Alliance ROM

8 of the Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S6

Alliance ROM

Hands down, the operating system is the most important software on your S6. It has the enormous task of managing all of the hardware and software. It’s similar to a parent–making sure that each program gets the resources (CPU, storage, and memory) and plays nice with one another. Without your OS, your smartphone loses all intelligence.

While most people tend to play it safe and simply use the OS their phone comes with, there can be huge advantages to using a custom ROM and modifying the OS. Although Samsung has lessened the amount of bloatware on these phones, the S6 is still saddled with considerable fat that could be trimmed. Some custom ROMs will allow you to cut that down to nothing, if you’d like. Additionally, it can help you customize, save on battery, and improve performance.

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So why doesn’t everyone do it? Maybe at least partially because installing custom ROMs is not without risk. It is possible to damage your phone if this process is done improperly. Ensure you are using the recommended file for your model. You will need to start with an S6 that is already rooted with a custom recovery.

A lot of the same precautions you followed when rooting apply to the installation of a custom ROM, like installing USB drivers and backing up your phone. If you have not yet rooted your phone, or if you need a reminder of rooting prerequisites, follow the links below. Now, on to discuss some of the best custom ROMs for the S6.

1. 5.1.1 CarHDROM

CarHDROM is intended for use on for G920 and G925 F, I, T, K, S, L, and W8. CarHDROM is a light and zipaligned, and therefore speedy, custom ROM. It comes pre-rooted, with SuperSU and Busybox out-of-the-box. The CarHDROM is notably absent of all of the bloat you find in the standard TouchWiz. It is based on the official firmware, however, which adds to its stability. You will find that to be the case with several of these ROMs.

5.1.1 CarHDROM

CarHDROM also offers a 5-way reboot, boot animation, and finer control over the ROM. Your friends with S6s might need do a double take, since CarHD is inverted and transparent. The annoying “Safe Volume Warning” has also been removed, so you can destroy your hearing with less awareness or guilt. CarHD ROM is deodexed, making any modifications, themes, or hacks you want to try out easier to carry out. People tend to either love CarHD or hate it. Features aren’t as plentiful as some ROMs.


2. CyanogenMod

When it comes to user interfaces, CyanogenMod is quite stylish, featuring a one-of-a-kind launcher called Trebuchet. The build is also highly optimized, allows you to create personal themes, and is generally pretty secure. This is not TouchWiz with some tweaks. This is redesigned framework.


Other examples of CyanogenMod’s multitude of features include video screenshots, frequent updates, and even the ability to flag telemarketers through Global Blacklist. The only downside is that although CyanogenMod supports 50 devices, the S6 is not one of them. But, learn about how you can still get it by reading the link below. Head’s up: this is an unofficial version, so proceed with some caution.

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3. Alliance ROM

Alliance ROM works on G920F. Fueled by Aroma Installer, Alliance ROM provides a plethora of free themes that come with their own custom keyboard. You will be able to refine your UI to make it your own creation, with your own icons, fonts, colors, etc. You can add or remove buttons and customize your status bar, as well as your S6’s hardware keys. When you are done with your new masterpiece, you can showcase and share it with your friends.

alliance rom single

Alliance ROM is not lacking in features, and found among them are some scripting options, like init.d and Sqlite. It is based on TouchWiz, but also includes some of the same features found in CyanogenMod. In addition to its ability to tailor especially to you, it tends to also be quite reliable and stable.



4. WanamLite

This custom ROM can be installed on G920 F & I. Keeping it close to stock, WanamLite utilizes Adam Kernel, meaning Root and Busybox come preinstalled. While you won’t see any huge modifications to the firmware, it does include some minor additional features and is bound to be stable. It does dispose of some of the bloatware that is already available in the Google Play Store. It touts Dalvik Cache as well as Auto Wipe.


It allows you to keep ads at bay with Adblock. You can record and use your camera during your phone calls. WanamLite gives you a plentiful APN list, language options, extra camera features. It offers all of this yet still manages to be stable, speedy, and smooth.

So if you really don’t mind TouchWiz, and you aren’t looking for a total overhaul, WanamLite could be the way to go.


5. Tyrannus ROM

The emphasis with this ROM is speed, stability, and greatly improved battery life. It enables constant updates, a fix for the S6’s problem going into Deep Sleep and Private Mode, and is ridden of bloatware. You can have better sound with Viper4android Fx, Dolby Sound, and Volume Booster. Enjoy root with SuperSU and Busybox, and experience better signal and video streaming. Your S6 will show you its new music and camera multitasking talent, and multi-window is included for all apps.


