10 Best Custom ROMs For Moto G to Give You Power

If you just got your new Moto G, then I’m sure you love the interface and smoothness. However, if you’ve been using the device for a long time, then you might be interested in getting a fresh interface. Custom ROMs for Moto G can improve your phone’s experience as they bring in several new features and performance optimizations. Aside from that, some custom ROMs also improve battery life and are highly customizable. After testing the various options available, I have made a list of the 10 best ROMs you can install on your Moto G.


Before installing any of the ROMs mentioned below, make sure that you have a rooted Moto G. For more information on rooting, you can check out our guide on rooting Android devices. Rooting and installing custom ROMs is a risky process so you should be careful. If the instructions are not followed properly, then you might end up bricking your phone. Therefore, please follow all the developer specific instructions from the ROM threads on the XDA forums.

You should create a full backup of your phone. Check out our list of the best backup apps for Android. Lastly, make sure that your phone is charged at least 70% before installing any of these Moto G ROMs.

1. Epsilon Project ROM


The Epsilon Project ROM is quite popular across several Android devices. Based on Android version 4.4.4, the ROM focuses on improving performance and optimizing battery life while being lightweight at the same time.

If you’re looking for a lightweight stable ROM with performance and battery enhancements, but you don’t want to lose any important functions of your Moto G, then this is probably one of the best options. The ROM brings several features, including Cyanogenmod calculator, new boot image and animations, advanced power menu and up to date system apps.

Notable Features:

  • GPS optimization
  • Battery tweaks
  • Updated drivers
  • New icons in the navigation bar

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2. Ehndroix ROM


Another cool ROM for the Moto G is the Ehndroix ROM.  Based on the Cyanogenmod 11 firmware, the ROM focuses on eye candy and even the tiniest of details have been customized.

Aside from that, the ROM also brings optimizations for improved smoothness and a greater battery life. Ehndroix ROM features Nova launcher, Heads Up from Android L, customizable Quick settings panel and an Over The Air ROM updater.

Notable Features:

  • Ehndroix messaging app
  • Ehndroix wallpapers
  • New catchy ringtones
  • Theme engine

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3. CarbonROM


CarbonROM and this is another great ROM that you can install on your Moto G. CarbonROMs are widely used across various Android smartphones. Based on the Android Open Source Project, the ROM focuses on speed and stability. The ROM is also known for bringing several new and unique features.

Notable Features:

  • Carbon Fibers
  • Customizable status bar
  • Advanced power menu
  • Change the color of your navigation bar

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4. Moto Xtreme ROM

moto xtreme

The Moto Xtreme ROM is another cool ROM for the Moto G and it is based on Android 4.4.4. One of my favorite things about this ROM is that it brings several features from Android L, including keyboard, fonts, sounds and navigation bar icons. Aside from that, the ROM also features several add-ons, such as the Xperia launcher.

Notable Features:

  • Carrier label removed
  • Swipe to wake
  • Sleep by double tapping
  • Battery percentage mod

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5. LiquidSmooth ROM


LiquidSmooth is also available across various Android smartphones and as the name suggests, it focuses on speed and smoothness. The ROM is based on the Android Open Source Project and is one of the most lightweight ROMs available for the Moto G.

If you’re looking for a lightweight ROM that will make your Moto G more responsive, then this is the best option. The ROM brings features like SlimPie, Quiet hours, Liquid Dungeon, smart pulldown, Listview animations and Slim recents.

Notable Features:

  • Rebinding of hardware buttons
  • Glow Pad torch
  • Quick unlock
  • Privacy guard

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6. N5 Experience ROM

n5 experience

The N5 Experience ROM focuses on bringing a Nexus 5 experience on the Moto G. The ROM is based on the Cyanogenmod 11 firmware and brings several new features. For an experience similar to the Nexus 5, the ROM features Google launcher, Google dialer and Nexus 5 wallpapers.

Notable Features:

  • Blur lockscreen
  • Record screen using a button combination
  • Customizable navigation bar
  • Hover

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7. Spirit ROM


Spirit ROM is a custom ROM based on the Cyanogenmod 11 firmware. It brings several new features, such as Screen recorder, Wakelock blocker, Glow Pad torch, customizable navigation bar, LCD density changer, driving mode, Hover and lockscreen blur.

Notable Features:

  • Cyanogenmod theme chooser
  • Custom CRT animations
  • Privacy guard
  • Music effects
  • Cyanogenmod profiles

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8. PAC-man ROM

pac man

PAC-man ROMs are really popular among various Android smartphones and the best thing about this ROM is that it is an All-in-one ROM. It brings features from various different ROMs and combines them into one single ROM. The ROM has been heavily customized with various tweaks and optimizations.

If you can’t make up your mind on a ROM, then you should definitely consider installing this All-in-one ROM. The ROM features Slim Heads Up, customizations for the notifications panel, see through lockscreen and advanced options for the keyboard.

Notable Features:

  • Cyanogenmod themes
  • Halo
  • OmniSwitch
  • PAC performance
  • Slim Pie
  • Slim recents

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9. CrDroid ROM


Based on Cyanogenmod 11, the CrDroid ROM is next in this list. There are some bugs present in the ROM, such as dual SIM connection problems and black picture uploads. That being said, you should expect the bugs to be removed soon. The ROM brings several features, such as screenshot quick trash, options for low battery warning, custom background for notifications panel and Slim recents.

Notable Features:

  • DSP manager
  • Wakelock blocker
  • Screen recorder
  • RAM bar

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10. Mahdi-ROM

mahdi rom

Mahdi-ROM includes several great features, including DSP manager, Quiet hours, screen recorder, double tap wake, Privacy guard, automatic keyboard rotation and advanced reboot menu. Aside from that, it also brings profile switcher, On the Go mode, flip tiles and network speed indicator.

Notable Features:

  • Cyanogenmod theme engine
  • Pie navigation
  • Control brightness through status bar
  • Smart pulldown
  • Heads Up
  • Slim recents

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Custom ROMs can help you make the most out of your Moto G and if you’re looking to get a fresh new look, then you should definitely consider installing one of the custom ROMs mentioned above. Installing custom ROMs can be really hectic and it would be difficult to try every ROM mentioned in the list. Therefore, make sure you read everything about the custom ROMs for Moto G from the XDA forums in order to make up your mind and feel free to tell us your experience with your favorite custom ROM.

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