROM allows you to customize quick settings as well as disable tether checking.

From advanced reboot to CPU and for overlay, there are a lot of options for you to play around with. One of the best options available on this ROM is the status bar brightness control.

Another great thing about this ROM is that it allows you to change the battery icons to do something to your own personal liking. I also like how the battery saving mode on LG smartphones changes the notification bar color, you can disable that on this ROM too.


4. Optimus G3 ROM

Optimus G3 ROM 1

Optimus ROM brings in great features from the LG G3 back to the LG G2. It is ported directly from the official firmware that was released on the LG G3. The ROM comes with aroma installer as well as stock kernel’s and is rooted with SuperSu.

It also comes with three-way reboot option, call recording features as well as a split view. You’ll be able to hide the navigation bar, change button combinations as well as remove the bloatware from the ROM. The ROM already has eliminated a lot of useless apps and files from the stock firmware and is quite stable to use.

You’ll also be able to utilize the new notification as well as ringtones available on the ROM. If you want the LG G3 experience on your LG G2 smartphone, this is a ROM you should opt for.


5. CloudyFLex 2.8


This ROM has been around for quite some time and has made a lot of people happy with its great customization abilities as well as stability. The 2.8 in the name is not for show, it’s actually the version of CloudyFlex, and this shows how developed this ROM is.

This is a direct port from the firmware found on LG G Flex Kit Kat ROM. The ROM comes with Aroma installer and is pre-rooted with SuperSu. A lot of bloatware has been removed from the ROM as well.

You’ll also be getting latest Google apps on this ROM that can be easily updated. The ROM also comes with LG G3 keyboard as well as brightness and volume toggles. Another good feature of this ROM is the split view featured that was introduced in later models.



These were a few great custom ROMs for LG G2 that will surely make your smartphone work better and faster. I understand that the LG G2 is an outdated phone at this point, but there is still a lot of power left in that great device. LG really changed gears with the release of LG G2, and I really love the direction they took on the design. This is exactly why the LG G5 did look that amazing to me personally.

Just like always if you have any kind of questions or queries about the ROMs or the LG G2 smartphone, feel free to talk to me in the comments below.

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  1. Hi, I’m using Cloudy G3 v1.3 ROM from XDA developers. The ROM is very stable and all features and tweak of G3. Battery is very good. Been using around a month. Absolutely awesome. I would like to know what better features does Cyanogenmod has than Cloudy G3. Cuz I definitely need Guest user with knockcode feature from G3. Does the Cyanogenmod has this feature. I don’t want to install multiusers of xposed installer. I need that feature by default with the ROM.

    1. I have tried both cloudyG3 1.3 and the CM11 nightly and all i can say is i love the stability in terms of speed for both ROMs. But, what i noticed is the proximity sensor on CM11 is not functioning well during calls and some times screen is not much functioning too during calls. Have to admit i like the CM11’s feats but i switched back to cloudy for now coz this one is really stable and camera is way better than cm11. I am going to try the vectus oneplus one soon.

      I am trying almost every good ROM’s out there and if i don’t feel like the features are not worthy i just go back to my backed up ROM.
      Go ahead and enjoy ROM’s!! 😉

  2. Wow, so many rom to try, i still stick to cm11 nightly, there is still some bug that make me annoying just like wifi teethering, usb media transfer and a few glitches. Thanks for a good post.

  3. You forgot to mention a really important issue with almost all of these ROMs. If the ROM is not based on LG stock (of g2 or g3 .. Maybe flex too) you will not be able to use your optical image stabilizer on your camera! That’s the main reason I’m on CloudyG3 2.1 right now. Been loving Mahdi ROM for a while but just couldn’t live without the image stabilizer in the camera. Nice article.

  4. I have to ask, do any of these Roms fix the dreaded GPS issues on these phones? I have mixed opinions on if its a hardware or software issue and fixing the GPS would be the only reason why I would want to install a custom ROM.

    Thanks in advanced for answers.

  5. Nice to see that G2 is well supported by 3rd party ROMs, but are there known issues but how stable are these and how well do they fully support the underlying hardware (e.g., the camera features)?

    1. Hari,
      To me, the most stable are stock ROMs. However, these are also stable. But before installing a ROM, you can read the reviews and contact the developer for specific questions.

      1. I switched to SlimKat right after I bought a G2 so not sure if these issues exist with the stock KitKat, but I see a couple of issues that I can currently live with. The issues are:
        – BT sometimes crashes while transferring files.
        – Dialer/proximity sensor combo misbehaves and sometimes fail to turn the screen on.

        1. Hari,
          Complain to the developer to fix the issues.
          Also try Kitkat. It is quite good. But it takes battery life. Give a try.

  6. Hey guys so if I install the Optimus G3 rom to LG LS980 it will work? and does the OIS feature work with the custom roms?

  7. haii…how to get lollipop on lg g2…and now am on clody stock 2.7…bt not get lollipop update still now….and when i try to login to PLAYSTORE itz coming like thz “CANT ESTABLISH A RELIABLE CONNECTION TO THE SERVER”.I MADE FACTORY RESET AND STILL TER AM FACEING THZ PROBLEM….HOW TO GET RID OFF???

    1. Hi Mufsin,
      How unfortunate to hear about not being able to connect to Google Play. In most cases, the problem is fixed by emptying the apps cache. You can do this by going to Settings>Apps. Tapp All>Google Play Store and then tap the Clear Cache Button. Hope this helps. =-)

  8. You also don’t need to restart Android Studio after using it for long consecutive hours.
    MIUI is, in fact, almost as famous as android and has about 150,
    000,000+ million users and that number will surely grow in the coming years.
    This will enable you to transfer data back and forth between external and internal storage with ease.

  9. Is there any way to combine roms? Haven’t put anything on my g2 yet but was thinking how customizable these could be. My camera is a big part of my phone and can’t sacrifice when it comes to that, only would want it improved if possible. With that being said, I would like my battery to last longer, increase speed and performance of my browser.

    1. Hi Shane,
      You can run multiple ROMs on your rooted Android phone with BootManager, and pick which one to use when you start it up. Make sure you choose a ROM for your variant and not just your model. XDA has many to choose from. Hope this helps. =-)

  10. Which one of these ROMs support usb otg ethernet function, like what is found in pure stock android?

  11. Hi, i have a LG G2 d802. I used to have cm 12 on the device and very much satisfied with it. But one thing that i missed from stock rom was the camera, and multiple wallpaper feature so switched back to lollipop stock rom. But now i beginning to feel decreased performance maybe because alot of bloatware. Could u suggest a custom rom that still keep best app from stock yet massively improved on performance? Thx a lot

      1. How do i know which one fits my LG D802? Im new at this flashing custom rom, let alone finding the right kernel. Could you recommend which custom rom that has above average performance & battery life? thx.

        1. There are tons of ROMs out there and it’s hard for me to tell you what will work for you. I understand it is a daunting task looking for something with your specific needs in mind, but honestly, they are the most common needs out there along with getting rid of bloatware.

          There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the ROM and a lot of them are personal preference. Icons, camera apps, lack of preinstalled apps, settings available or unavailable are all things you really need to look at and judge for yourself. Cyanogenmod is one of the most common, usable, and stable ROM out there for beginners. XDA developers forum is the best spot to look for ROMs specific for your device. They have great instructions and they have an active audience so you can read about what people’s experiences have been. Plus, if you run into any issues, the developer or audience would be more apt to give you detailed help with their ROM.

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