So bask in faster GPS while windows and toolboxes float around at your bidding. Schedule your messages, disable MMS–do what you please–because this is your ROM. Get more for less battery.


6. XtreStoLite

This is a very well-liked ROM, and for good reason. Even though it might have been developed with G920I in mind, it has been found to work on a variety of models. Nonetheless, proceed with caution as always.

Although it’s not a big departure from TouchWiz, it is lightweight, low in volatility, and smooth. Added options include message and keyboard tweaks, more Dialer options, and you can still have your Fingerprint Scanner. Like many of the ROMs aforementioned, SuperSU and Busybox are ready to go.


You will definitely notice an improvement in battery life, disabled scrolling cache, and an enabled Call Button in the Call Log List. If you are looking for a slimmer version of TouchWiz with built-in fixes and more options, it’s possible you could fall in love with one of the best ROMs for Galaxy S6.



VN ROM is available for G925F. It has the usual rooting features that you have probably come to expect and comes without all of the needless Samsung apps. And while the ROM can’t physically transform your screen into that of the Edge, it can provide you some of its goodies. There’s no longer any reason to be envious of screen lighting or the People Edge feature because you can have them yourself, without paying extra.


In fact, you can have many things your S6 counterparts who possess a stock ROM can’t. You can alter the clock, status bar, and try out new launcher settings. Even though the ROM is a bit hefty compared to some of the others, it still does well with performance and battery.


8. AxisM God Mode

Ever wanted to play God with your ROM? Well, some might consider it blasphemous, but we just consider it making good use of technology. Suitable for many  carriers, AxisM comes debloated, deodexed, zipaligned, and pre-rooted. Although you certainly can recreate your Android universe via modifications with this ROM, the name really signifies the vast improvement in performance it brings.


Like manna from heaven, the ROM also provides an Advanced Power Menu, an Auto-Ambient display, and Fast boot/shut down. Script support is well represented, with Sysro/Sysrw Command, Safe Script, and Su.d Script included. There are zero limitations when it comes to running processes. Some say that AxisM isn’t as smooth as say, XtreStoLite, but it is hard to deny that it has some things going for it.



To sum things up, XtreStoLite is loved by many because it is the antithesis of Samsung’s own approach. It leaves you a lot of memory by eliminating bloatware that isn’t useful to you anyway, and performance isn’t sacrificed—it’s enhanced. If you are bored with your theme, you could try out CarHDROM. If you enjoy stock TouchWiz, but would like a few more features on top, VN ROM very well could be the way to go.

Alliance ROM is your canvas, and you can use it to create a work of your own, and then impress your friends. If your focus is performance and battery, Tyrranus ROM may be exactly what you need. WanamLite won’t turn your Android world upside down, but it does add enough features to the stock experience to be worthwhile.

If you are looking to control performance yourself, along with many other opportunities to customize. Summon your powers through the pie controls. And finally, now you don’t have to feel left out of CyanogenMod. It’s available for the S6, and it’s been a long time coming.

Which custom ROM did you decide to go with? Did you experience any issues during the installation? Send us your thoughts on all of these topics. Which ROM is the best ROM for the Galaxy s6? Which ROM is your all-time favorite custom ROM?

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  1. G920P, 6.0.1 on PD3 or PF4

    I’m using CF Auto Root and Flashfire instead of TWRP so I don’t get an FRP lock. I was looking at stock roms that are deodexed so I could use Xposed, but I don’t mind using another great ROM. Could I use another ROM and use Xposed in conjunction?

    Any suggestions? Any ROMs based off of PF4?

  2. Hi, im using g920i, i chose Xtersolite after reading your review. With TWRP and Xtersolite 3.31 installed, somehow my baseband changed to g920F from g920i without knowing what caused it. Is it possible to update or change it to g920i instead of re doing the whole process? What disadvantage im having now with the wrong baseband installed? Thank you

  3. Jungle Bob it’s been quite some time sincenter your post, but I’d say use Renegade ROM with your version. Also,use Xposed, TWRP, and CF AutoRoot.

  4. I am really unhappy with my Samsung Galaxy S6’s battery life, but the performance is good enough. I currently have Android 6.0.1 but I wanna choose a new custom ROM, so which one would you recommend. I would be happy with one with good performance(similar or even better than stock ROM) and much better battery life(way better than custom ROM) ?

    1. Hi, Sayed. The ROM has relatively little impact on battery life, so any of these custom ROMs would be a great choice for your Samsung Galaxy S6.

  5. for my s6 edge bought from china with no google store which one should i go for and is twrp necessary ? or just use odin with the above ones?

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