10 Best Custom ROMs For Sony Xperia Z2 to Enrich your Phone

I’ve used the older Sony Xperia Z for almost a year and I can say that Sony’s user interface is almost perfect. The Xperia Z2 is one of Sony’s most popular Android devices and if you own a Sony Xperia Z2, you can make your phone a lot more awesome after installing a custom ROM.

I’ve installed custom ROMs on most of my Android devices and I can say that these custom ROMs don’t only improve your phone’s performance and battery life, but they also bring in several additional features and customizations. If you’re looking for custom ROMs for Sony Xperia Z2, then continue reading.

Why Install A Custom ROM On Your Xperia Z2?

Installing custom ROMs is risky and the process can be complicated for some of you. If you’re wondering whether installing a custom ROM is worth all the hassle, then consider the following factors.

  • Get more battery juice from your phone.
  • Make your phone more responsive.
  • New mods, apps and features.
  • Different user interface.


There are a few things to do before adding a ROM:

  • You’ll need a rooted Sony Xperia Z2 with a custom recovery installed. You can read our guide on rooting Android devices if you don’t know what rooting is.
  • Make sure that you create a full backup of your phone either using your Xperia Z2’s default backup feature or through a third-party backup app from the Google Play Store. If you don’t know about any good backup apps, then you can check out our list of the ten best backup apps for Android.
  • Charge your phone at least 70% before proceeding with the installation process.

1. eXistenZ Ultimate ROM


I’ve used the eXistenZ Ultimate ROM on my Xperia Z and it was my favorite ROM. The different thing about the eXistenZ Ultimate ROM on the Xperia Z2 is that there’s now an aroma installer available and you can choose the stuff that you want to install.

It brings several features from the Xperia Z3 and if you’re a fan of Sony’s latest flagship, then this ROM is the perfect option. Aside from that, the ROM also brings multiple sound mods, lock screen styles, boot animations and different keyboards.

Notable Features:

  • Optimized camera
  • eXistenZ settings
  • eXistenZ widgets
  • Different screen off animations

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2. Ultimate PureXZ2 ROM


The Ultimate PureXZ2 ROM is also available in two different themes and you can select whether you want to install the ROM in black or in white through the aroma installer.

The ROM brings several new features including CPU controller, GravityBox, kernel tuner and advanced reboot menu.

Notable Features:

  • Improved battery life
  • Various navigation bar mods
  • Lock screen mods
  • Sound mods

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3. Envi-ROM


The Envi-ROM focuses on maintaining a stock user interface and improving various features on the stock ROM. Therefore, if you’re already a fan of your phone’s stock firmware and only want to improve the performance and features on your phone, then this ROM might be the perfect option.

Even though it looks like the default Xperia Z2 firmware, the developer believes that Envi-ROM is faster, smoother and safer than the stock ROM.

Notable Features:

  • Improved performance
  • Great battery life
  • Trash remover
  • Partition trimmer

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Based on Android 4.4.2, the monxDIFIED SIRIUZ2 ROM features an aroma installer and brings updated TWRP recovery, DualShock 4 compatibility, updated Xperia themes, updated fonts and updated Xperia wallpapers.

Notable Features:

  • Super vivid mode image enhancement
  • Updated Sony and Google apps
  • Interactive quick settings

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5. XPERIA Z2+ Oneplus One ROM


The XPERIA Z2+ Oneplus One ROM is another cool ROM available for the Sony Xperia Z2 and is based on the CyanogenMod nightly firmware. There are some users who are facing a deep sleep problem with this ROM, however, this is likely to be fixed very soon.

Notable Features:

  • Oneplus One Hexo/GreatDream theme
  • CM 11S apps
  • CM 11S lock screen

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6. CarbonROM


CarbonROM is developed by the Carbon Team, and the ROM is known for its speed, stability and unique features.

Based on the Android Open Source Project, the ROM receives frequent updates in order to provide users with the best possible experience. The ROM brings Carbon Fibers, navigation bar customization and expanded desktop.

Notable Features:

  • Additional toggles in the Power menu
  • Switch on LED by long pressing on the lock screen
  • Dark mode

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7. Ultimate BlackXZ2 ROM


Another great ROM for the Sony Xperia Z2 is the Ultimate BlackXZ2 ROM and as the name suggests, the ROM features black theming. If you’re looking for a ROM with a dark and elegant user interface, then the Ultimate BlackXZ2 ROM is a great option.

Notable Features:

  • Advanced reboot menu
  • Latest Sony apps
  • Black theme on all the apps
  • Zip Aligned

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8. LiquidSmooth ROM


The LiquidSmooth ROM is another popular ROM that is available for various Android devices. The ROM is based on SlimROM and the Android Open Source Project and is one of the most lightweight ROMs available for the Xperia Z2. It focuses on providing smoothness, stability and speed.

If you’re looking for a lightweight ROM and also want additional features, then LiquidSmooth might just be the ideal choice. The ROM brings several new features including SlimPIE, Slim recents, Quiet hours, Smart pulldown, Glowpad torch, Listview animations, Liquid Dungeon and custom carrier label.

Notable Features:

  • Rebinding of hardware keys
  • Privacy guard
  • Quick unlock

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9. Slim ROM

slim rom

Slim ROM is another great custom ROM available for the Xperia Z2 and it is a custom Android operating system that focuses on providing a slimmed down version of Android while providing several additional features. The ROM features a slim dark theme for a classy and elegant look.

Notable Features:

  • SlimCenter
  • Trueview and Smart capture camera
  • System wide keyboard controls
  • Custom shortcuts

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10. RomAur


RomAur is a modified version of the stock Xperia Z2 firmware and it brings several new features and downloadable addons. Based on Android 4.4.2, the ROM brings faster scrolling, improved camera image quality, aroma installer and Init.d scripts.

Notable Features:

  • Speed optimizations
  • Aur sound mod
  • 30 steps volume
  • Advanced power menu

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The Sony Xperia Z2 is currently one of my favorite Android smartphones and even though I’ve always been a fan of Sony’s user interface, you can get a much better experience by installing a custom ROM.

While installing custom ROMs is a risky process, you should be able to install your favorite ROM if you follow all the developer specific instructions properly.

Even if you just purchased your Xperia Z2, I highly recommend installing a custom ROM as you’ll be able to make the most out of your phone. If you have any questions about the best custom ROMs for Sony Xperia Z2, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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