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10 Best CyanogenMod Themes For Android

The CyanogenMod theme chooser is one of the most powerful theme engines on Android and it lets you change the style of almost everything on your Android device. One of my favorite things about the CyanogenMod ROM is that there are various cool themes available for the theme chooser app. If you’re using the CyanogenMod ROM and are looking for some cool themes to install on your phone, then continue reading to find out about the 10 best CyanogenMod themes for Android.

1. Gem Flat Theme

gem flat

One of my favorite CM themes is the Gem Flat theme. This particular theme doesn’t only change basic stuff on your phone such as the wallpaper, but it also features a complete change in user interface. The theme brings several new features including boot animations, high-resolution icons and sound packs. The Gem Flat theme focuses on a flat yet beautiful interface. You’ll also notice that even the smallest areas have been customized.


  • Android L Roboto font
  • Home and Lock screen wallpapers
  • New ringtones, alarm tones and notification sounds

Download on Google Play

2. Lollipop Theme


If you’re a fan of the new Android Lollipop firmware and can’t wait to get your hands on the new update, then you should definitely try out the Lollipop theme. Designed by Nucleoid, the theme has been heavily customized in order to get you the maximum Android L like experience. If you’re using an older version of the Google keyboard, then this theme might have compatibility issues. In order to fix this, you can download the latest Google keyboard here.


  • New boot animations
  • Cool alarm tones, ringtones and notification sounds
  • Android L wallpapers and icons
  • Over nine different ROMs supported

Download on Google Play

3. Fi Theme

fi theme

Fi Theme brings a completely different experience for Android devices running the CyanogenMod firmware. It is the first CM theme to feature a color chooser. The color chooser lets you choose between various different color options as soon as you set up the theme. Another great thing about this theme is that the basic theme color changes every month so you’ll have a fresh new look on your Android device after every month. The theme features high-resolution icons and customizations and you won’t be able to see anything blurry while using your phone.


  • Custom Fi lock screen
  • Fi tones and boot animation
  • Fi Google keyboard skin
  • Fi navigation bar icons

Download on Google Play

4. Neon Colors Theme

neon colors

As the name suggests, the Neon Colors theme features beautiful neon colors over a dark background. If you’re looking for a cool and funky theme, then you should definitely try this theme out. After setting the theme, if your phone’s UI is crashing, then there’s something wrong with your ROM. In order to fix this, make sure that your ROM is updated to the latest version.


  • Themed Google apps
  • Beautiful colorful icons
  • A slick interface

Download on Google Play

5. Simplex Theme


If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant theme, the Simplex Theme is just what you need. The theme features a simple UI based on a beautiful grey color scheme. The combination of the grey color scheme along with some details in red looks fantastic. While the theme should work fine on the CM 11 ROM, you might face an error saying that the theme wasn’t properly complied. In order to fix this issue, either reboot your phone or reapply the default theme of your phone.


  • Additional downloadable icons
  • Separate Blue version available
  • Even the smallest of details have been themed

Download on Google Play

6. Flats Theme


The Flats theme focuses on providing a sleek and flat UI for your Android device. This might not be the fanciest theme available, but it is certainly one of the most appealing themes due to its unique flat design. The icons are also kept close to the stock Android UI in order to give you a clean interface. If you’re a fan of the stock Android UI, but you’re also looking for a slight change, then the Flats theme is definitely the perfect option.


  • New boot animation
  • Home and lock screen wallpapers
  • New fonts
  • Cool ringtones, alarm tones and notification sounds

Download on Google Play

7. Objects #Material Theme

objects material

The Objects #Material theme is a part of the Objects theme series and this particular theme features a beautiful green design. The theme brings a flat user interface and every element in the UI is customized in order to provide eye candy.


  • Almost everything themed including PIE controls
  • Beautiful home and lock screen wallpapers
  • Android L sounds
  • Android L boot animation

Download on Google Play

8. Flux Theme


My favorite thing about the Flux theme is that it features pixel perfect precision along with high quality graphics in order to make your phone’s UI look beautiful. If you’re looking for a modern theme with vivid colors, then you should definitely consider installing the Flux theme on your Android device.


  • New alarm tones, ringtones and boot animations
  • Home and lock screen wallpapers
  • Themed keyboard
  • New fonts

Download on Google Play

9. Liv Dark Theme

liv dark

The Liv Dark theme is a bold yet simple theme that does a great job at making your phone’s UI a bit more modern. One of the unique things about this particular ROM is that it uses circular bits in almost every part of the UI, including the quick settings panel.


  • Themed keyboard
  • New ringtones, alarm tones and notification sounds
  • Boot animations
  • Themed system apps

Download on Google Play

10. MI6 Theme


This theme is for all you MIUI fans out there. MIUI is basically a popular custom ROM for Android and if you’re a fan of the ROM’s user interface, then I’m sure you’ll love the MI6 theme.


  • Light theming for certain Google apps, including Google Play Music and Hangouts
  • Fully transformed Clock app
  • Has Android L elements

Download on Google Play


If you’re using the CyanogenMod ROM, then you should definitely try one of the themes mentioned above in order to change the overall feel of your phone. While custom ROMs can also give your phone a fresh new look, installing new themes is a less hectic process and there are several options available to choose from. The themes mentioned above represent my personal opinion and if you feel I’ve left out one of the best CyanogenMod themes for Android, feel free to tell us about it in the comments section below.

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