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11 Best Digital Planner Apps for Android (Suited for Students & Professionals Alike)

Let’s say you’re planning for an upcoming birthday party. You already have an image of what you want to happen, but planning for it is a tad more complicated than you’ve ever imagined. 

Naturally, you’d opt to write things down using a pen and paper. But, these easily get lost. Imagine trying to recreate a list of all the progress you’ve made just because you lost a piece of paper. Stressful and, quite honestly, disheartening. It really takes out the fun in planning.  


There’s an abundance of digital planning apps in the Google Play Store nowadays, considering people’s reliance on mobile phones and gadgets in almost everything. There’s a version for each of the digital planners that you need.  

Don’t know where to start and which to pick? We got you! 

Top Picks for Best Digital Apps for Android

Have a peek at our picks for the best digital planner apps for Android! 

  1. Google Calendar
  2. Any.Do
  3. Notion
  4. ZenDay
  5. Trello
  6. nTask
  7. ToDoist
  8. Planner Pro
  9. Dreamie Planner
  10. Evernote
  11. The Happiness Planner

1. Google Calendar 

Digital planner app - Google Calendar Logo
Digital planner app – Google Calendar

Let’s start with a timeless classic. Google Calendar. As we all know, Google is now a household name for almost all connectivity needs. 

Google Calendar is way up on our recommendation list because this is a free service that lets you plan your life down to the minute. You can easily set events for an entire day or for a few hours. And send out electronic invites to recipients⁠ — you only need their email addresses. It also provides prompt reminders about upcoming events once you sync the calendar with your email. 

Digital planner app -
Google Calendar Events View

No more forgotten tasks or events with Google Calendar.

2. Any.Do

Digital planner app - Any.Do logo

If you’re a To-Do person, you might fall in love with the services of Any.Do. 

Any.Do is a digital version of to-do lists. Easily create your lists for any day that you would need them. You can create a list today for your tasks tomorrow, the day after next, and next week. Aside from that, all the lists are shareable with other Any.Do users. This digital planner app also has a home screen widget that can make your planning easier.

Digital planner app - Any.Do Widget Feature
Any.Do Widget Feature

Get it for free from the Google Play Store. It provides both free and premium services for a reasonable price. 

Google Play button

3. Notion

Digital planner app - Notion

If you want a cross between Google Calendar and Any.Do, then you might want to look into Notion. 

This digital planner lets you create lists, take down notes, and schedule events in one go. All the files are shareable too, so planning together with friends is as easy as 1,2, and 3.

More than that, Notion also allows you to mention or tag another user on a note or task, and they’ll receive immediate notification. Handy, right?  

How to Create Boards on Notion (Video Credit: Notion, Youtube)

Another Notion feature that might interest you is the Kanban Board. A Kanban board is a popular tool in Japanese work management that aims to minimize work-in-progress to maximize productivity. Notion has the perfect features that let you build your own Kanban board.

Google Play button

4. ZenDay

Digital planner app - ZenDay logo

If you find planning as a means for relaxation, then you might want to check this digital planning app. With the word “zen” at its helm, this digital planner is an efficient tool to finally achieve that work-life balance. With just a few steps of configuration, you can schedule all your daily tasks that will appear in a floating timeline.

ZenDay Tasks and Calendars (Video Credit: ZenDay, Youtube)

It uses a 3D timeline that floats on your screen to show your schedule. You also get to decide the time to the dot. It doesn’t provide particular time increments that boxes in your scheduling. Cool, right? 

ZenDay really provides that feeling of relaxation that is only achieved when everything goes according to plan. 

Google Play button

5. Trello 

Digital planner app - Trello

Trello’s popularity as the primary choice for taskboard for work is granted for a good reason. It is a pretty awesome digital planner. 

Digital planner app - Trello
Trello Boards

The app’s ease of use is one of its major selling points. The gadget you’re using won’t pose any major issue too. Once you’ve installed the app on your Android phone, you can create cards for your tasks and move them easily across the board.

The fluid movement between columns is basically a dream come true. It’s like writing down tasks on post-it notes without the fear of losing one because of loose adhesive. 

6. nTask 

Digital planner app - nTask

With a smart use of wordplay in its name, nTask lets you plan ‘n’ a number of tasks every day. 

