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5 Winning Diet Apps for Android to Remain or Regain Shape

I’m a bit on the chubby side and I have been trying to get into shape for a while now. I have lost around 30 pounds but I’m still well above my recommended weight. Thankfully I have been using some amazing diet apps for Android to regain a proper healthy body weight. These apps are tried and tested by myself in actual real conditions.

I’ll be honest with you here. I simply hate eating boiled food. I’m one of those people who live to eat rather than eat to live. Unfortunately for me, I ate too much and now have to control myself a lot. I lost all 30 pounds, thanks to the best fitness apps and weight loss ones. But I wonder how much I would have improved if I followed the best calorie counter apps for Android as well. This good diet apps for Android list here will combine the best of the best to give you a great dieting experience.

Note: These Top 5 diet apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. They worked fine during testing. Some apps will require an active internet connection.

1. Noom Coach

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Want to get into shape but can’t handle constant pressure from apps? Try this one. I know it can be intimidating to start dieting. Sometimes you hate eating those boiled vegetables and just relapse back to bacon and cheese. Noom Coach is not like your typical drill sergeant coaches, it gently nudges you towards a better and healthier lifestyle.

One of the best things about this coach is that it comes with a large food database. So you don’t actually have to type in the numbers each and every time you log in a meal. This app is the best diet assistant app for android.

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2. Eat Fit

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If you just need an app to tell you what you need to eat, this is the best diet planner app for android. It’s a simple app which not only considers the calories you should intake but also help you in meal preparations. One of the best things I loved about this app is that it can make dull dishes look amazing.

If funds are not an issue, this app can really recommend some tasty yet healthy meals for you. Combine this with the best cooking apps as well as grocery shopping ones to make your own meals.

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3. Runtastic Running & Fitness

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This is the same app which topped our best running apps for Android list. This app has a lot to offer for everyone. If you are a free user and just need a great looking app to track your runs, Runtastic is a fantastic companion. If you are willing to spend some more time with the app, you can purchase the pro subscription.

This way you will get constant advice from experts and maintain your daily goals with ease. The app basically uses GPS to measure the distance you traveled. It can be used for running, power walking, sprinting or even jogging. It’s not a direct Android diet app but is essential in maintaining one.

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4. MyFitnessPal

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When it comes to calorie counting apps, I simply hate entering what I eat. I’m already eating some salad, why make it worse by listing the ingredients one by one just to measure the calories, right? MyFitnessPal knows this and does almost all the work for you.

The database is surprisingly robust and can detect what you are eating in instant. This app also knows Indian dishes, what more can we need from it. This diet app for Android also remembers your favorites and guides you accordingly.

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5. Weight Loss Tracker

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One of the best things about being on a diet is to see you have lost weight. Weight Loss Tracker can bring you the joy of seeing pounds vanish. While other apps are all about dieting, this app here is all about tracking the results. After all, all that dieting will be in vain if you are not losing any weight.

I would like to point out that dieting is not always about losing weight, it can also be about gaining some. If you are gaining weight and need to reach certain goals, this app can help you do that. This diet tracking app for android goes well with the best navigation apps for cyclists as well.

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Dieting shouldn’t just be about losing weight and stopping. It is a lifestyle which gives the best results when maintained. I’m not the best guy to give advice on dieting, especially when I have a can of coke on my table. But these are not my words but of a trusted trainer who recently won a fitness competition in Australia. Losing or gaining weight is the easiest part, it’s maintaining a healthy one which becomes a problem. Just like always, if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to ask them below. I need to finish that coke before it gets warm.

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