22 Best CyanogenMod Features for Making Your Life Easier

Most Android smartphone manufacturers bring their own custom user interface over vanilla Android in order to give users something unique, such as Samsung’s TouchWiz and HTC’s Sense.

Even though some users prefer these interfaces, I personally believe there is a lot more that you can do with Android smartphones.

To be honest, I’m a fan of Sony’s interface and LG’s latest interface on phones like the G3, but I can’t stand the interface on some other smartphones. Fortunately, you can install custom ROMs in order to get a new interface on your phone.

CyanogenMod is one of the most popular custom firmwares for Android and in this post, I’ll tell you about the best CyanogenMod features. If you’re wondering whether CyanogenMod is the right ROM for you, then check out the list below of CyanogenMod’s awesome features.

1. Privacy Guard

privacy guard

One of the most popular features in CyanogenMod is Privacy Guard and if you’re worried about your apps accessing data on your phone, then this is the perfect privacy app.

Basically, Privacy Guard lets you control the permissions of every app installed on your phone and you can disable certain permissions that you don’t want the app to use, such as your location, messages and call logs.

2. CM Updater

cm updater

If you like receiving software updates and updating your Android phone over the air, then you’ll love the CM Updater. CyanogenMod receives frequent updates and this over the air updater lets you update your firmware according to your own preferences.

You can set a preferred updating period such as daily, monthly, weekly and on every boot.

3. Global Blacklist


While the Global Blacklist might be a simple looking feature, it can be a life saver in certain cases. If you receive calls from annoying people and telemarketers, then you can easily block their incoming calls and messages using this feature.

4. Quick Settings Customization

quick settings

The Quick Settings panel is one of my favorite features on Android and CyanogenMod lets you customize and configure how your quick settings tiles or buttons are organised.

5. Quick Settings Ribbon

settings ribbon

This feature lets you use toggles on the top of your notification drawer so that you can access them easily. You can also add your camera as a toggle.

6. Themes


This is one of my favorite features on the CyanogenMod firmware. Most Android phones do come with different themes, but on my Android devices, I’ve had a terrible experience with themes. Usually, they only change a couple of things, such as wallpapers and icons.

The CyanogenMod theme engine is arguably the most powerful theme engine that you’ll find on Android and setting a new theme will truly give your phone a new feel and look.

7. CyanogenMod Account

cm accounts

CyanogenMod Account is an awesome free service that you can use in order to use certain functions when your phone is lost. Once you have set up an account, you can use the find my phone and remote wipe functions if you lose your device.

8. Status Bar Actions

status bar

Aside from customizing the status bar, there are certain actions that you can directly perform using your status bar. For instance, pressing the date will take you to the calendar app and you can set up a quick alarm by pressing the clock.

9. Trebuchet Launcher


The Trebuchet launcher is a great customizable launcher that lets you customize your homescreen layout.

10. CyanogenMod File Manager

file manager

CyanogenMod also brings its powerful file manager and it lets you organize all the files and folders on your Android device. This particular file manager is powerful and easy to use and it brings some advanced options as well.

11. CyanogenMod Profiles


This is another feature that you’ll find on CyanogenMod. Basically, CyanogenMod profiles let use you use different types of settings depending on the environment. For example, your phone will use different settings when you’re at work or when you’re sleeping.

You can control different things in a profile, such as apps, connections and sounds. This is a great feature if you want different sets of settings for different environments.

12. Display And Lights

display lights

These settings deal with everything related to your phone’s display and lights. You can control areas such as notification lights, font size, remote display, brightness level, wallpapers and rotation.

13. Customizable Navigation Bar

nav bar

CyanogenMod lets you customize the soft keys of the navigation bar and you can change the functionality and rearrange the order.

14. Customizable Hardware Buttons

hardware buttons

You can customize your hardware buttons on CyanogenMod as well and it lets you assign additional actions to your hardware keys.

15. Lock Screen

lock screen

CyanogenMod’s Lock screen brings several great features. For example, you can launch certain apps directly from the lock screen. Aside from that, you can make the lock screen show the weather and your calendar events.

16. Tethering


If you’re looking to use your phone’s internet connection on other devices, then you’ll love the tethering feature. CyanogenMod features USB tethering, Bluetooth tethering and portable WiFi hotspot.

17. DSP Manager

dsp manager

This is one of my favorite features on CyanogenMod and if you like listening to music on your Android device, then I’m sure you’ll love DSP Manager.

DSP Manager is more than a normal audio equalizer as it brings various additional options in order to improve your music experience.

18. Developer Options

developer options

CyanogenMod also has some stuff for developers. You’ll find various advanced options for developers such as ADB over network.

19. Superuser


The Superuser feature lets you assign root access to your preferred apps. Therefore, you can easily deny root access to the third party apps that you don’t trust.

20. Performance Options


This particular feature is included for advanced users and it lets you improve the performance of your Android device. It includes various power tools such as overclocking and memory management.

21. Advanced Controls

advanced options

These advanced controls give you access to some additional settings such as color calibration, vibration intensity and automatically launching the music app when you connect a headset.

22. SMS Message Limit

sms limit

This is another useful feature available on the CyanogenMod firmware. Some third party apps might send spam messages from your phone. By setting an SMS limit, you’ll get a popup when your phone starts sending spam messages.


CyanogenMod is truly an incredible custom firmware that you can download for your Android device. It lets you do a lot more than what you can do on most Android devices.

The best CyanogenMod features list above only describes the features available on CyanogenMod and if you really want to experience these features, then I would highly recommend installing CyanogenMod on your phone.

If you already have the CyanogenMod firmware on your phone, then you might be interested in the 10 best CyanogenMod themes. Feel free to drop any questions in the comments area below and let us know about your favorite feature on CyanogenMod.

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    1. you’d have to look at their list to see if the version CyanogenMod you are looking for works on your device. There are 14 versions if I recall correctly, plus there are workarounds for several phones.

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