Once you’re on the app, you can create several workspaces where you can share with a specific group of people. Most of the time, one workspace is dedicated to one project.

On top of that, this digital planner app is also accessible online, so you can continue to plan whether you’re on your phone or your computer. nTask also lets you see the progress of each task. 

Simplify Tasks with nTask (Video Credit: nTask, Youtube)

A progress bar starts empty and begins to fill in after every completed sub-task. If that isn’t enough motivation to work on a task right away, I don’t even know what will. 

Google Play button

7. Todoist

Digital planner app - Todoist

Let’s circle back to the scenario in the intro. You’re planning a party with friends, and there’s still so much to finalize. This digital planner app will be your saving grace. 

Todoist is a digital to-do list maker that will, well, replace traditional lists for better and much more efficient listings. What makes this app better is that you can share your lists with friends or co-workers. On top of that, they can add comments or additional tasks. Planning is better when several heads are brewing together, am I right? 

You can download this app from the Google Play Store for free. You can avail of some in-app purchases that will make your experience better.

Google play button

8. Planner Pro

Digital planner app - Planner Pro
Planner Pro

Be a pro at planning with Planner Pro. 

If you have a habit of using your phone and laptop alternately, this digital planning app will keep you in the loop. Planner Pro is available for multiple devices, and you can sync your activities. Whatever you add using your phone will be visible in the web version and vice versa.

Moreover, this digital planner app has separate notes feature where you can list down a more specific description of your tasks. Although this app is free to use, it has in-app purchases that range from $1.99 to 4.99. Totally worth it for the price, if you ask me.

Google Play store

9. Dreamie Planner 

Digital planner app - Dreamie Planner Icon
Dreamie Planner

Are you a fan of journals and notebooks that have cute designs? If you are, then this digital planner app will be up your alley. Dreamie Planner is a free and ad-free digital planner that has an in-system theme pack.

Google Play button

There are free packs and there are other themes that you need to buy to unlock. On top of that, much like a written bullet journal, you can choose icons that will serve as journal keys.

Digital planner app
Digital planner app- Dreamie Planner Themes

10. Evernote 

Digital planner app - Evernote Icon

Tired of looking at your handwritten notes? Maybe it’s about time that you get into the hang of using digital notebooks. 

Evernote is a digital planner app that makes note-taking and planning easy as a breeze. It syncs your account across different devices.

Google play button

The convenience is top-notch too. Jot down notes anywhere a thought strikes you. This app comes in both a Personal and Professional pack. Experience the services of the Professional version with a minimal fee. 

11. The Happiness Planner 

The Happiness Planner Logo
The Happiness Planner

Have you been finding yourself down in the dumps lately? That’s totally normal, and know that your feelings are valid. If you’re ready to pick yourself up again, we have the perfect planner for you. 

Digital planner app - The Happiness planner
The Happiness Planner Weekly Schedule

The Happiness Planner focuses on setting goals that will maximize your personal happiness. Much like a regular digital planner, you get to schedule tasks beforehand.

But, instead of looking into to-do lists for work, this digital planner app lets users focus more on self-care tasks. It includes a handful of self-care features, such as a happiness roadmap, daily gratitude, and daily schedule & to-dos.

Google play button

Frequently Asked Questions: Digital Planner Apps

What is the best digital planner?

Choosing the best digital app is dependent on the user’s needs. But, based on the reviews from the Google Play Store, Todoist, Trello, and Any.Do have a collective rating of 4.5 stars.

How do digital planners work?

Digital planners work much like traditional planners but with higher efficiency, especially when you use ready-made digital planner apps. Since the calendar templates are already available, you only need to input your tasks and mark them with your progress appropriately.

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Final Thoughts

Don’t let the hassle of manual planning discourage you from being an A+ planner. 

Google Play Store is a treasure trove of digital planner apps that are either for free or for a worth-it value.

You have a lot to choose from simple digital to-do lists to digital notebooks that promote a paperless lifestyle. The list we presented above isn’t the end-all, be-all of all lists, but it sure is a great place to start.  

Give us a shoutout once you find the perfect digital planner app for you. Comment down your thoughts in the box below!

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