5 Best Digital Scale Apps for Android That Really Work
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7 Best Digital Scale Apps for Android That Really Work in 2023

The concept of what types of apps to make is nearly limitless, and it seems like there’s an Android app for everything. Imagine even 10 years ago, if someone told you that you would be able to use an “app” on your phone to weigh the coffee you were about to make, you wouldn’t believe them! 

But phone scale apps do exist now, and some actually even work. Digital scale apps are apps that utilize the accelerometer of your device to give you an approximation of a certain weight. Despite the convenience, these apps are not on par or equal to the accuracy of an actual weighing scale.


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The bottom line is: if you just want a rough estimate of how heavy a small item weighs, then these apps can be a great way to do that. There are numerous limitations in obtaining an accurate measurement of weight, to the point that it’s not to be relied upon, and you’re much better off with an actual scale. However, if you’re in need of an emergency measurement of something important. Then these android scale apps are useful and come in handy.

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Digital Scale Apps For Your Android Device

I tested lots of digital scale apps on the Play Store but these 7 apps are my best picks.  
  1. Kitchen Scale
  2. Digital Scale Simulator Adfree
  3. OKOK·International
  4. Metal Weight Calculator
  5. Smart Chef Smart Food Scale
  6. Digital Scale
  7. Right Weigh

As a rule of thumb, do take into account that these apps cannot give you an accurate or precise measurement. These apps can only give you a rough estimate of what you’re measuring.

1. Kitchen Scale

Kitchen scale app for Android

The best app for you if you dislike apps that take up a lot of space is provided by SxSoft and has a download size of only a few kb. Using this app, you may weigh items like salt, sugar, gold, silver, and several types of spices.

The most comprehensive list of measurements and weights for culinary supplies and food items may be found in the mobile app “Kitchen Scale.”

Both seasoned chefs and regular housewives need this vital assistance. What volume of flour is in a glass? What amount of salt is in a teaspoon? You can cook without kitchen scales with the “Kitchen Scale” aid!

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2. Digital Scale Simulator Adfree

Digital Scale Simulator Adfree

The annoying ads displayed in between measurements have received many customer complaints. However, this app fixes the problem by offering a free version without ads. Using this app, you may weigh kg, oz, g, and lb.

Fruits and vegetables can be measured by just placing them on your phone’s screen. Millions of people use it every day, making it one of the market’s most dependable and popular scaling programs.


3. OKOK·International


Are you considering monitoring your weight? The finest choice is OKOK International. Users can link the app to a Bluetooth scale to track different health markers, including weight, hydration, and muscle. You must set up an Account and enable necessary permissions after opening the app.

You can input your desired weight and weight information in the first area. The app will compute the BMI, muscle, and fat mass. You can also view the history.

The app also provides many suggestions for how to live a healthy lifestyle, including advice on how to eat, exercise, and sleep. However, we must mention that some users experience issues with the app’s advertisements and frequent breakdowns.

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4. Metal Weight Calculator

Metal Weight Calculator app for Android

One of the greatest digital scale applications for Android is Metal Weight Calculator. This app provides you with the precise weights of the different metals.

You must input the length, width, and other details of the metallic object you want to weigh, and the app will utilize its own algorithm to determine an estimated weight. Although Metal Weight Calculator is a free app, it contains advertisements.

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5. Smart Chef Smart Food Scale

 Smart Chef Smart Food Scale

One of the best digital scale applications for Android is Smart Chef Smart Food Scale. Our digital scale app is made to give you measurements about food, unlike the other apps on this list.

You can use it, for instance, to calculate calories, convert between units, analyze baking mixes, and many other things. Use of the Smart Chef Smart Food Scale app is totally free.

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6. Digital Scale

Digital Scale app for Android

One of the top digital scale applications for Android is called Digital Scale. Since it is intended to prevent you from overpaying for anything, this app stands apart from other digital scale apps.

You can use this program to calculate exactly how much merchandise you will get for 50 cents, for instance, if the product costs $2 per kilo and you want to buy 50 cents worth of it. Although the program is free to use, it contains advertisements.

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7. Right Weigh

Right Weigh

You’re right;  Right Weigh is one of the top Android applications for digital scales. The axle weights are displayed on your screen by this software, which functions as a kind of companion app for the Right Weigh Bluetooth-enabled digital scale.

You can also send the weight measures to others by email or text message. This digital scale app is fantastic if you already own a Right Weigh digital scale.

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Are You Frequently in Need of a Scale?

Etekcity Smart Kitchen Digital Scale

Etekcity Smart Kitchen Digital Scale
Adjust your diet with the Etekcity Digital Scale!

If you’re a barista, a cook, or someone who has a penchant for being exact, then this scale can surely help you with all your needs.

The Etekcity Smart Digital Kitchen Scale is a digital kitchen scale that’s designed to aid you with your diet. It’s capable of displaying the nutrition facts of food as well as its weight. You can pair this weighing scale with your phone using the VeSync app that you can download and install from the Google Play store. Learn more about this product here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use digital scale apps for Android?

Digital scale apps basically depend on the accelerometer of your Android device. Furthermore, each digital scale app is developed differently. Thus, the proper way of using is different for each app.

What is the best digital scale app for Android?

To be honest, we can’t recommend one digital scale app for Android. As they are right now, digital scale apps that are available for your Android smartphone or tablet have accuracy issues.

What is a digital scale app for Android that works?

As we have already mentioned above, all digital scales for Android do work. However, the problem lies in the inaccuracy of these apps. It’s understandable since smartphones or tablets are not designed or equipped with functions to determine the weight of an item.

How do digital scale apps for android work?

Digital scale applications use your phone’s sensors to deliver an accurate weight measurement of small things placed on it. The accuracy of calibration is determined by the process you use on your phone.

Can I use my Android as a digital scale app?

Install the “Working Scale” app on your Android phone or tablet. Fold a post-it note in half so that the adhesive side is on the outside and place it on top of the cell phone or tablet. This will keep the items you wish to weigh from slipping off the scale. Then, atop the slightly inflated zipped bag, place your gadget.

Digital Scale Apps – An Imperfect Solution

Truth be told, the current digital scale apps available for Android are far from being perfect. If developers can find a way to address the accuracy issue – be it by developing new technology – then that will be the time when these digital scale apps can truly be useful. Either way, they exist without dedicated hardware built into the smartphone.

These apps may be disappointing, especially if these phone scale apps are your only means of weighing something important. But you would need to use it as a last resort.

I wouldn’t recommend these phone scale apps for you, especially if you want an accurate approximation of something you’re weighing. Our devices just don’t have the actual hardware to measure weight. But if you’re in need of an approximate weight, this would do. Just be sure to take your results with a grain of salt.

Have questions about digital scale apps or know of more accurate phone scale apps? Let me know in the comments section below!

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  1. I was able to get the weed scale app to work half the time. The other half the time it didnt seem to be accurate :/ Thanks for putting this together anyways!

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  3. I invite you to try 3 Grams Digital Scale App
    It the only 3 in 1 digital scales app on Android
    Its also available on Windows Phone
    its an accurate digital and visual scales app that uses your sensors or phone camera

    1. Hi Riaz, thanks for recommending your app. We added it as it seems to offer more than just a weighing scale. Although, we’d appreciate if you could lower the number of ads. It’s just too much on our experience.

  4. This was very helpful I guess I’ll start by weighing something I already know the weight of. Then try to see even if I have to break something down a little, if I can get a decent rough estimate thanks again for putting this together!

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