8 Best Custom ROMs For Motorola Razr M to Unlock Awesomeness

The Motorola Razr M was released a while back and one of the things that I was impressed with was its design.

Even though the phone doesn’t have the best hardware and software that you can find on the latest Android smartphones, I believe that the Razr M is still a great Android device that can be used for HD gaming, browsing the web and watching videos.

If you’ve owned the Razr M for a while, I think it’s time for a slight change. Before thinking about switching to a new phone, you should consider installing a custom ROM if you’re looking for something fresh.

Custom ROMs can improve several areas of an Android device including battery life, performance and user interface. If you’re looking for cool custom ROMs for Motorola Razr M, then continue reading to find out about the eight best custom ROMs that you can download right now.

Why Install A Custom ROM On Motorola Razr M?

If you still can’t make up your mind on whether installing a custom  ROM is the right thing to do, then these factors might help you make up your mind.

  • New design and user interface. If you’re bored with your Razr M’s UI, then a custom ROM can get you a design and UI change on your phone.
  • Enhanced battery life. A lot of custom ROMs also improve battery life on the phone and if you’re looking to get more battery juice, then installing a custom ROM will help you get it.
  • Make your Razr M more responsive. Custom ROMs also feature several performance and speed tweaks and your phone will feel smoother and more responsive.
  • Unique apps and features. If you’re tired of watching unique and cool features on other Android smartphones, then you should definitely install a custom ROM as they bring in various cool features and apps.

Tips Before Installing A Custom ROM

A lot of you already know that installing a custom ROM is not that simple and you need root access on your phone. Also, this is an unsafe process as if you do something wrong, you might end up with a bricked Razr M. Therefore, make sure that you do this at your own responsibility.

Follow these tips before installing any custom ROM on your phone.

  • Make a backup of your phone as all your Razr M’s data will be deleted during the process. If you’re looking for some good backup apps, have a look at our list of the 10 best backup apps for Android.
  • Charge your Razr M to at least 70%
  • You’ll find instructions from the ROM’s developer on the XDA thread. Make sure that you read and follow all the instructions from the developer. If you miss something, you might brick your phone.

1. BlissStalk ROM


Developed by Team Bliss, the BlissStalk ROM is one of the most customizable custom  ROMs available for the Motorola Razr M and it brings lots of cool features.

It is based on the popular CyanogenMod 11 firmware and the ROM’s features include lock screen customizable text color, lock screen rotation, Halo, Heads Up, Pie controls, Wakelock blocker, system app remover and notification drawer customizations.

Notable Features:

  • Screen recorder
  • CyanogenMod theme chooser
  • OmniSwitch

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2. CyanogenMod 11 ROM


If you’ve been using the Android operating system for a while, then I’m sure you might have heard about CyanogenMod. CyanogenMod is one of the best firmwares available on Android and a lot of other developers use CyanogenMod’s features in their own custom ROMs.

CyanogenMod brings lots of great features including CyanogenMod updater, privacy guard, global blacklist, theme engine and Trebuchet launcher.

Notable Features:

  • CyanogenMod Profiles
  • DSP Manager
  • Advanced power options

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3. PAC-man ROM


Another popular custom ROM available for Android is PAC-man ROM and you can now get it on the Motorola Razr M. My favorite thing about this ROM is that it brings certain features from various popular custom ROMs into one single ROM. Therefore, if you want an All-in-One ROM, PAC-man ROM is the best option.

Features of the ROM include CyanogenMod themes, gesture lock screen unlock, battery bar, advanced keyboard options, AOKP weather, Appbar, gesture anywhere, Halo, lock screen notifications, see through lock screen and network speed indicator.

Notable Features:

  • PAC console
  • Privacy guard
  • Slim Heads Up
  • Slim Pie

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4. GiggleKat ROM


GiggleKat ROM is a great custom ROM that is available for various Motorola smartphones and it brings Halo, scrolling modifiers, battery saver mode, advanced reboot options, Pie controls and Shake events on the Razr M.

Notable Features:

  • OmniSwitch
  • Hover
  • Heads Up

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5. Validus ROM


Validus is a cool custom ROM available for the Motorla Razr M and is based on the Android Open Source Project. It brings Ram bar, new power menu, Halo, OmniSwitch, Driving mode, battery saver, screenshot quick trash and animated carrier label.

Notable  Features:

  • Wakelock blocker
  • Custom notification sounds and ringtones
  • GZ Pie controls
  • Customizable lock screen

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6. Paranoid Android ROM

paranoid android

Paranoid Android is an awesome custom  ROM that is well known for its unique features. It brings several new features such as Pie, Hover and Immersive mode.

Notable Features:

  • Peek
  • Dynamic System Bars
  • CyanogenMod theme engine

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7. LiquidSmooth ROM


LiquidSmooth is another well-known firmware that uses the Android Open Source Project as its base. LiquidSmooth aims at giving users stability, smoothness and speed. The great thing about this ROM is that it is lightweight, but also brings in lots of cool features.

It brings customizable lock screen buttons, customizable hardware and software buttons, transparent status and navigation bars, customizable power menu, status bar mods, customizable quick settings and full rotation.

Notable Features:

  • Quiet hours
  • Theme engine
  • Volume rocker controls for music

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8. CarbonROM


The last ROM in this list is CarbonROM and is based on the Android Open Source Project. CarbonROM aims at bringing stability, speed and lots of features to Android devices. CarbonROM gets frequent builds and provides excellent support for bug fixes.

CarbonROM’s features include customizable battery and signal icons in the status bar, see through navigation and status bars, carbon fibers, Active Display, Dark mode and power menu with various options.

Notable Features:

  • Change the color of your navigation bar
  • Use the LED light by long pressing on the lock screen
  • Trebuchet launcher
  • Expanded desktop

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If you’re looking for something new for your Motorola Razr M, then you should definitely consider installing a custom ROM. While third-party launchers and customization apps can only change a few things on the phone, custom ROMs replace the entire firmware on the phone.

The list above represents my personal opinion on the best custom ROMs for Motorola Razr M and it should help you in your ROM search. Make sure that you install the ROM that best fits your needs. Also, feel  free to shoot us any questions in the comments area below.

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